Race: Gnoll
Homeland: Gnoll Bands
Class: Fighter
Kit: Minister of Ao
Alignment: Neutral
Religion: Ao
Level: 1st
Experience: 0
Next Level: 2,000
Max Level: 13th

Ability Scores:

Str 16 Stamina 16
Muscle 16 +1 damage Open Doors 9 Bend Bars 10%
Dex 14 Aim 13
Balance 14
Con 13 Health 11 75% System Shock
Fitness 15 +1 hit point 94% Resurrection
Int 9 Reason 9
Knowledge 9 2 bonus profs
Wis 10 Intuition 14 +5% earned experience
Willpower 6 -1 mental saves
Cha 13 Leadership 12 10 henchmen
Appearance 14 +2 NPC reactions


  • Initiative: +0
  • Surprise: +0
  • NPC Reaction: +2

Combat Statistics:
Hit Points: 5
Armor Class: 12 (light studded & helm)
Base Attack Bonus: +0

  • Paralyzation/Poison/Death: 14
  • Rod/Staff/Wand: 16
  • Petrification/Polymorph: 15
  • Breath Weapon: 17
  • Spells: 17
Weapons # Att Att Bonus Dmg Dmg (L) Speed Range Special
Flindbar 5 / 2 rounds +2 1d4+2 1d4+2 2 melee Save vs. Wand or disarmed

Thief Skills: (in armor)

OL HN 20%
F/RT CW 40%

Non-Weapon Proficiencies: General, Warrior, Priest

Modern Languages (Gnoll) 9 Modern Languages (Common) 9
Eating 13 Teaching 13
Endurance 13 Religion 10
Hunting 9 Philosophy 9
Running 7 Debate 9
Heart Feast 7 Sacred Legends 7

Weapon Proficiencies:
Rope and Chain Weapons Broad Group
Flindbar (Specialized)
Bows Tight Group

Special Powers:

  • When engaged with large numbers of weak enemies (less than 1 HD each), the warrior gains double his normal number of attacks per round (including doubling attacks with off-hand weapons).
  • When wielding a flindbar, any successful hit requires an opponent to save vs. wands. A failed save means the opponent’s weapon is entangled and ripped from the opponent’s grasp.
  • Gnolls receive a +2 bonus to their morale scores, including saves vs. magical fear effects.
  • The Gnolls of the north are extremely hardy due to their time spent wandering out of doors in all conditions. They can survive in temperatures between 0 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit without penalty, and gain a +2 bonus on any checks or saving throws related to resisting weather effects. Similarly, they suffer 1 less point of damage per die from cold and heat (but not fire) based attacks.
  • These gnolls are all able to Command Undead, as an evil cleric of one-half their level (rounded down). Against ghouls and ghasts this power functions at the gnoll’s full level. This ability only works on corporeal undead. It has no effect on disembodied spirits (such as specters or wraiths).
  • Ministers of Ao have limited magic resistance that applies only to spells cast by priests. Whenever such a spell is cast at a Minister, there is a percentage chance equal to twice his experience level (2%) that it will fail. This functions just like other magic resistance, but cannot be voluntarily suppressed by the Minister (he can’t just stop believing that the gods are not as powerful as they claim), and thus applies to beneficial spells as well.
  • All Ministers of Ao, regardless of class, can use any magic item that would normally be restricted to priests, including scrolls.
  • Ministers of Ao gain a +1 bonus on all Charisma-based non-weapon proficiencies and can attract double the normal number of henchmen.
  • The established faiths of the Realms do not see any reason to speak out against or act against the cult of Ao, because they do not see it as any kind of threat—the high priests of all faiths have been informed that Ao has nothing to do with mortals. As such, Ministers are given remarkable freedom to move about and espouse their teachings—even the most violent inquisitors and oppressive theocracies will generally ignore Ministers so long as they do not pose an immediate physical threat.


  • Gnolls take damage as Large creatures.
  • Any force battling a group that contains Gnolls gains a +2 bonus on its Morale checks, as they figure that its only a matter of time before the Gnolls give up.
  • These gnolls have remarkable metabolisms and are constantly hungry. They require twice the normal amount of food for a creature of their size.
  • Despite the long distances they travel, the Gnolls of the north have perhaps the worst sense of direction of any sentient creatures in Faerun. They may never gain any of the Forbidden proficiencies listed below (even as bonus proficiencies), suffer a -3 (-15%) penalty on any checks related to getting lost, and treat their intelligence as 3 points lower for determining the duration of Maze spells and effects.
    • Forbidden Proficiencies: Astronomy, Cartography, City Familiarity, Dark Sense, Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Navigation, Orienteering, Planar Direction Sense, Portal Feel, Trail Marking, Trail Signs, and Underground Navigation
  • Ministers of Ao suffer a -2 penalty on saving throws against illusions, phantasms, and confusion spells and effects.
  • Most common people in the Realms have trouble taking the Ministers of Ao seriously. Ministers of Ao always roll NPC reactions against the “Indifferent” column, even when dealing with their most devout cultists, most trusted friends, or most enduring enemies.


  • 6 cp
  • Fine Quality Silver Flindbar (+1 attack, -1 damage)
  • Light Studded Leather Armor
  • Leather Helm
  • Satin Shirt
  • Striped Silk Tie
  • Black Pin-stripe Jacket and Slacks
  • Black Leather Belt
  • Drawstring Sack Backpack
    • Sparker
    • 1 stick Dream Incense
    • 2 Candles
    • 2 lbs. Beef Sausages
    • Yard of Raw Wool
    • Jar of Pig Grease
    • Rag Pillow


Base Speed: 15

Total Weight of Gear: 25 lbs.

Unencumbered Light Moderate Heavy Severe Max
Weight 0 – 105 lbs. 106-152 lbs. 153-199 lbs. 200-245 lbs. 246-291 lbs. 292 lbs
Movement 15 12 8 6 3 1

The life of the gnolls in the north is a harsh one, and so was Grognak’s until that fateful day last year. He was alone, separated from his pack, and wandering the streets of Old Phlan, when a well-dressed human addressed him.

“You are lost!” the man had cried. Which was true, for Grognak was always lost. To Grognak it seemed like a divine revelation, and, indeed it was, the main explained. Having got his attention, the man proceeded to teach Grognak about the divine will of Ao, lord of the gods and creator of all things. He explained that all creatures in Faerun were lost, because they followed false gods, created beings, rather than the creator. This made a lot of sense to Grognak, since not once in his seven years of life had anyone in his tribe ever known which way they were going. Of course everyone was lost.

And so, not knowing where else to go or how to get there, Grognak had stayed with the man and learned the teachings of Ao. Of course, it didn’t hurt that the man offered him plenty of food (Grognak was (is) always hungry), and fine clothes. Grognak sat with the man for many months, ate his food, wore his clothes, and listened to him explain that knowing that you are lost was far more important than knowing where you were going.

Just a month ago, however, the man packed up his things and told Grognak that he had to move on to teach others about The Way. The man laid hands on Grognak and called him a “Minister of Ao”. Finally, Grognak knew, he was no longer lost, he was found, and he swore that he would help others (not only his own kind, but everyone in Phlan) to be found as well. Right after he found some breakfast…


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