Ada the Simple

A young crusader of Tempus, believed to be "simple" or "dumb" by many because of her inability to speak.


This young crusader is comely, but not “pretty”. Ada is unable to speak. She can vocalize simple vowel sounds, and something approximating her name (Aeiayadaaaaa) but has never managed to say an understandable word. Most people she meets assume that she is deaf (certainly not the case), or that she is an imbecile (they are not far off). While weak minded, Ada can understand quite a bit (including the insults others throw at her) and is surprisingly strong-willed and insightful. Her inability to speak is actually a problem with her vocal cords, and not her mind.

Ada’s parents were wealthy merchants in Sembia. Not wanting to be saddled with “caring for an idiot”, her father sold Ada to the Temple of Tempus (wholely expecting the priests to use the dumb girl as a scullery maid or a prostitute, or perhaps both). The Holy General of the monastery, however, recognized Ada’s quick reflexes and strength and saw to it that she was trained as a soldier, and she was quickly accepted into the ranks of the monastery’s order of Silent Sisters (where her inability to speak intelligibly made no difference).

Ada was recently re-assigned to Phlan, where she serves as a silent, stoic guardian of the new temple there. Ada is dedicated to her god and her Sisters, but also has a deep-seated streak of greed in her (made all the worse by a desire to show her parents that she can make a living despite her infirmity). With the many rumors of treasure and glory to be had in Phlan, Ada finds it a constant struggle to remain at her post and not go running off in search of adventure. Of course, not many adventuring groups would take a mute into their company anyways…

Since arriving in Phlan she went on an outing to Sokol Keep on Thorn Island, was paralyzed by a ghoul and watched helplessly as her friends cleared the island, and not long after was killed by a horde of undead shadows. Her body was recovered and looted by the bandits of Noriss the Gray.


Race: Half-Elf, Female
Homeland: Sembia
Class: Crusader
Kit: Silent Sister
Alignment: Lawful Good
Religion: Tempus
Level: 4th
Experience: 7980
Next Level: 13000
Max Level: 16th

Ability Scores:

Str 14 Stamina 10
Muscle 17
Dex 14 Aim 9
Balance 18
Con 14 Health 14
Fitness 14
Int 8 Reason 8
Knowledge 8
Wis 16 Intuition 16
Willpower 16
Cha 15 Leadership 16
Appearance 13


  • Initiative: +0
  • Surprise: +3
  • NPC Reaction: -2

Combat Statistics:
Hit Points: 18
Armor Class: 22 (4 Dex, 7 armor, 1 shield)
Base Attack Bonus: +3

  • Paralyzation/Poison/Death: 9
  • Rod/Staff/Wand: 13
  • Petrification/Polymorph: 12
  • Breath Weapon: 15
  • Spells: 14
Weapons # Att Att Bonus Dmg Dmg (L) Speed Range Special
Elbow Spikes 3 / 2 rds +5 1d4+3 1d4+3 2 melee red steel
Staff 1 +4 d6+1 d6+1 4 melee

Thief Skills: (in chain armor)

OL HN 20%
F/RT CW 35%
MS 15% RL

Non-Weapon Proficiencies: General, Priest, Rogue, Warrior

Modern Languages (Common)1 8 Sound Analysis 16
Modern Languages (Espruar)1 8 Religion 16
Modern Languages (Cormanthan)1 8 Haggling 16
Sign Language (Griff Clan Signs) 10 Gem Cutting 12
Reading/Writing (Common) 9 Appraise 8
CIty Familiarity (Phlan) 8 Observation 8
Somatic Concealment 15 Cooking 8
Night Vision 14 Shield Smite 11
Zeal 13

1 Ada can understand, but not speak, these languages.

Weapon Proficiencies:
Elbow Spikes (Specialized)

Special Powers:

  • Crusaders may use any magical items normally usable by priests or by fighters. In addition, lawful good crusaders gain the same benefits when wielding a holy avenger as does a Paladin.
  • Due to the direct duties performed for his deity, a crusader can cast augury once per week per level (4/week).
  • At 3rd level, crusaders gain the granted power to cast lighten load once per day. This spell effectively halves the weight of equipment and gear for a day, reducing the party’s encumberance.
  • When in the city for which they have the City Familiarity proficiency, Sembians gain a +2 bonus on attacks made from behind. In addition, Sembian rogues gain a +25% bonus to their Hide in Shadows skill when in a city they are familiar with.
  • Sembians receive a +4 bonus to any Appraise proficiency check that involves a jewelled object. Perhaps even better, such characters are not subject to the risks normally associated with rolling a natural 20 when making an Appraising check.
  • While most normal men (including half-elves) must sleep roughly eight hours out of 24, Sembians can get by on half that amount. This same ability carries over to magical effects, such as those brought on by a sleep spell, or physiological shocks like being knocked unconscious. In all cases, the amount of time one of these characters spends asleep (or unconscious) is halved. Further, any saving throws the character makes to resist sleep, either in the form of a spell or because of a sedative, are made with a +2 bonus. This reduced need for sleep does not mean the character can naturally heal wounds in half the time that others require. It is simply an unusual aspect of the character’s training and lifestyle.
  • Sembian adventurers, given the pervasive mercantile life of their homeland, have an aptitude for assessing the value of their services more accurately than other mercenaries. When confronted with a dangerous task or hired for a special mission, a Sembian can appraise the specifics of a task or mission to gauge if it’s worth the amount of reward promised. Also, a Sembian adventurer will always insist on a promised price before offering his services to anyone.
  • Silent Sisters gain a +4 bonus on saving throws or checks made to resist any effect that would force them to speak. Similarly, others suffer a -4 penalty on any checks made to force a Silent SIster to speak (such as Intimidation attempts).
  • Silent Sisters, because of their special devotions, are allowed to cast any priest spell which lacks a verbal component, regardless of limitations for spheres, race, or religion.
  • Silent Sisters are so practiced at speechless communication that they gain a +2 on any proficiency check made to convey meaning without speaking (such as with the Sign Language or Signalling proficiencies). Similarly, other characters gain a +2 bonus on proficiency checks to understand a non-verbal message from a Silent Sister (such as the Detect Signing, Body Language, or Reading Lips proficiencies).


  • Sembians, regardless of class, cannot use magical scrolls.
  • Despite their knowledge, a Sembian is quite likely to find himself in trouble when in a city he is familiar with. The Dungeon Master makes a secret City Familiarity proficiency check at the start of every day the character spends in a city he has knowledge of. If the check fails, the character’s past has not caught up with him. If the check passes, however, someone has spotted the character and recognized him for what he is. This witness will alert the constabulary, a bounty hunter, a rival merchant company, or possibly the local thieves’ guild-whichever is best suited to the needs of the current adventure. It might even be as simple as a surly city guard “not liking the look of him.” The Dungeon Master must determine the exact results of this encounter, as they will vary.
  • The people of Sembia are a haughty and arrogant people. They are not well-loved, however, the importance of trade with Sembia is so great that even the most irritating of people must be tolerated. Tolerated, however, does not mean accepted, loved, or trusted. As a result, the loyalty base and reaction adjustment scores (generated by the character’s Charisma) of a Sembian always carry a -3 penalty.
  • The seemingly sleepless merchants of Sembia are not without their disadvantages. Although they are not aware of it and certainly would deny any allegations to this affect, the reduced amount of sleep they have programmed themselves to get by on takes its toll on their bodies. In game terms this forces them to take a penalty of -1 to the hit points they roll upon gaining a new Hit Die. After 9th level, when no new Hit Dice are gained, this penalty no longer applies to further hitpoint gains.
  • The greed and avarice of a Sembian can be very detrimental. If a Sembian hears of a very large hoard of treasure, he must make an ability check against his Willpower at a -2 penalty. If he fails, he becomes obsessed with going to the site and acquiring it, despite the risk. If the Sembian can somehow see the hoard, the check is made at a -4 penalty. Of course the Sembian will take some protective measures, but not as many as when his perspective is a bit clearer.
  • Silent Sisters may only cast spells from the above list. They do not have access to any of the spheres normally allowed to priests of their class or religion.
  • Silent Sisters live by a vow of silence. They may not speak above a whisper, may not cast any spells with verbal components, may not use any proficiency which requires making significant noise (singing, oratory, whistling, etc.), and may not use any class or racial abilities which are dependent on making noise (such as a Bard’s performance-related abilities).
  • Because they are unused to loud noises, Silent Sisters suffer a -2 penalty on saving throws against spells with auditory effects, such as shout.

Priest Spells: as 4th-level Priest

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
5 4

Spell List: No verbal components.

  • 1st level: Analyze Opponent, Calculate, Daydream, Divine Romantic Interest, Invisibility to Animals, Pressure Resistance, Protection from Silver, Regenerate Light Wounds, SIxth Sense, Snake Charm, Spittle, Truemetal, Wind Column
  • 2nd level: Animal Spy, Bliss, Calm Chaos, Camouflage, Clues of Ash, Dark Fire, Dream Sight, Impart Knowledge, Silence 15-ft. Radius, Vicissitude
  • Prepared Spells:
    • 1st: Analyze Opponent, Sixth Sense, Regenerate Light Wounds x2, Wind Column
    • 2nd: Calm Chaos, Dark Fire, Impart Knowledge, Silence 15-ft. Radius
    • In Staff (10 levels): Daydream, Invisibility to Animals, Regenerate Light Wounds, Snake Charm, Bliss, Camouflage, Vicissitude

Advancement Notes

Armor Allowed:

  • Any Armor or Shields.

Weapons Allowed:

  • Any Melee weapons. No ranged weapons.
  • +5% to Move Silently and Hear Noise each level.
  • At each level, a Silent SIster may add one spell of any spell-level he can cast to the above list of available spells. These spells must be chosen from the spheres available to other priests of his class and religion. The Silent Sister is able to cast the chosen spell with no verbal components.
    • Major Spheres: All, Combat, Guardian, Healing, Law, War, and Wards
    • Minor Sphere: Necromantic, Protection
  • At 5th level, the crusader can cast divination once per week for every five levels. At 7th level, a crusader can cast commune once a week. These are special gifts to keep them on the correct path intended by their gods.
  • At 7th level, the crusader may cast easy march once per week, which basically allows a small party to force march without accumulating fatigue penalties.
  • When a crusader reaches 8th level, he automatically attracts 20 to 200 fanatical followers. These followers are normal 0-level soldiers armed and equipped with weapons appropriate for a typical soldier in the campaign. Unlike clerics, crusaders do not need to establish a permanent place of worship to attract these followers. Since they are great battle leaders, the soldiers will serve them as free-roving companies if no stronghold is available. At 9th level, a crusader may receive official sanction to establish a religious stronghold or fortified temple.
  • From their time of quiet contemplation, Silent Sisters gain some aptitude for the psionic arts. Their chance of possessing Wild Talents is not halved (as it is for other priests), and any Silent Sister that gains a wild talent adds his level to the roll to determine what abilities he gains (increasing the chance of having multiple wild talents). A Silent Sister who possesses psionic abilities from any source (either as a wild talent or from the psionicist class) gains a +2 bonus to his power scores with any power from the Telepathic discipline.


Ada the Simple

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