Ruins of Adventure

Falthin's Log Journal Entry 3 Hammer, Year of the Wyvern, 1363 DR

I have since returned from Slash’s village and after being presented with a medallion of friendship by he and his peoples. It was a great honor. It took me great pains to leave and miss the opportunity to acquire their speech but I have, instead, opted to return to Mak’kar’s fort and request he train me in the ways of riding horse. Bringing my horse Shadowmane here was folly and I owe it to her an honest effort of increasing her chances of escaping alive. That task begins with me learning to ride her in this manner of terrain.

+ 2 days.

My training has begun. It is difficult but enjoyable. In my downtime I have befriended the Kenku Seabhag, a curious traveler. From looks alone he frightens me, but I feel he will be a useful and knowledgeable companion in the place we are about to travel.

+ 1 day

I have agreed to aid Seabhag in creating a laboratory. Although my buttocks are sore from riding, I provided him with servant to aid with some heavy lifting and movement of useful objects. I hope that one day I can impart some additional knowledge I carry to him.

+ 3 weeks

Mak’kar is a tough person to understand. Perhaps it is a necessity for a man in his position. I requested additional supplies to help Seabhag, hoping my diplomatic ties to my homeland would be of some influence. This was an utter failure. He is adamant that the kitchens contain nothing while refusing entrance to verify such a claim. I suspect he’s hiding something. Without proof though I must operate under the assumption that he is earnest in his claim.

+ 1 week.

Training complete. I realize that Curufinwe is of importance to the impending expedition. Each day I question whether to accompany the party or not. My only choice is to move forward with my mandate though.


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