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Priest Options

Certain deities grant additional special abilities or bonus proficiencies above and beyond those granted by the priests’ class. In addition to the standard Clerics, Druids, Crusaders, Monks, Shamans, and Mystics, each deity is served by a group of specialty priests. Except where noted otherwise, specialty priests follow all the standard rules for clerics (treat them as Kits added onto the Cleric class).

In addition to the major deities listed here, the northern Realms includes numerous Petty Gods—local gods and minor demi-deities too weak to attract broader worship. These gods do not have specialty priests, nor do they grant additional powers or proficiencies to their clerics. They do, however, due to their need for worship, tend to be very free in bestowing their blessings on any character who offers prayers to them.

Deity Portfolio Worshiper Alignments Additional Priest Abilities Allowed Priest Classes
Auril Winter Evil Immune to natural cold. Clerics, Shaman, Specialty Priests
Azuth Wizards Non-Evil Reduce casting times by 3. Clerics, Monk, Specialty Priests
Beshaba Misfortune NE, CN, CE Immune to bad luck. Clerics, Mystic, Shaman, Specialty Priests
Chauntea Agriculture Non-Evil Immune to plant-based poisons. Agriculture proficiency. Clerics, Druids1, Monk, Mystic, Shaman, Specialty Priests
Cyric Murder Evil Backstab as thief. Clerics, Crusader, Specialty Priests
Deneir Writing Non-Evil Literacy proficiency. Clerics, Monk, Specialty Priests
Eldath Peace Non-Evil Swimming proficiency. Clerics, Druids, Monk, Mystic, Shaman, Specialty Priests
Gond Craft, Gnomes Any Engineering proficiency. Clerics, Specialty Priests
Helm Guardians LG, LN, TN Only surprised on a 1. Clerics, Crusader, Monk, Specialty Priests
Hoar Vengeance Lawful Always rise as a Revenant if killed unjustly. Clerics, Crusader, Monk, Specialty Priests
Ilmater Martyrdom LG, LN, NG, CG Immune to Fear. Clerics, Monk, Shaman, Specialty Priests
Iyachtu Xvim Tyranny Non-Good Intimidation proficiency. Clerics, Crusader, Monk, Specialty Priests
Kelemvor Death Non-Chaotic Detect Undead at will. Clerics, Crusader, Monk, Shaman, Specialty Priests
Lathander The Sun Non-Evil Healing spells cure +2 hit points. Clerics, Crusader, Druids, Monk, Specialty Priests
Leira Deception LN, TN, CG, CN, CE Modern Language (Rauthlek) proficiency. Clerics, Mystic, Shaman, Specialty Priests
Liira Joy NG, CG, CN +4 on Endurance checks. Clerics, Mystic, Specialty Priests
Loviatar Pain Evil Scourge proficiency. Modern Language (Maiden’s Tongue) proficiency. Clerics, Crusader, Monk, Specialty Priests
Malar Hunting LE, TN, NE, CE Hunting proficiency. Clerics, Druid, Shaman, Specialty Priests
Mask Thievery Non-Good Modern Language (Thieves’ Cant) proficiency. Clerics, Mystic, Specialty Priests
Mielikki Forests LG, NG, TN, CG Analyze Balance at will in forests Clerics, Crusader, Druids, Shaman, Specialty Priests
Milil Music Non-Evil Singing and Musical Instrument proficiencies. Clerics, Mystic, Specialty Priests
Mystra Magic Lawful or Good Weaveglow at will. Clerics, Monk, Shaman, Specialty Priests
Oghma Knowledge LN, TN, CN Cast Legend Lore 1/month. Clerics, Monk, Specialty Priests
Selune The Moon Non-Evil Immune to Lycanthropy. Clerics, Crusader, Druids, Mystic, Shaman, Specialty Priests
Shar Darkness Non-Good Can see normally in total darkness Clerics, Crusader, Druids, Monk, Mystic, Specialty Priests
Sharess Lust NG, TN, CG. CN Find Familiar (cat only) 1/year. Clerics, Mystic, Specialty Priests
Shaundakul Travel NG, TN, CG. CN Can never get lost unless transported by magic. Clerics, Druids, Shaman, Specialty Priests
Silvanus Nature LN, TN, CN Speak with Animals at will. Clerics, Druids, Specialty Shaman, Priests
Sune Love Non-Evil +4 on NPC reactions vs. characters of the same race. Clerics, Mystic, Specialty Priests
Talona Poisons and Disease Evil Identify poisons as an Assassin. Clerics, Shaman, Specialty Priests
Talos Weather LE, NE, CN, CE Immune to lighting and electricity Clerics, Crusader, Shaman, Specialty Priests
Tempus War Any Fight to -10 hit points. Clerics, Crusader, Shaman, Specialty Priests
Torm Duty Good +2 on attack rolls vs. Chaotic Evil opponents. Clerics, Crusader, Monk, Specialty Priests
Tymora Luck NG, TN, CG. CN Gaming proficiency. Clerics, Crusader, Mystic, Specialty Priests
Tyr Law Lawful Law proficiency. Clerics, Crusader, Monk, Shaman, Specialty Priests
Umberlee The Sea Non-Good Can breathe water automatically. Swimming proficiency. Clerics, Druids, Shaman, Specialty Priests
Valkur Sailors Non-Evil Navigation proficiency. Clerics, Crusader, Druids, Shaman, Specialty Priests
Meriadar Racial Tolerance Non-evil Mediation proficiency Clerics, Monks, Mystics, Shaman, Specialty Priests
Clangeddin Dwarves, Battle Non-Chaotic +2 on attack rolls vs. Giants and Goblinoids Clerics, Crusaders, Specialty Priests
Corellon Larethian Elves, Arts Non-Evil Feylore proficiency Clerics, Crusaders, Druids, Mystics, Specialty Priests
Brandobaris Halflings, Adventure Non-Evil Double rate of fire with Slings Clerics, Druids, Mystics, Specialty Priests
Lolth Drow, Spiders Non-Good Immune to Web effects Clerics, Crusaders, Specialty Priests
The Elder Elemental God Elemental Forces Evil +1 saves vs. Elemental spells Clerics, Crusaders, Shamans, Specialty Priests
Sseth Serpents Non-Good Immune to snake venom Clerics, Crusaders, Druids, Shamans, Specialty Priests
Ilneval Warfare, Orcs Non-Chaotic, Non-Good Battle Command proficiency Cleric, Crusader, Shaman, Specialty Priests
Bargrivyek Cooperation, Territory, Goblins Non-Chaotic, Non-Good +2 saves vs. Wild Magic and Chaos spells Cleric, Crusader, Shaman, Specialty Priests
Gaknulak Trickery, Traps, Kobolds Non-Chaotic, Non-Good Set Snares proficiency Cleric, Shaman, Specialty Priests
Mulhorandi Pantheon Mulhorandi people Any Ancient Language (Mulhorandi) and Charioteering proficiencies Cleric
Ao Cosmic Balance, Deities Any none no priests

1 Druids who worship Chauntea gain Daelic as a bonus language instead of Druidic.

Specialty Priest Options

In addition to their Kit and Homeland, Clerics of certain deities may choose a specialty-priest kit. Non-cleric priest classes may not choose to specialize in this way, but may gain some additional special benefits from their chosen deity (see above). All Specialty Priests use the Specialty Priest chart for experience advancement (instead of the Cleric chart).

Religion Alignment Races Abilities
Auril Evil Any Wis 9
Azuth LN Human, Elf, Half-Elf, Half-Orc, Gnome, Minotaur, Mongrelman Int 16, Wis 16
Beshaba NE, CN, CE Any Wis 9
Chauntea Non-Evil Any Wis 9
Cyric Evil Human, Half-Elf, Half-Orc Str 12, Wis 9
Deneir Non-Evil Any Int 14, Wis 9
Eldath Non-Evil Any Wis 9
Gond Any Any Int 12, Wis 9
Helm Lawful Human Str 14, Wis 9
Hoar LN Any Wis 9
Ilmater Good Any Wis 9
Iyachtu Xvim LN, LE, TN, NE Any Str 12, Cha 12, Wis 9
Kelemvor Non-Chaotic Any Cha 12, Wis 9
Lathander Non-Evil Any Wis 9
Leira Chaotic Any Int 14, Wis 9
Liira NG, TN, CG, CN Any Cha 13, Dex 12, Int 12, Wis 9
Loviatar Evil Any Wis 9
Malar Evil Human, Half-Elf, Half-Ogre, Half-Orc, Bugbear, Gnoll, Minotaur, Orc Str 12, Wis 9
Mask LN, TN, CN Any Dex 16, Wis 9
Mielikki Good Human, Elf, Half-Elf (female only) Con 14, Cha 12, Wis 12
Milil Non-Evil Human, Elf, Half-Elf Cha 14, Int 12, Wis 9
Mystra Lawful or Good Human, Elf, Half-Elf, Gnome Int 14, Wis 9
Oghma LN, TN, CN Any Cha 14, Int 12, Wis 9
Selune Non-Evil Any (female only) Str 12, Wis 9
Shar Neutral Any Wis 9
Sharess NG, TN, CG. CN Any Cha 16, Wis 12
Shaundakul Non-Evil Human, Elf, Half-Elf Cha 13, Wis 11
Silvanus Neutral Any Wis 9
Sune Non-Evil Human, Elf, Half-Elf Cha 16, Int 11, Wis 9
Talona Evil Any Wis 9
Talos CE Human Wis 9
Tempus Any Any Str 14, Int 14, Wis 9
Torm LG Human Cha 15, Wis 9
Tymora NG, TN, CG, CN Any Cha 12, Wis 9
Tyr LG, LN, LE Human Wis 16, Str 14
Umberlee Non-Good Any Con 14, Wis 9
Valkur Non-Evil Any Wis 9
Meriadar LG, LN, NG, TN Any Int 12, Wis 16
Clangeddin LG, LN Dwarf Str 15
Corellon Larethian CG Elf, Half-Elf Str 11, Int 11, Cha 15
Brandobaris NG, TN, CG, CN Halfling Dex 13
Lolth CE Drow (female only) Wis 13
The Elder Elemental God NE Any Wis 12, Con 14
Sseth Evil Human, Lizardman, Yuan-ti Wis 14, Dex 12
Ilneval LE, NE Orc, Half-Orc Str 13, Cha 12
Bargrivyek LN, LE Goblin, Hobgoblin, Bugbear Int 10, Wis 14
Gaknulak LE, NE Kobold Int 13

The Gods of Ancient Nog

Once counted among the Petty Gods of the realms, the gods of the Nogese have recently had a great resurgence in the north since the discovery of the mountain of Duvan’ku north of Phlan. These gods are ancient and powerful, and while still “petty” by divine standards (in that they can be directly engaged and even killed by mortals) wield an unusually large amount of influence in the northern Realms, making them akin to the greater powers, at least on a local scale.

Their specialty priests are comparable to those of greater gods, though they are much rarer.

Deity Portfolio Worshiper Alignments Allowed Priest Classes
Grimnir Personal Hygiene, Oaths Non-Chaotic Kryptgarten Pantheist, Clerics, Crusaders, Monks
The Blessed Afflictor Undeath, Striving against the Inevitable LN, LE Clerics, Crusaders
Duvan’Ku Earthquakes, Erosion, Entropy NE, CN, CE Clerics, Crusaders, Shamans
The Mog Cats, Abjurations Non-Lawful Clerics, Druids, Mystics
Sorassar Runes, Names NG, TN, NE Clerics, Druids
The Lady of Blue Valley of Thorns, Stojanow River LG, NG, CG Wise Woman, Mystic, Shaman
Armok Creation, Destruction, Blood Non-Good Crusaders, Shamans, Totem Sisters

Specialty Priest Requirements:

Religion Alignment Races Abilities
The Blessed Afflictor LN, LE Human Int 14, Wis 12, Con 12
Grimnir LN, LE, NE Any Cha 15, Wis 13
The Mog Non-Lawful Any (no Elves) Wis 16, Int 13, Dex 12, Cha 11
Duvan’Ku TN, NE, CN, CE Human, Half-Ogre, Firbolg Str 17
Sorassar NG, TN, NE Any Int 14, Dex 12, Wis 10
The Lady of Blue LG, NG, CG Any (female only) Wis 15, Dex 12
Armok, The Blood God Non-Good Dwarves Str 14, Wis 12, Int 11

Religion Kits

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