Ruins of Adventure

An Advertisement, Posted on the Door of the Training Hall

Several items of a mystical nature!
Relics of ancient Phlan!
Taken from the ruins of Sokol Keep on Thorn Island!
The following items are being made available.

A white metal rapier, with etchings of mocking skeletons along its blade.
Said to have the power to animate the bodies of your fallen foes!
Two thousand gold crowns or Best offer!

A long-handled wooden club, studded with iron.
Possessing the power to render your foes unconscious in a single blow!
One thousand gold crowns or Best offer!

An Ancient and Magical Shield bearing the insignia of Old Grimjaws!
Five hundred gold crowns, or Best offer!

A suit of Mighty double-linked chain armor!.
Sized for a dwarf.
Five hundred gold crowns, or Best offer!

The spellbook of a learned sage, detailing the esoteric arts of Wild Magic!
Two hundred and fifty gold crowns, or Best offer!

Inquiries should be directed to Hazel Whitescar at the Bitter Blade Tavern.
All sales are final. Third party identification and confirmation available at buyer’s expense.


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