Arasheth Ellindir


Arasheth Ellindir had the misfortune of being born into what was once one of the great and noble houses of the Old Elven Court of Myth Drannor.

When the great city was sacked by the Yugoloth-led Army of Darkness in 714 DR, it was a member of House Ellindir rumored to have betrayed the elves. This unknown individual enabled a small, elite force of daemons into the city and provided the massive horde of yugoloths, ogres, gnolls, goblinoids and giants a means to overrun their defenses.

While the betrayal was never proven, and the evidence provided circumstantial at best – the proof likely buried under the burning rubble of their former home – the damage had been done and House Ellindir was ruined. Members of the house became virtual pariahs among the elves of Cormanthor. Friends and allies distanced themselves and even those that served the Ellindir denied that they had anything to do with the traitorous family.

As the elves have begun to migrate from Faerun to Evermeet, reports of drow and even demonfey have been spotted creeping through the forest have become more increasingly. These serve as constant reminders that Cormanthor no longer belongs to the elves, and that, somehow, the Ellindir had a hand in that.

Despite being born well after the Weeping War had ended, Arasheth was no less immune to the dark stain that marred his family’s reputation. Treated with callous indifference on a good day and outright hostility on a bad one, Arasheth completed his arcane studies and left both his home and his name behind. Referring to himself simply as ‘Ash’, Arasheth now journeys to uncover the truth and restore his family’s honor among his people.


For any member of the Ellindir house, to show mercy to a foe is proof of their family’s weakness and willingness to work with an enemy. Thus, what is often mistaken for bloodlust in the Ellindir is actually a fear of being percieved as having compromised one’s loyalties and principles.


As a wizard, Ash uses a signet ring (worn about his neck) as his arcane focus. The silver ring bears the Ellindir family crest with a deep gouge scored across it.


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Arasheth Ellindir

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