Ruins of Adventure

A Letter to Certain Councilmembers

Dear Councilman Mondaviak, and wife,

I hope this message finds you well.

My name is Tamn, and apparently I once again find myself on the wrong side of the law. This seems to be a perpetual string of circumstance for me. I began life as a slave in Hillsfar. I escaped to join the band of adventurers that liberated Thorn Island from the undead menace plaguing it. I then fell in with the bendit Noriss the Grey. From there I became involved in the invasion of Kryptgarten, and then found myself in the service of Melastasya, the lady-friend of the Squire of Kryptgarten. I have learned now that the squire and his have been exiled from the walls of Phlan.

Let me say, I’m not part of that. I have nothing to do with these Kryptgarteners, I just live here. Rumor around here is that you two were the Squire’s original benefactors, but the notice we found has you two signing the death warrant as well. I’m not going to poke that.

Yesterday some women, who according to public opinion are agents of the Lady Bivant and responsible for Lord Noriss’s demise, came to Kryptgarten. They appeared only briefly, causing something of a scene in the tavern, then departed. Later the sounds of several explosions were heard nearby and, later still, Squire Grimnir’s pet was found dead.

Let me say, if these ladies are in fact working for the Lady Bivant, and if they desire entry into Kryptgarten, you would do well to send them around to the back door. Certain subjects of the Squire might be inclined to make sure the door was left open and unguarded.

Best Regards,
Tamn Footstooler, The (Oh Shit I’ve Lost Count) Betrayor

O.O.C. Because, hey, you know, they left a few of our PCs alive and free inside this keep we are about to attack and I don’t feel like rolling a new character right now…


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