Ruins of Adventure

Falthin's Journal Entry 26 Uktar, Year of the Helm

I have been afforded the luxury of traveling to the fort outpost of Baron Mak’kar in the swamp adjacent to Phlan. As protection we’ve been afforded a small contingent of guards and a herald (Lyra). She is a curious creature. The journey, by Lyra’s estimate is not long, although the last 2-3 miles through the swamp are rumored to be difficult. Lucikly I have Shadowmane to bear my belongings.

My official purpose on this mission remains the same: Observe, document and, when viable, report. This is a precarious situation and my heart tells me something is awry back home and I do not know if or how it is linked with the decision to send me here. As such, I have decided to only report what is necessary to the Archendale command. Any and all correspondence regarding the true nature of my errand shall be entrusted within the contents of this journal, which I will carry on me at all times. Information of a more sensitive nature will be, when viable, delivered to the one that I trust.

Before leaving, I took tie to prepare the necessary spells in case trouble arose on the road, feed Ash and see to it that my belongings in New Phlan were situated appropriately upon my return. It is difficult to read the situation in this city at present. We depart at daybreak.

Falthin Arakas


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