Brother Rant Harmell of Tyr

A priest of Tyr and former Harper agent.


Winona to Lyra:
“Oh, and it’s no shame if you like Rant. He was quite the dashing fellow when he was younger…international spy and all that.” She pats Lyra not-so-reassuringly on the knee. “And never you mind about religious vows or any nonsense like that. It would be unjust to deny someone the opportunity to love.” She winks. “People get all sorts of crazy ideas about Lord Tyr, and I don’t know where from…”

The priestess blinks, apparently having a hard time pulling her eyes off the book. “Rant? Oh, dearie, he’s one of those who harp. You know, a meddler, as most of the people up here call them. I’m not sure where he’s from originally, somewhere down south clearly, but he was up here spying on the Zhents. He apparently was working with the tribes north of the mountains, Eraka they call ‘em, trying to train them to defend themselves against the Zhentarim extremists, and got converted to the worship of Lord Grimjaws—that’s what they call Tyr up there. Apparently he went full-tilt in his worship too, even getting into spirit summoning and other primitive nonsense like that. Quite the guy Rant, tends to throw himself headfirst into everything. So he converts, and then those who harp hear about it and re-assigned him to Phlan, so that he could get a proper education in the faith from Bishop Braccio. He gets a lot more autonomy than many of us here—some special arrangement between the Bishop and the meddlers. The Bishop hires him out as a body-guard sometimes, mostly to councilmembers when they are traveling, and he’s been on duty over at Half-a-Loaf in the slums for the last month or so, but mostly he’s free to come and go as he pleases…and is probably still keeping watch on Zhent sympathizers like Aumry and Mace.”


Insider Info

Race: Human
Class: Harper 5th / Shaman 2nd (Dual-classed)
Homeland: Elversult
Kit: Warder
Religion: Tyr
Shaman Totem: Black Raven
Alignment: Lawful Good

Str 15
Dex 13
Con 13
Int 15
Wis 16
Cha 14


Modern Languages (Common) [B] 15 Danger Sense [B] 17
Modern Languages (Shadow Cant) [B] 15 Healing [B] 14
Sign Language (Harpspeak) [B] 17 Alertness [B] 17
Reading/Writing (Common) [B} 16 Tumbling [B] 13
Ancient History (Harpers) [B] 14 Swimming [B] 15
Survival (Forests) [B] 15 Jumping [B] 15
Endurance [B] 13 Defensive Tactics 14
Tracking [B] 10 Street Sense 14
Religion [B] 16 Reading Lips 13
Law [B] 16 Shamanic Rituals 17
Blind-Fighting [B] NA Cooking 15
Local History (Phlan) [B] 14 Light Sleeping 12
Local History (Dragon Coast) [B] 14 Mountaineering NA
Modern Languages (Erakic) 15 Burial Customs 15
Modern Languages (Daraktan) 15 Languages (Telpi) [B] 15
Modern Languages (Tharian) 15

Weapon Proficiencies:
Footman’s Mace (Specialized)
Weapon and Shield Style Master
Clubbing Weapons Group
Spears Group

Brother Rant Harmell of Tyr

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