Aldron Folbre

A voting member of the Council of New Phlan and "good friend" of Markos Mondaviak.


The Folbres, headed by the young and very handsome Aldron Folbre, have been in the Moonsea region for a mere 20 years and are still considered newcomers in some quarters, but they are very rich. Aldron is a serious and ambitious businessman, a combination that has brought him considerable profits since he took over the family business on his father’s death. Though some say his wealth is coming too easily, he is a very likeable person and is on friendly terms with members of both the Mondaviak and Cadorna families. One of his best friends is the young heir, Markos Mondaviak, and the two are often seen together hunting, hawking, or engaging in any of the other activities that amuse rich fops.

Aldron is openly gay and is known to have relationships with Grimnir, Squire of Kryptgarten, Jr. Councilman Markos Mondaviak, and Francis Urslingen, son of Councilman Werner von Urslingen. Despite his forcefulness in business dealings, most people agree that he is probably the one on the bottom in such relationships. He has been quietly maneuvering the Council to legalize same-sex relationships for some time.

Aldron Folbre

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