Ruins of Adventure

The Strategic Dungeons Incantation Limitation Treaty (SDILT)

5 Hammer, Year of the Wyvern, 1363 DR

Here contains an account of SDILT by Falthin Arakis.

The Strategic Dungeons Incantation Limitation Treaty, commonly referred to as SDILT, was an agreement between adventuring companions within the Rough Rack adventuring group, Curufinwe Nightstar of the Elven Court, his elder brother Maglor Maehdros and Baron Mak’kar of the Twilight Swamp. It was overseen under the supervision of Falthin Arakis, Diplomat of Archendale during a time period when tensions between The Rough Rack and their Elvish Adventuring companion Curufinwe Nightstar were high. This culminated with the coming of Curifinwe’s brother Maglor, on an errand to pressure the former to return to his homeland and fulfil his duty.

Maglor, clad in helm and riding upon a Griffon was viewed by those staying within the fort as a potential aggressor. Fearing for some of the horses stabled within the fort, Thiondar Cadrona gave the order for archers manning the walls to loose arrows, piercing the beast many times. Recognising the likeness of the Rider’s Griffon to the one he knew as a child, argued that an expedition to verify the identify of the helmed rider should be undertaken. Supported by members of the Rough Rack, Falthin Arakis and 20 horses that were summoned by Jack the Bird, the party left the fort gates and returned shortly thereafter with the elder of the Elven kin.

Shortly after entering the fort the question of a successful expedition into the Ruins within the Twilight Swamp came into question. Members of the Rough Rack and the Elvish brothers both possessed a vested interest in entering the ruins but were unable to control their language twoards one another when discussing terms of the expedition. Under permission from Baron Mak’kar, Falthin mediated the conflict and, in doing so, drafted an established set of guidelines that members wishing to enter the ruins would agree to.

SDILT Guidelines (First Draft)

1. The established looting rules shall be adhered to (in reference to the agreements outlined between Baron Mak’kar, the Rough Rack and Elvish companions)
2. Members who enter the ruins willingly are not to, in anyway, be placed in harms way without willingly accepting the risk (referring to the ensuring the safety of Elvish folk in entering the ruins)
3. Spells and effects, notably those that aid in underwater exploration and breathing, are to be cast to the benefit of all party members in mind. Magical effects that would act in the interest of self over the interest of the mission shall not be used without permission from those who would be adversely affected.
4. Parties shall acknowledge the mutually beneficial relationship by which elven, half-elven, and any other bloodlines gain in accomplishing the mission. (Referring to mitigating the racial divides between Curufinwe and Falthin, and members of the Rough Rack and The Elvish Brethern)
5. Those of elvish descent shall, if possible, report and advise on how those of non-elvish bloodline may proceed through the warded areas of the ruins (Referring to the necessity of discourse and team work between all parties involved in the expedition)

Upon introducing these items multiple amendments were made and appended until the majority of participants agreed they were acceptable. These additions are omitted from this document for security reasons and known only to those with access to the formal document.

The legality of SDILT is of some debate. In fact, historians debate as to whether or not the members who agreed it even intended to enforce it in the first place or whether or not everyone at the meeting participated in the ceremony solidifying it. Despite this, it did pave the way for future documents and agreements of a similar nature to be used or enforced in order to solve disputes.


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