Ruins of Adventure

Proclamations and Rumors: Week 9

22 Eleint, Year of the Helm

The following proclamations have been posted outside the Council Hall:

From the City Council of New Phlan to all brave and hearty adventurers:

Proclamation CIX
Be it known that the Council is offering an inducement to any individual who shall serve in the rescue force for the mercenary band of Taimalg-the-Invincible which has disappeared inside Valhigen Graveyard.

Proclamation CLIV
Be it known that the council has proclaimed a generous bounty for each undead killed within the bounds of Valhingen Graveyard. Be it also known that in addition to said bounty, the council is willing to provide a special enchanted item, useful in the destruction of undead, to any group of adventurers which accepts the commission to cleanse Valhingen Graveyard. Apply to the city clerk for said commission.

Proclamation CXXXVIII
Be it known that beginning this, the tenth day of Eliasis, The Year of the Helm, 1362, the Council has decreed that all blocks of the Old City, commonly known as the Slums, between the River and the West Phlan Road, as far as Mendor’s Street shall hereafter be considered the rightful territory of New Phlan and subject to the laws and enforcement thereof; and that Mendor’s Street shall hereafter be called the New Wall Road. All those dwelling within said blocks may make petition to the Council Clerk for deeds of property no later than the 18th of Eliasis. Beginning the 19th of Eliasis, all those found in said blocks without the proper writs of citizenship and deeds of property shall be subject to the full measure of the law.

Proclamation CLXX
Be it known that the council is interested in obtaining information concerning bands of insect-men known to plague the grassy planes to the west of New Phlan. Said insect men are a hazard to transportation to and from Zhentil Keep. A reward is offered to any person or persons who return with complete information on the, location, disposition, and intentions of the insect-men. Apply to the council clerk for a commission.

Proclamation CCI
Be it known that the council is interested in clearing obstacles to establishing a trade route to the east. Said obstacles currently include an infestation of lizard men in the swamps to the east. A reward is offered to any who can locate the source of the infestation and remove the lizard men as an obstacle to trade. A commission may be obtained from the Council Clerk.

Proclamation CLXXII
Be it known that beginning this, the twenty-eight day of Eliasis, The Year of the Helm, 1362, the the buying and selling of male and female slaves of humanoid disposition shall not be allowed within the bounds of New Phlan. Any person or persons found to be engaged in the buying or selling of a humanoid slave shall be subject to a fine of not less than twenty and not more than 60 gold coins, and all properties, both fiscal and personal, associated with such a transaction shall be remit to the sole use and discretion of the Council of New Phlan in perpetuity.

The following advertisments have been posted outside the Training Hall:

Open Positions:
The Council of New Phlan has immediate openings for instructors in the arts of Mysticism, Shadow Walking, and Genie Binding at the Public Training Hall of New Phlan. Only fully-credentialed, trained educators with extensive field experience need apply. These are full-time positions and may include some administrative and student advisement work. Starting pay is 100gp per week (commensurate with experience). Candidates should present themselves to the clerk of the Council of New Phlan.

An Addendum: All faculty positions for Practitioners of Other Arts have been filled. No further applications for these positions are being accepted. Anyone attempting to put forward such an application shall be ejected from the premises immediately.

An Addendum to the Addendum: All faculty positions for the schools of Magecraft, Languages, and General Education have been filled. No further applications for these positions are being accepted. Anyone attempting to put forward such an application shall be ejected from the premises and set on fire.
…This means you Silren. — signed Taleah Loughgren

By Personal Request of Councilman Ulrich Eberhard
Be it known that a substantial award reward of ten-thousand fifteen-thousand gold pieces shall be offered to any heroes recovering the painting titled “False Chanterelle” by the artist Sheklesh from the grounds of Kadorna Mansion. Those wishing to claim the reward should bring the fully intact painting to Eberhard House during the first or second watch. Ask for Guillaume.

Notice: Heroes and Sellswords needed
for research expedition. Some potentially dangerous work hunting monsters, but pay is excellent. Must be willing to work in the presence of magic. For more information, seek out Velinax the Vermilian and Tarren Traskar at the Laughing Goblin.

Chartered adventuring party to acquire rare and valuable magical components. Inquire with Aumry of Umber, Archmage of Old Phlan, at Aumry’s Tower on the New Wall Road.

General Rumors about Town

  1. The xvarts that provide most of the city’s fish have been driven from their caves by some horrible monster.
  2. Aumry of Umber had some sort of fight with the Council and has resigned his position at the Training Hall.
  3. The undead in the Graveyard are under the control of a powerful Necromancer who lives in the Quivering Forest.
  4. The Eraka nomads who live north of Phlan have allied themselves with the Gnoll Army still massing west of town.
  5. A Red Plume patrol was found petrified not far from the Old Library after the Plumes raided the place.
  6. Food shipments from Kryptgarden have all but ceased. The Marquis has not appeared before the Council in over two months.
  7. The nuns dormitory in the Temple of Tyr is secretly a Bordello.
  8. Iniarv’s Tower, that guards the road through the Twilight Marsh, was burned to the ground.
  9. The New Wall looks like it will only have one gate.
  10. With the Wall construction going as it is, most of the vendors in the Slums Market at migrating to Scholar’s Square near the old Library.


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