Ruins of Adventure

New Phlan Public Training Hall Faculty

Name: Aumry of Umber
Professions Taught: All manner of wizardly spellcasters
Average Training Time: 2 weeks
Weapons Taught: Two-handed Weapon Style, Quarterstaff
Non-weapon Proficiencies Taught: Agriculture, Chaos Shaping, Direction Sense, Display Weapon Prowess, Planar Sense, Planar Survival, Reading/Writing (Common), Spellcraft
Magical Paths Taught: Aberrant Path, Apprentice’s Road, Archmage’s Road, Black Road, Path of Doors, Path of Staves, Path of the Beholder, Road of Pentacles, Silver Road

  • This portly wizard claims to be from the Dales, though his outrageous accent places him as coming from somewhere much farther afield. His primary interest is in planar studies, and many of the students suspect that he is not of this world. While a good and efficient teacher, he seems to have little patience for slower students and often complains that his job is taking him away from doing real research.

Name: Manabu of the Burning Mind
Professions Taught: All manner of wizardly spellcasters
Average Training Time: 4 weeks
Weapons Taught: All Blades
Non-weapon Proficiencies Taught: Alertness, Ancient History (tribes of Thar), Arctic Survival, Etiquette, Information Gathering, Languages (Ogre, Orc, Goblin), Spellcraft
Magical Paths Taught: Aberrant Path, Firesight Path, Giant’s Path, Jeweler’s Road, Path of the Bandit, Path of Counterspells, Path of the Mind, Path of Swords, Path of Smoke, Road of Seals and Wardings, Road of True Names

  • One of the first teachers to work at the academy, Manabu comes to Phlan by way of Glister in the land of Thar, and is very well connected with the Council. Manabu looks very old, in the way that only a wizard can be, and is very versatile as an instructor—even teaching some basic swordplay classes. In addition to his interest in history and politics, he is also very well versed on the cultures of the monsters occupying Old Phlan, and teaches a variety of monstrous languages.

Name: Gerrin Wheelbarger
Professions Taught: Rangers, Fighters
Average Training Time: 2 weeks
Weapons Taught: Two-handed Swords, Axes, Two-handed Style, Avalanche Style
Non-weapon Proficiencies Taught: Animal Rending, Astrology, Leatherworking, Hunting, Psionic Detection, Survival, Tracking

  • Exiled by the Yuan-ti rulers of his home city of Hlondath, the Council of Phlan has offered Gerrin political asylum in exchange for his help in training the adventurers and soldiers that protect the town from its many monstrous neighbors. Gerrin has a distinct dislike of all reptilian and snakelike creatures, but yuan-ti and lizardmen especially. Regardless of his contract, he refuses to offer training to any reptilian races.

Name: Hammond of Hillsfar
Professions Taught: Warriors (all varieties)
Average Training Time: 8 weeks
Weapons Taught: All Blades, All Crushing and Cleaving weapons, All Crossbows, Weapon and Shield Style
Non-weapon Proficiencies Taught: Ancient History (Military History), Armor Optimization, Land-based Riding
Special Classes: Hammond offers a special 1-month course that will teach anyone proficiency with the Broadsword. This grants a bonus proficiency to members of any class (doesn’t take a slot, but priest characters are still limited to those weapons allowed by their faith). This is included in the cost of tuition.

  • Hammond is a captain of Hillsfar’s Red Plume mercenary company, on loan to the Council of New Phlan to train their troops. Like many Hillsfarran’s, he has little love of those from neighboring cities, and a strong dislike of spellcasters and non-humans. On top of his prejudices, Hammond iis actually a very poor leader and a horrible teacher, but the Council will put up with him until they can find someone better. While his contract prevents him from outright refusing to teach non-humans, his dislike of the students increases the training time by 1 week for characters with spellcasting ability or 2 weeks for non-humans (these stack).

Name: Shanal
Professions Taught: Runecasters
Average Training Time: 2 weeks
Weapons Taught: Two-weapon Style, Dagger
Non-weapon Proficiencies Taught: Dwarven Runes, Close-Quarters Fighting, Herbalism, Mining, Poison Use, Toxicology, Venom Handling
Special Classes: While such practices are frowned upon by the Council, Shanal offers courses in the creation, identification, and use of poisons. He can teach the Poison Use, Toxicology, and Venom Handling proficiencies, but these are only taught in one-on-one tutoring sessions, costing 500gp per class, and are not included in the normal tuition to train a level. Likewise, the Disease rune must be learned in this way as well.
Runes Taught: Accuracy, Berserk, Binding, Death, Disease, Dream, Hawk, Triumph

  • This dwarf is the newest faculty member at Phlan’s Public Training Hall, teaching classes on herbology, underground survival skills, and rune-based magics. While his morals are questionable, and the Council dislikes some of the subjects he offers on the side, he is a very effective teacher and well-liked by those students who have taken his courses.

Name: Taleah Loughgren
Professions Taught: Clerics, Druids, Mages, Diviners, Runecasters, Bards
Average Training Time: 5 weeks
Weapons Taught: Dagger, Quarterstaff
Non-weapon Proficiencies Taught: Administration, Artistic Ability (painting), Crowd Working, Gaming, Gem Cutting, Grooming, Haggling, Local History (Phlan), Musical Instrument (harp), Reading/Writing (Espruar), Religion, Singing
Runes Taught: Blinding Light, Coyote, Fox, Healing, Love, Wisdom
Magical Paths Taught: Bard’s Road, Enchanter’s Path, Servant’s Path, Stormy Path, Veiled Path

  • Despite rumors that she is actually a were-fox, Taleah is an accepted member of the clergy of Sune in Phlan and serves as a teacher and administrator at the Public Training Hall, where she teaches classes for Bards, Clerics, Diviners, Mages, and Runecasters (thanks to her highly diverse skillset). While beautiful, she is haughty, arrogant, and greedy. She has a particularly spiteful relationship with Hammond, who runs the fighter’s school.

Name: Francis Urslingen
Professions Taught: Clerics, Monks, Fighters, Swashbucklers
Average Training Time: 2 weeks
Weapons Taught: Fencing Blades, Clubbing Weapons, Slings, Single Weapon Style, Fencing Style, Punching
Non-weapon Proficiencies Taught: Ancient History (religious history), Blind-Fighting, Calligraphy, Dancing, Dark Lore, Folklore, Healing, Heraldry, Law, Style Analysis, Tumbling

  • “Brother Francis” is an oddity among Tyrran monks, the second son of Lord Urslingen, he chose to study fencing rather than other martial arts. While has certainly stands out from his brethren, Francis is an excellent teacher, both of arms and of doctrine, and has been teaching at the Phlan Public Training Hall since it was founded. Unlike many of the other instructors, Francis prefers a “hands on” approach to teaching martial skills, and often leads forays into the uncivilized portions of town. His students tend to be extremely loyal and are always impressed by his great strength and skill with a blade. Despite (or perhaps because of) his vows to the contrary, he is well-liked by the ladies.

Name: Swindon Lype (“Swipe” to his students)
Professions Taught: Thieves, Spies, Psionicists
Average Training Time: 3 weeks
Weapons Taught: Bows, Scimitar, Knife, Single-Weapon Style
Non-weapon Proficiencies Taught: Animal Handling, Animal Lore, Animal Training, Appraising, Bureaucracy, Cerebral Blind, Direction Sense, Hunting, Land-based Riding, Languages (Elvish, Orcish), Lock Smithing, Rejuvenation
Special Classes: Swipe can teach up to Mastery level skill with a knife (for those characters able to achieve such). He will perform Psychic Surgery to unlock psionic wild talents, for a flat fee of 100gp, but takes no responsibility for any negative side-effects.

  • This ‘crazy old gypsy’ from the Dalelands teaches courses in safe-cracking, trapfinding, advanced techniques for putting a knife in an enemy’s back, and other skills useful for ‘professional treasure hunters’. He also teaches students to unlock the potential of their minds—either in the form of psionics or just critical thinking skills, and offers classes in animal husbandry for those settlers who are new to raising livestock. Some merchants have complained that his courses in thievery are a little to ‘practical’, but he has thus far escaped any significant retribution.

Name: Sarush Sevenspears
Professions Taught: Crusaders, Clerics, Fighters
Average Training Time: 9 weeks
Weapons Taught: Pole Weapons
Non-weapon Proficiencies Taught: Agriculture, Animal Lore, Battle Command, Direction Sense, Land-based Riding, Orienteering, Prayer, Religion, Storytelling

  • A devout soldier in the service of Tempus, god of war, and a superb leader, Sarush quickly became a local hero in his hometown of Scardale after he helped overthrow the tyrant Lashan. When the locals of Scardale asked him to take leadership of their community, Sarush fled north, unwilling to take on such civic responsibilities. He traveled to Phlan, where has has helped establish a strong following for Tempus, mostly among the soldier he teaches at the Public Training Hall. Despite his leadership skills, he has turned down several offers from the Council of Phlan to command their troops, preferring to teach.

Name: Ankbunkra Arpengast
Professions Taught: Tinkers
Average Training Time: 2 weeks
Weapons Taught: Crushing and Cleaving Weapons, Crossbows, Arquebus
Non-weapon Proficiencies Taught: Artistic Ability (sculpture), Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Cartography, Clockwork Creation, Charioteering, Debate, Engineering, Gem Cutting, Glassblowing, Haggling, Lens Crafting, Languages (Gnomish, Dwarvish, Halfling, Goblin, Kobold, Elvish, Jermlaine), Metalworking, Musical Instrument (harpsicord), Numeracy, Pottery, Research, Smelting, Survival (all terrains), Weaponsmithing

  • A wandering crafts-gnome from Neverwinter, Ankbunkra has taken up residence in the city of New Phlan, where she teaches all manner of crafts and trades, as well as linguistics and critical thinking skills, at the Public Training Hall in exchange for the Council funding her research (mostly in the field of advanced optics)…so far she hasn’t invented anything too dangerous. Ankbunkra is quite attractive, even by non-gnomish standards.


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