Bishop Braccio of Tyr

Head of the church of Tyr in the Moonsea region and Ex-officio member of the Council of New Phlan.


The head of the church of Tyr in the Moonsea region and leader of the religious community in Phlan, Bishop Baccio is an ex-officio member of the Council, advising the council on legal matters and voting only in the case of a tie among the sitting council members (a rare occurrence since the creation of the seventh council seat for Marquis Grimnir). As head of the Tyrran church, he also acts as judge for all legal proceedings within the ‘civilized’ sections of New Phlan. In addition to the political clout afforded by his station, he has become quite rich off of the parochial holdings of the Phlan bishopric, and stands to become even wealthier if the old temple and its associated lands are restored.

Bishop Braccio has been known to play it a bit “loose” with the Tyrran doctrine that forbids priests to make or change laws, and has exercised his ex-officio power to cast tie-breaking votes on many important matters. He is usually accompanied and aided by one of more of the Nuns from the Tyrran temple, most notably Sister Theymr and Sister Erol.

The Bishop is in his mid 50s, quite stout, and with a thick red beard (just starting to go white) that any viking raider would be proud of. Rumors state that in his youth, Braccio was a great bounty hunter, tracking down infamous lawbreakers throughout the Moonsea and using the wealth of those bounties to raise his status in the church.

Bishop Braccio of Tyr

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