Ruins of Adventure

Rumors and Proclamations: Week 56

A Bill, found posted on every board from Cormyr to Thar

“Heroes of the realm and any who would take up arms for the cause of Justice and Law:

Be it known that 50,000 gold pieces will be shared among any who would stand with Elissa Bivant against the dark mage Grimnir,
once called the Squire of Kryptgarden, in addition to any treasure lawfully accumulated in execution of this endeavor.

Grimnir is extremely dangerous and travels with equally dangerous companions, including his ‘high priest’ – the abomination Kevorkian Stone-gaze and a shadow-jumping assassin. Others may be in their company, though the degree to which they are complicit in the atrocities committed by the Squire are unknown.

Seek the Lady Bivant in Mulmaster, or along the southern shores of the Moonsea."

Grimnir, Squire of Kryptgarten


Brand_Darklight Brand_Darklight

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