A beautiful green-haired elf woman who, strangely, doesn's speak Elvish.


Known Abilities:

  1. Claims to be a wizard (Mystic) with a vow of poverty.
  2. Can run fast and jump really far.
  3. Kicks things…
  4. Pretty good at ranged combat with darts (2 out of 3 ain’t bad).
  5. Knows about extra-planar creatures….
  6. Speaks Baatezu…
  7. Can create darkness without any components…
  8. Can read minds, apparently…
    • probably a devil or demon of some kind

Things to watch out for:

  1. Cursed somehow…
  2. Extremely pragmatic…
  3. May have assisted with ritual human sacrifice (possibly more than once)…at least she’s squeamish about it…
  4. Haven’t actually seen her cast a spell…and apparently doesn’t speak elven…so probably lying about both being an Elf and a Mage, which leaves, what? A scrawny pugilist? At least she’s hot.


Abaft of the performance a pair of elven women—one has pale green skin and bearing a large mace strapped across her back, the other is much taller and more curvaceous than your typical elf and dressed in a simple peasant’s shift—stand watching the dolphins at their play. Across from the elf-girls, a pair of human men in chainmail stand watching their backs, talking in low tones and making the occasional lewd gesture.



On the Boat

A shiver travels up Amara’s spine and she feels a distinct sense of foreboding as she approaches the two elven women. At her question, [Teldicia] laughs and speaks in beautifully lilting Common. “Yes little girl, he does scare my friend here, but in a way that seems all too common for travelers on this craft.” She waves a hand at [Rietta]. “Rietta and I were just discussing the self-selecting nature of travelers on this ship, and the unusually high concentration of freaks,” she cocks a meaningful eyebrow at the lizard-man, “would-be heroes,” she waves a hand at the group of haphazardly armed teenagers, “and cursed individuals such as ourselves…”

At this, the green-skinned women, Rietta, breaks in with a sharp laugh, unusually deep for an elf. “Aye. Just before you came up here, Teldicia was inquiring as to which category you fell into?”

“Not were cursed, child, are cursed. A good curse is not the kind of thing one gets over. Even our kind suffer unfortunate side effects when delving too deeply into the magical arts.”

[Teldicia] gives [Amara] a condescending pat on the head and your stomach clenches up. “If you don’t believe us, take a look over there.” She points in the direction you are heading, and you see a small island in the distance, a speak of utter blackness in the otherwise clear, sunny sea, with no light touching its shores.

[Nat] pulls Shaddup aside and lowers his voice. “I know you’re here for a party, but…,” he casts pointed glances at the elven women, “…you want to be careful about who you take along to watch your back."

Teldicia grabs [Rietta’s] elbow and the two walk towards Surion. “Hey, half-breed…” she starts.

“Word from the Captain is that the Council has rules about not giving adventuring charters to groups of less than three. Something about keeping spies out. If you haven’t already linked up with someone, we could use another sword-arm to round out a charter, and you smell like the right kind of creep that wouldn’t mind being seen with the two of us.”

Rietta rolls her eyes, “Again no offense intended. What do you say? You wanna hook up?” She gives another backwards glance at the girl, and in a somewhat mocking tone says over her shoulder. “You too Susalia. Care to join us when you’re done babysitting?”

The two elf girls shrug and walk off, resuming their hushed conversation. Nat the Deckhand walks over by the little girl, “Strange folk,” he mutters.

The two elven ladies, Rietta and Teldicia, have seated themselves on the starboard rail across from the teens. Unlike the boy, They seem to be actively avoiding looking at or otherwise acknowledging the presence of Faelana.

In the Slums

As Donovan begins to call out, you hear a scream and three more people come running around the side of the building, one, a woman in a slightly-askew white wig cradles her left arm, which looks like it has been badly burned or scarred by acid. You all quickly recognize one of the others as the green-haired elven woman from the ship. All three look badly beat-up.

When they see the lizard-thing turn its attention towards you, the other party heads back into the building, the ogre first, followed by the others. Last to enter, Teldicia waves and throws Donovan a coquettish smile and mouths “Good luck,” before disappearing into the crumbling old building.

[Teldicia], who appears to be completely devoid of weapons or armor, looks from the door to the table. “The ceiling’s high enough…with a bit of a run I could jump it.”

“The tables a bit higher, so I should be able to make it back.” She pauses in thought for a moment, then looks at Gendry and Rietta, “I might need some to catch…”

Teldicia, the other elven woman, peaks her head in and looks at the things. “Not much I can do to help you guys, other than to say, if it is devils we’re dealing with. Acid and electricity will hurt them just fine, silver works good, fire is useless. Of course, they heal so bloody fast that those are just temporary solutions at best.” She then skips back to the other door. “You guys keep them busy, I’m gonna jump for the loot. Then maybe we can get the hell out of here…”

Teldicia, runs for the open door to the portal chamber and leaps, springing a good ten-feet into the air and easily clearing the gap to the table. At the same time, the air above the table shimmers. Just as she is about to land, she passes through the wavering field above the table and vanishes, tumbling out onto the ground right in front of Lyra, who now appears to be holding the two books from the table.

Teldicia looks up, slightly confused by her sudden relocation. “I’m fine…looks like there is more than one portal protecting that stuff…must be good.” She stands, brushes herself off, never once looking at Lyra, then notices the commotion from the other room. “Shit Vinny! Rietta I told you hiring the pervs was a bad idea!” She turns and looks at Lyra, Shaddup, and the priests. “Any of you got holy water? It seems like all the fighters are too busy duking it out amongst themselves to worry about the infernal blobs…”

She pauses and looks at the chest Lyra is holding, then back into the portal room. “Well fuck me. Figured out that other portal huh? How ’bout you, me, and the gnome make a run for it?”

[Teldicia] walks in, straitening her dress a bit, “Ry, the theatrics are very nice and all, but I forgot to bring the black veils.” She looks at Lyra and smiles, sending a chill up Lyra’s spine, “So Beryl ran off, Vinny got his head smashed in, and Rahm went to hell, literally. Our little group is not having the best day, and you’ve lost your muscle too it appears.” Her eyes linger on the books Lyra is carrying. “I’m Teldicia. Care to team up? Six have a better chance of survival than two threes, and I’m sure Sur and Ry would rather be receiving a fifth each of that treasure, rather than a third of a third.”

The moist-robed gentleman walks over to where the girls are talking, the skeleton trailing along, and looks down at Gendry and Vinny’s corpses. “Can I have them?” he asks matter-of-factly.

“Right,” Teldicia interjects, “so, he wants the bodies and Ry will want a full share of the loot. I’ll cut myself out of any arguments over magic items we find, but would like a share of the funds to cover my studies.”

Teldicia leans in towards Donovan and whispers, “You probably don’t want to make her mad…she looks a little off her rocker…even more than usual.” She looks over and makes eye contact with the robed guy, makes a subtle gesture, then turns back to Rietta, “He’s right Ry. I don’t know what got into you, but you shouldn’t waste your tears on that horny joker, or Vinny, or Rahm, or anyone else for that matter. Lighten up…”
“…Would your masters really approve of this behavior? You’re on a mission remember. If you’re going to get all blubbery over the death of every swordsman who steps in to help us, how are you going to conquer this tow…”

Teldicia begins to back towards the door, whispering to Donovan, “I’ve really never seen her like this. She seems genuinely distraught over your friend’s death.” She stops, apparently thinking hard about something, then, “Of course, I’ve only known her a couple of weeks. Look, fight her or run, whatever you do I’ll back you up. At this point, it looks like the little gang I had put together were all liabilities anyways…”

Teldicia waves, as the last of the ogress vanishes and the smoke begins to filter out through a large hole in the ceiling, a simultaneous greeting to the woman just walking in and farewell to the one escaping on the wind.

Teldicia also bows to the lady with the bow. “Welcome, eh? Why don’t you put that thing down and help us out?” She waves at the bodies of the swordsman and the minotaur on the ground, then kneels down and begins peeling the armor and weapons from the man and handing them out. “Here. We need to get these two buried and then get out of here before some other slimy thing with claws come crawling in here…”

[Frantiska] walks cautiously into the side-chamber, and addresses Teldicia in Elvish…

Teldicia nods along as Frantiska addresses her, occasionally saying “mm-hm”, but continues stripping the corpses. Finally she looks back and says in the Common tongue, “It’s not polite to exclude people. How ’bout you repeat that in the trade speech so everyone else can follow too.”

Donovan chuckles, then responds in Elvish, “I’m afraid she does not understand you.”

Teldicia mumbles something like, “sure…commune…” incredulously, then hands a pile of things to Frantiska, “Here, I don’t think any of the rest of us will make much use of these., maybe you can. Consider them a gift from Vinny here…”

“So this trip you’re preparing for,” she addresses Donovan, “where are you headed? Anywhere interesting?”

The soggy-robed man walks over to Teldicia, leans down, and whispers something in her ear. “Really?” she says. “Alright, sorry to hear that.” She pulls a roll of papers from her pouch and hands it to him.

“Well, guess I’m going with you guys then…” Teldicia remarks, watching him leave.

Teldicia comes jogging out of the building. “Horse thieves?” She runs up to Frantiska, “What’s it worth to you to catch them?” Before waiting for an answer she starts sprinting after the horse, bounding like some kind of deer, easily covering ten feet with every leaping stride.

Teldicia kicks one of the kobolds over onto its back, revealing a large blood-red palm-print covering half of it’s face.

As the sword-wielder closes with the three of you, Teldicia leaps backwards pulling several hefty darts from a pouch at her belt and throws one, which goes sailing wildly over the creature’s head.

Teldicia, now on firmer footing, throws a second dart, this one catching one of the spear-wielders cleanly in the arm, causing him to drop the weapon and double over in pain, scrabbling to dislodge the barbed projectile.

Teldicia lets fly a third dart, which buries itself up to the fletchings in the eye of the second spearman, killing him instantly.

Teldicia walks up beside Frantiska and, almost casually, kicks the kobold groveling at their feet, bringing the point of her sandaled toe up under the things chin, sending it sprawling backwards away from the two women, and, more importantly, the sword it had so recently been wielding. “You know guys,” she says, “the guards at the gate said on our way out that these Red Hands have been causing alot of problems for the Council lately. I bet there’s a decent price on that one’s head,” she says, indicating the apparent leader.

Teldicia walks along beside Donovan, adjusting the pack on her shoulder. “Do we have a rendezvous place? I’d like to go liquidate some of this stuff before nightfall, and word in town was that most of the decent pawn-shops are out here.”

Teldicia peels off as you finally turn back onto the Parkside Gate Road, “Alright, I’ll see you at the temple early tomorrow.”

On the Road

Teldicia moves over and sits down by Donovan. “Rietta and I played around with ritual summoning once or twice. She was pretty into the stuff, but I could never really get past the sacrifice bit. We tried to go through a whole summoning once, but I ended up getting sick and having to bail pretty quickly when we got to the part where we had to scalp the subject and break all their limbs. I don’t know if Rietta ever got around to finishing it herself.” She hands a rolled scrap of parchment to Donovan, looking a little sheepish as she does so. “Here are her notes on the experiments. I know that it can be done alone, but is better with a group of up to six. Anyone can participate, but it must be lead by one versed in the arts. It always requires a sacrifice, but theoretically can be done cleanly, and is usually good for a couple of days, though you might have to give the entity a little leeway if you want it to stick around longer and not eat you…”


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