Petty Gods

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Petty Gods

In addition to the major deities, the northern Realms includes numerous Petty Gods—local gods and minor demi-deities too weak to attract broader worship. These gods do not have specialty priests, nor do they grant additional powers or proficiencies to their clerics. They do, however, due to their need for worship, tend to be very free in bestowing their blessings on any character who offers prayers to them.

Many priests, especially Shamans, in the north tend to be pantheists, praying to any number of petty gods to whom they feel an affinity (effectively worshiping all petty gods that allow worshipers of their alignment and priest class).

Characters, of any class, may pray to a petty god (even if they worship a major deity), invoking their blessings by making a Prayer proficiency check. This use of the Prayer proficiency does not count against the limit of using prayer only once every 8 hours, but only works in those situations or areas over which the petty god holds sway (subject to DM discretion).

Deity Portfolio Worshiper Alignments Allowed Priest Classes
Oaths, Wells LG, LN, LE Clerics, Monks, Shamans
Abondiance Ephemeral wealth Any Clerics
Adassec Stairs, Ladders TN, NE, CN, CE Clerics
Aglaos Torches, Artificial Light Non-Evil Clerics, Crusaders
Aglet Frayed ropes Non-Lawful Clerics, Mystics, Shamans
Anwyn Wood Favors Non-Chaotic Clerics, Crusaders, Shamans
Arolohnso Sewers, Catacombs Any Clerics, Shamans
Aspix the Forsaken ??? NE, CE Clerics
Atra Licentiousness, Addiction TN, NE, CN, CE Clerics, Mystics, Shamans
Attrecoppeam Very small spiders Non-Chaotic Druids ( Hivemasters only)
Aurus Argentus Currency debasement LN, TN, CN Clerics, Crusaders, Monks
Azwa Giant stone heads TN Idol Priests (Earth) only
Barococar Absurd architecture CG, CN, CE Clerics
Bashiuus Wine, Merriment Non-Lawful Clerics, Druids, Mystics, Shamans
Behzd Lost Items Any Clerics, Monks, Mystics, Shamans
Beorl Honey, Mead, Beekeepers LN, NG, TN, CN Clerics, Druids, Shamans
Chelk Stains Any Clerics
Chulg Heptagons LN, LE, TN, NE Clerics, Monks
Clavibor Doors, Locks Non-Chaotic Clerics, Crusaders
Clobrek Broken Weapons, Fumbled Attacks Non-Lawful Clerics, Crusaders, Shamans
Coprolias Spontaneous Outbursts CG, CN, CE Clerics, Shamans
Deeker Petty revenge Non-Good Clerics, Crusaders, Shamans
Dekardinis Ten-foot Poles Any Clerics
Digiskleros Morticians Non-Chaotic Death Lords only
Dinud Eggs, Shields Non-Chaotic Clerics, Crusaders, Druids, Shamans
Diplodias Poor harvests TN, NE, CN, CE Druids, Mystics, Shamans
Drasheeng Misperception due to intoxication Non-Lawful Clerics, Mystics, Shamans
Ellsbeth Damsels in distress NG, TN, CG, CN Mystics (female only)
Eraisho Protection from angry gamblers Any Clerics, Shamans
E’rsae Rumors, Gossip Non-Lawful Clerics, Mystics
Fluxalle Corroded cookware CG, CN, CE Clerics, Shamans
Gadfael Wild Magic, Spell mishaps CG, CN, CE Clerics
Galdu Aurkitu All things mislaid and unexpectedly found Non-Lawful Clerics, Mystics
Glorfall Academic Arguments LN, LE, TN, NE Cleric, Monk (Scholar kit only)
Gnunnug The number 7 LG, LN, LE Clerics, Monks
Groín The Battered Dwarf Any Clerics, Crusaders (dwarves only)
Grugzaret the Snuffer Subteranean darkness TN, NE, CN, CE Clerics, Crusaders, Druids, Shamans
Haiah Judicious retreat Any Clerics
Heka-Kup Hiccups CG, CN Clerics
Iracaecus the Flaming Fury Blind rage CN, CE Clerics, Crusaders, Shamans
Jhillenneth the Mother of Horrors Monstrous sustenance Non-Good Druids, Shamans
Jöögengeld Mockery CG, CN, CE Clerics
Jodj Vandalism CN, CE Clerics, Crusaders
Kalantos Executions, Beheadings LG, LN, LE Crusaders
King Under the Mountain The oppressed Non-Chaotic Clerics (Peasant Hero kit only)
Khaldranath the Ox Lord Draft animals Any Clerics, Druids, Shamans
Lacta Lacrima Pointless regret NE, CN, CE Clerics, Mystics
Downall Drains, Floods TN, NE, CN Clerics, Druids
The Magpie Princess Magpies, Collecting TN, CG, CN Clerics, Druids, Mystics, Shamans
Maladmin Bureaucracy LN, LE Clerics, Monks
Manidono Slackers TN, CG, CN ???
Meer Smah Preventing Flatulance LN Monks
Miefer Street lamp lighters LG, LN Clerics, Crusaders, Monks
Mespilus Medlar Trees TN, CN Druids, Shamans
Mico Burning Oil Non-Lawful Idol Priests (fire) only
Mixmalix Pratfalls CG, CN Clerics
Mosht Al Blopp Fetid Pools TN, NE, CN, CE Druids, Shamans
Naaragiga Molds, Jellies (inanimate only) LN, TN, CN Druids, Shamans
Nanafesterad False friendship NE, CN, CE Clerics, Crusaders, Mystics
Nazarash the Shatterer Broken glass CN, CE Clerics
Nebius the Shrouded Lord Dismal Fogs LN, LE, TN, NE Clerics, Crusaders, Druids, Shamans
Neuph Silence Any Any ( Silent Brothers only)
Nocton Zython Dreams, Hallucinations Non-Lawful Clerics, Mystics, Shamans
Nwee Boredom TN, NE, CG, CN, CE Clerics, Crusaders, Mystics ( Dilettantes only)
Obnomeht Dentistry Any Clerics
Ochlos Volgus Angry Mobs NE, CN, CE Clerics, Crusaders, Shamans
Odxit, Eidolon of Inexplicable Odor Unexplained smells Any Idol Priests (air) only
Ophurton the Master of Profits Finance, Investment LN, TN Clerics, Monks
Ouk of the Stump Amputees Any ??? (amputees only)
Qualdoni The number 4 LG, LN, LE Clerics, Monks
Qurgan Quagnar Three-legged Toads TN, CN Druids, Mystics, Shamans
Päkkaan Megafauna Any Druids, Shamans
Palester Olhm Death by a thousand cuts Non-Good Clerics, Crusaders
Pilikke Skipping stones Non-Lawful Clerics, Druids, Shamans
Rosartia Lost time Any Clerics, Monks, Mystics
Satrum Blood letting NE, CE Clerics, Crusaders, Shamans
Screbblo Quality footwear Non-Chaotic Clerics
Seshati Pyhatia Female scholars Any Any (Scholar kit only, female only)
Shazra Debased love TN, NE, CN, CE Clerics, Mystics
Silvarno Missed Deadlines Any Clerics, Monks
Somnau Forgotten injuries Any Clerics, Shamans
St. Vineria of the Eyes Eyes LG, LN, NG Clerics, Crusaders, Monks
Tau Tombs, Cemeteries LG, LN, LE Clerics, Crusaders
Tremella of the Cups Pub Crawling NG, TN, CG, CN Clerics
Tricruxia Forked tunnels LN, NG, TN, NE, CN Clerics
Tybesi-O Food, Gluttony Non-Lawful Clerics, Mystics, Shamans
Tyop Minor Heresies Any Any
Undek Lost Souls Non-Good Clerics, Mystics, Shamans
Veraxus Treason, Virulent Diseases NE, CE Clerics
Vydia Charlatans CG, CN, CE Clerics
Whisper Will Crossroads Non-Lawful Clerics, Druids, Mystics, Shamans
Zikcub Sickly animals LN, NG, TN, NE Druids
Zirkonia Shiny things Non-Good Clerics
Zzyzz Irrational Fears Non-Good Shamans

The New Gods

These godlike while “petty” by divine standards (in that they can be directly engaged and even killed by mortals) wield an unusually large amount of influence in the northern Realms, making them akin to the greater powers, at least on a local scale. Their specialty priests are comparable to those of greater gods, though they are much rarer.

Deity Portfolio Worshiper Alignments Allowed Priest Classes
Grimnir Personal Hygiene, Oaths, LN, LE, NE Kryptgarten Pantheist, Clerics, Crusaders, Monks
The Blessed Afflictor Undeath, Striving against the Inevitable LN, LE Clerics, Crusaders
Duvan’Ku Earthquakes, Erosion NE, CN, CE Clerics, Crusaders, Shamans
The Mog Cats, Abjuration Non-Lawful Clerics, Druids, Mystics
Sorassar Runes, Names NG, TN, NE Clerics, Druids
The Lady of Blue Valley of Thorns, Stojanow River LG, NG, CG Wise Woman, Mystic, Shaman

Petty Gods

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