Ruins of Adventure

Rumors and Proclamations: Week 2

10 Eleint, Year of the Maidens

The following proclamations have been posted outside the Council Hall:

From the City Council of New Phlan to all brave and hearty adventurers:

Proclamation LIX
Be it known that the council is interested in reclaiming the remaining blocks of the city of New Phlan. To reclaim said blocks they must be first cleared of monsters, vermin, and other uncivilized inhabitants. To this end the council is offering a reward to any person or group who is responsible for clearing any block of the old city.

Proclamation CXXVI
Be it known that the council is offering a reward for all books and tomes containing information about the fall of Phlan. The amount of said reward to be dependent upon the value of the information provided.

Proclamation LXXVlII
Be it known that the council is offering a reward to any person or persons who can provide information as to the disposition of several council agents who have been sent to investigate the unseemly happenings in the vicinity of Valhigen Graveyard.

Proclamation CX
Be it known that the Council is seeking a stalwart band to undertake a mission of particular sensitivity. Any brave and clever band of adventure seekers who art not adverse to earning a large reward should present themselves to the council clerk for a special commission.

Proclamation CCIV
Be it known that the council is interested in obtaining information about the disposition of various kobolds currently believed to be gathering in support of forces aimed on the destruction of our fair city. A generous reward is offered to any who shall scout out the doings of these foul creatures and report such to the council. A larger reward is offered if the marshalling of said kobolds can be prevented. A commission may be obtained from the council clerks.

The following advertisments have been posted outside the Training Hall:

Wanted. Urgent:
Discreet individuals to investigate the whereabouts of certain missing persons and return them to the city of New Phlan. This must be completed post-haste. Inquire at the homes of Councilman Karistos Mondaviak. Ask for Bennudius.

Adventuring party to perform reconnaissance. A unique magic item of original design, free tutoring in the magical arts, plus a percentage of any booty found. Inquire with Aumry of Umber, Associate Professor of Arcane Arts, at Denlor’s Tower in the Slums District.

For Immediate Hire:
We have an immediate opening for night watchmen to stand guard over the newly consecrated Temple of Sune in Civilized Phlan. Candidates must be stout-hearted, alert, and able to perform moderate physical activity. The starting salary is 3gp per night. We also offer hazard pay and an excellent health-care package. Interested parties should apply at the Temple of Sune. Ask for Priestess Joy of Sune.

Open Positions:
The Council of New Phlan has immediate openings for instructors in the arts of Berserking, Shadow Walking, and Genie Binding at the Public Training Hall of New Phlan. Only fully-credentialed, trained educators with extensive field experience need apply. These are full-time positions and may include some administrative and student advisement work. Starting pay is 100gp per week (commensurate with experience). Candidates should present themselves to the clerk of the Council of New Phlan.


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