Goerl's Portable Canoe and Tackle Box


The dwarven hero Goerl Griff retired from the adventuring life many decades back. Among the treasures that he accrued and kept for his twilight years is his own special portable canoe and tackle box. When compressed, this item appears to be a plain, dark-green, square wooden box, 1-inch thick and six inches on a side.

When unfolded (a process taking two rounds), the box expands into a 12-foot-long dark green canoe—large enough for two humans to sit in comfortably. The canoe includes two paddles, and it also stores a complete set of fishing poles and a tackle box filled with lures and other fishing accessories. The magic of the canoe and tackle box allows live bait to be stored in it for up to three months, even in folded form.


Goerl's Portable Canoe and Tackle Box

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