Blood Magic

A sorcerer may take “Blood Magic” as his sorcerous origin at 1st level.


Your innate magical comes from the vital component of nearly all living creatures: blood. No one is sure what has given this rare and terrifying power, but you use it to fuel your abilities and spells. Did this power come from your mother or father being involved in a dark ritual? Were you cursed while still in the womb? Or still even a darker design meant for you? Whatever the reason, you use this power to wield the might and awe of the arcane.

Empowered by Blood: At 1st level you are able to tap into the life essence of your blood and sacrifice a number of HD from your Hit Dice pool to gain extra power on spells that deal damage. For every HD point spent, add an 1d4 damage to that spell (cannot sacrifice more HD than the sorcerer’s level).

Metabolic Control: At 1st level you are able to slow down your metabolism. By spending 2 sorcery points you only need to consume half the needed food and water per day. At level 10 you can spend 4 sorcery points and not need to consume food or water for 24 hours.

Power of Blood: At 6th level you have the ability to regain lost Sorcery points by pulling the energy out of blood. This can be accomplished one of two ways: One- by cutting on your own flesh with a ceremonial dagger you regain 1d6 Sorcery points back, but take that same amount as damage. Two- You can attempt to pull the blood out of another target. The designated target must succeed a Constitution save. If the target succeeds, you are unable to regain any Sorcery points. If the target fails, you regain half of your Sorcery points back and the target takes 3d6 damage. You must take a long rest before you are able to use this ability again.

images.jpgMetabolic Weakening: At 14th level you are now able to affect the blood of others. A designated target within 30’ of you must succeed a Constitution based save or suffer Disadvantage on all physical rolls until they take a long rest. The affected target’s body becomes sluggish and they move at 50% of their normal rate. A sorcerer can spend 4 sorcery points to cause an affected target to develop hemophilia. Any slashing or piercing damage deals an extra 1d4 damage per round (this stacks with multiple attacks).

Blood Walk: At 18th level you are able to jump into a living creature and use their blood to transport you anywhere on the same realm that you have visited previously, no matter the distance. You must emerge at your desired location through another living creature. The creatures both must be living, have red blood, and medium or larger in size. Jumping into a target is a reaction and the sorcerer must succeed a touch attack (if the target is unwilling). You emerge at your desired location the next round, no matter the distance. You can choose to emerge from a target violently, bursting forth from their body. Should you choose to do emerge violently, the target must succeed a Constitution save or suffer 10d6 damage. If the target succeeds they suffer no damage and you must make a Constitution save or be stunned for 1d3 rounds, suffering Disadvantage on all physical type rolls. You must take a long rest before you can attempt to blood walk again.


Blood Magic

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