Ruins of Adventure

Falthin's Log / Journal Entry 26 Uktar, Year of The Helm

This is a recording of the events between King Slash, formerly ‘Slash’ and his people as written by Falthin Arakis of The Archendale.

Participants included:

King Slash The Rider, formerly ‘Slash The Rider’
Lizard tribe
Thiondar Cardona
Curfinwe Nightstar of The Elven Court
AGnegNegdariagn StongFeather
Seabag aka ol’Blue Eyes
Falthin Arakis of The Archendale

Let it be known that the events preceding this meeting are crucial to the matters documented, but that they are all together a separate tale. For any party wishing to understand the proceedings in further detail, any of the participants of this meetings would be of use. For this reason, I and I alone (Faltin Arakis of The Archendale) shall keep their identities secret until acquired knowledge of what occurred surpasses the need for anonymity. Participants of the meeting are, of course, exempted from this pledge, even if it means placing myself in harms way. Had it not been for myself coming to this foreign land, it is entirely possible that the matters discussed would be lost in time. Thus, this journal is, as far as I know, the only living document for what occurred on that day.

Let it be known that the legality of matters discussed in this journal are of no concern to this document.

Let it also be known that the details contained within this document were first communicated in Lizard Speech, between Slash and his people and then translated into Tharian by Slash, to Falthin of The Archendale. For this reason, certain words, phrases and expressions may be debatable and not entirely accurate. It is entirely possible, although I deem it improbable, that the final words spoken by Slash were altogether false, devious, deceitful or misguided.

How to begin…

This, as all other stories, is but another weave in the knots of time. It is not for us to measure the validity of such tales, but rather to play our part as others have before us…

And so it was that Slash the Rider was crowned King of his people, a title that carried both great responsibility and honor. This achievement was partly due to circumstance and deed. Regarding the former, Slash is one of the few remaining able bodied creatures within his Tribe. By default this provides him with a strong claim to the throne. Regarding the latter, Slash slew the former leader of his Lizard tribe, who he viewed as misguided. He then bravely entered The Baron Mak’kar’s fort where he negotiated a treaty to release his tribe’s eggs which were being held hostage. The eggs were taken to his tribespeople, a deed which assured the survival of Slash brought the eggs to his tribespeople and assured them that their bloodlines would live on. Approaching the council, Slash imparted this information willfully to his people and they accepted his claim to the throne. In addition, they welcomed those with which he traveled, showering them with gifts of food, health, coin, gems. Of especially notable interest were the following:

(OOC: These items would be drawn with as much detail as possible in the journal, and their descrpitons would be documented alongside the sketches)




As Curfinwe Nightstar peered his head over the pile of jewels and treasure being presented, Thiondar Cardona and Zolushika reached out and studied three items of interest.


Falthin Arakis
26th day of Uktar, Year of The Helm

(OOC: The dialogues and words spoken during this meeting as translated from Lizard to Tharian and then written down, would also be contained within this journal entry. These occurred over period of several weeks during June/July of 2019).


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