Caerwyn Tyr

"Many fear what they don't understand, and my life is...complicated."


Caerwyn’s story starts on an operating table, having life breathed back into his corpse by a series of potions and chemicals. As his body started to twitch, the alchemist hustling around nearby was ecstatic that his tests on resurrection were finally working; he had been paying a small fortune to the local mortician for his test subjects. On the other hand, he was mortified that of his subjects it had resurrect the Dark Elf, for their race was well known to be extraordinarily cruel and violent. Despite his usual safeguards, it soon became clear that any memory of the Drow’s former life had been wiped away by the potions, and after some conversation the alchemist agreed to let the Elf stay on temporarily as his assistant.

This arrangement continued for some time. Caerwyn helped the old gnome around his lab in Daggerdale and kept out of sight when customers came to the shop, lest the sight of a Dark Elf drive them into a panic. He studied what he could from the practiced alchemist, and occasionally disguised himself to go out at night and gather herbs in the woods. Overall, he led a fairly solitary life.

One day while working in the lab Caerwyn heard voices in the shop above. He glanced at one of the gnome’s scrying mirrors to see a group of dark clad men enter the building and approach the alchemist. They said word had reached their organization that a particular Dark Elf they sought was spotted in the area, and their superiors would pay handsomely to find him. When the gnome continuously denied Caerwyn’s existence, one of the men drew a dagger, ordered the others to search the shop, and slashed the old gnome through the heart.

Watching his mentor cut down in cold blood awoke something in Caerwyn, a white heat in his vision he couldn’t control. Grabbing a surgical scalpel he bounded up the stairs to the shop, burst through the false wall that hid the lab, and buried his blade in the neck of the man who had killed his friend. The next few minutes were a dance of death, exchanges of blows and blood, sweat and steel. The fight ended with Caerwyn slumped in a corner of the shop, breathing heavy, as the last of the dark men lay dying across from him.

Caerwyn couldn’t grasp how his body knew to fight like it had, precise strokes that cut through flesh like butter. Realizing the townsfolk would soon investigate the noise they had caused, Caerwyn quickly gathered some supplies from the gnome’s lab and readied himself to escape the town. He was relieving the dead men of their valuables and a couple quality weapons when he found a letter written in a strange language he could somehow understand. It spoke of him in detail, noting habits and mannerisms to look for that he thought known only to himself. His head spinning with questions, Caerwyn said a quick prayer over the gnome’s fallen body and left the shop out the back.

The next few years moved forward in a blur. Caerwyn found ways to disguise his heritage from others, and not being seen as a monster helped his situation considerably. He used the basic alchemy skills he had learned to eak out a living, but after a few cases of bad luck he first tried selling his services as an assassin. Discovering he was particularly good at it, and shocked at the coin it brought in, he decided a blend of the two careers worked best to keep him ahead of the law and with food in his belly.

Once connected to the Thieve’s Guild and established in the underground community he could be more choosy with his assassination contracts. He started specializing in offing corrupt government officials and royalty who used their positions of power to oppress, harm others, and act outside the law. He didn’t know where his raw abilities had sprung from, but he figured he would use them to better the lives of the common folk.

Despite his improved situation, something in the back of Caerwyn’s mind urged him to never stay in one location too long. He would occasionally feel eyes on his back as his passed, notice shadows duck out of sight down alleys, or find his personal belongings in slightly different positions from where he left them. He never forgot the dark men that killed his mentor, the strange letter that only he could decipher, or the organization that had seemed so keen to find him.


Race: Dark Elf
Homeland: Daggerdale
Class: Shadow Walker
Kit: Stalker
Alignment: Neutral Good
Religion: None
Level: 4th
Experience: 11,745 (ready to level)
Next Level: 10000
Max Level: 13

Ability Scores

STR 11 Stamina 8 Weight 30
Muscle 13 Max Press 140lbs, Open Doors +7, Bend Bars/Lift Gates 5%)
DEX 15 Aim 14
Balance 15 Defense +1
CON 13 Health 9 System Shock 65%
Fitness 16 HP Adj + 2, Res Change 96%
INT 16 Reason 14 Max Spell Level 7, Max Spells / Level 19
Knowledge 17 Bonus Proficiancies 6, +3 Paths, 75% to Learn Spell
WIS 12 Intuition 11
Willpower 12
CHA 13 Leadership 13 Max Henchmen 5
Appearance 13 NPC Reaction -1


  • Initiative: +0
    • Quickness 15 = -2
  • Surprise: -1 (Shoes)
    • Elf Passive, -4 if alone or with other stealthy characters
    • Alertness 13 = -1
  • NPC Reaction: -4 (additional -4 vs. Elves)
    • Elf Manifestation, +3, draws attention
    • Cannot rise above 0

Combat Statistics

  • HP: 25
  • AC: 7 (Leather + Balance)
    • Bracers: -1 for first attack/round
    • Tumble 15, -4, can’t attack
  • BAB: +1
  • Saves: (If attack is targeted and can be dodged, -1 to save)
    • Paralyzation/Poison/Death: 13
    • Rod/Staff/Wand: 11
    • Petrification/Polymorph: 12
    • Breath Weapon: 16
    • Spells: 12


Weapon Number of Attacks Attack Bonus Dmg Dmg (L) Speed Range Special
Short Sword 1 +2 1d6 1d8 3 N/A
Short Sword (backstab) 1 +8 1d6 x2 1d8 x 2 3 Negate the target’s shield and Dex bonuses. Attack 20+ maxes weapon damage
Short Bow 2/1 +3 1d6 +1 1d6 +1 7 50/100/150 Alt: Armor Piecing. Ignores 2AC armor, 1d4+2 damage
Dagger 1 +1 1d4 1d4 2 10/20/30 N/A
  • Close-Quarters Fighting 15 = +2 Attack (melee) in dungeons/hallways
  • Dirty Fighting 16 = +1 Attack (melee) once/fight

Thief Skills

PP -10% HS 60%
OL -15% HN 60%
F/RT 5% CW 0%
MS 80% RL -15%

Non-Weapon Proficiencies

Proficiency Score Outcome
Alertness 13 Surprised -1
Ambush 16 Can set ambushes in uncommon locations
Camouflage 12 Invisible in nature, +40% Hide in Shadows, -1 Surprise
Close-Quarters Fighting 15 +2 Att in dungeons/hallways
Dirty Fighting 16 +1 attack 1/fight
Disguise 12 Look like another person, -7 for different race
Etiquette 13 Know proper behavior for specific circumstances (titles, behavior, etc)
Information Gathering 18 Knows local rumors (passive), specific info 1d10gp
Intimidation 13 Frighten NPC into cooperating
Observation 16 Notice small details, irregularities
Quickness 15 -2 Initiative
Riding, Horse 15 Passive: Vault onto horse, jump 3 tall/12 wide, +6 ft/round for 4 turns, use bows, hang for -6 AC, -4 to jump for melee attack
Speak Language 16 Common, Elvish, Thieve’s Cant, Undercommon, Drow Sign Language, Cormanthan, Tharian
Swimming 11 Can swim
Tracking 11 Follow target (wilderness)
Trailing 15 Follow target (city)
Tumbling 15 +4 AC (can’t attack), half damage falls 60ft, no dam falls 10ft)

Weapon Proficiencies:

  • Short Bow
  • Short Sword

- Special Powers -


  • Backstab: 6 (4 Class, +2 Dalesman) modifier for rear attack and negate the target’s shield and Dexterity bonuses, x2 damage. If the modified attack roll is a 20 or better, the weapon inflicts its maximum damage.
  • Shadow Aura: Upon reaching the 3rd level of experience, a shadow walker is able to raise a semi-magical aura of darkness about his body. This increases his ability to hide in shadows by 25% if the character has at least one round to prepare himself. Once the shadow aura is erected, he can maintain it for a number of rounds equal to his level. This power can be used three times each day.
  • Manifestation: Elves can grant a +3 on NPC Reactions checks (reactions for enemies would be –3), which also draws general attention to the elf.


  • Night Vision: A shadow walker’s can see normally in all but absolute darkness. The range of their night vision is equal to 10 feet per experience level (40 ft).
  • Infravision enables them to see up to 90 feet in darkness.
  • Can track in urban settings, no penalties.
  • Elven characters have 90% resistance to sleep and all charm-related spells.
  • When alone, an elf moves so silently that opponents suffer a -4 penalty to their surprise die rolls. If the elf must open a door or screen to attack, this penalty is reduced to -2.
  • Secret doors (those constructed so as to be hard to notice) and concealed doors (those hidden from sight by screens, curtains, or the like) are difficult to hide from elves. Merely passing within 10 feet of a concealed door gives an elven character a one-in-six chance (roll a 1 on 1d6) to notice it. If actively searching for such doors, elven characters have a one-in-three chance (roll a 1 or 2 on 1d6) to find a secret door and a one-in-two chance (roll a 1, 2, or 3 on 1d6) to discover a concealed portal.
  • Whenever a stalker meets a criminal, there is a 2% chance per level (8% chance) that the stalker recognizes him. This allows the stalker to know the offender’s name, a list of his crimes, and information about where the criminal is wanted.
  • Mundane diseases have only a 50% chance of affecting an elf.
  • They can use any item intended for rogues. They can also use magical items intended for any other class as well, but they suffer a -4 penalty to their initiative roll.
  • When facing an authority figure, a successful Etiquette proficiency check will allow him to escape the fate that might otherwise be assigned to him. The DM may assign penalties based on the situation.
  • Sleep with eyes open, alert.
  • Elves can withstand up to 100°F with only mild discomfort. Likewise, they can remain clad in their usual clothes to a low of the freezing point of water and be only mildly uncomfortable.

Stat Bonuses

  • When using a missile weapon, the Stalker gains a +1 on all attack and damage rolls.
  • When employing a bow, or when using a short or long sword, elves gain a bonus of +1 to their attack rolls.
  • Elves gain 1 bonus non-weapon proficiency slot for every 50 years of life (+2).


  • NPC loyalty and reaction adjustment modifiers established by the character’s Charisma score are always penalties, regardless of whether that ability score is high or low.
  • All other elves hate the drow, and reactions to them are with at least a –4 penalty.
  • All equipment purchased in initial outfitting costs 10% more.
  • Cannot use magical scrolls. Can still copy and learn spells from scrolls.
  • Cannot use a shield or wear any type of metal armor (not even elven chain).
  • Suffers a -3 penalty on all initial NPC reaction rolls.
  • Once a stalker has set out to capture a particular criminal, he does not rest until the hunt is complete. If circumstances make it obvious that the stalker must leave such an undertaking until later, he must make a Willpower check to bring himself to abandon his quarry. Even if this roll is successful, the stalker is so agitated by this unfinished business that he suffers a -2 penalty on all d20 rolls for 1d4+1 weeks.


1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
4 0 0 0 0

Paths Known: 6 (3 from lvl 4 SW + 3 from Knowledge)

The Coward’s Path

The Misty Road
The Path of Darkness
The Path of Deception
The Path of Shadows

The Shapeshifter’s Path
The Thief’s Path
The Timekeeper’s Road
The Trickster’s Path
The Veiled Path

Spell Book:

  • 1st level:
  • Prepared Spells:
    • 1st:

Advancement Notes

Armor Allowed:

  • Studded Leather or lighter

Weapons Allowed:

  • Small, one-handed Melee weapons
  • Slings
Level Backstab Damage
1-4 x2
5-8 x3
9-12 x4
13+ x5

Shadow Cloak: When a shadow walker attains the 8th level of experience, he can assume a shadowy form. This makes him invisible (as the spell) in dimly lighted areas and increases his chance to hide in shadows by 50% in other places. As with the shadow aura, this requires one round to manifest and can be maintained for a number of rounds equal to the level of the character. This ability may be employed three times in any 24-hour period.

When wrapped in his cloak of shadows, the character is uncommonly vulnerable to light-based attacks. Any weapon or spell that causes damage via light has a +2 bonus to its effects and causes normal plus half damage. Saving throws the character makes as a result of light-based special attacks have a -2 penalty.

Shadow Form: After he reaches 12th level, a shadow walker becomes truly attuned to shadows and darkness. If he has one round to mentally prepare himself, the character may totally transform himself into an animate shadow. The effects of this power are similar to those of the wraithform spell, except the character is also invisible in all but the brightest light. As with the lesser abilities of this class, the character can maintain this power for a number of rounds equal to his level and can employ this power three times in any 24-hour period.

When in this form, however, the character is very vulnerable to light-based attacks. Any saving throw the character makes against such an attack suffers a -4 penalty. Any attack against the character that causes damage with light inflicts double damage and has a +4 bonus on any applicable attack roll.


33 gp, 0 sp, 0 cp


  • Short Sword
  • Short Bow
  • Daggers (2)
  • Arrows (Flight), 3sp/12
  • Arrows (AP), 6sp/12


  • Leather Armor
  • Bracers


Belt, Money Holds up to 40 coins secretly
Cloak, Gnomish +5% Hide in Shadows
Harness, Wilderness Holds knife, arrows, supplies, etc
Sheath, Wrist. 3sp. Holds hidden dagger
Shoes, Elf +10% Move Silent, +1 surprise



Base Speed: 12

Total Weight of Gear: 24 lbs.

Unencumbered Light Moderate Heavy Severe Max
Weight 0 – 30 lbs. 31-65 lbs. 66-100 lbs. 101-135 lbs. 136-169 lbs. 170 lbs
Movement 12 9 6 5 2 1

Caerwyn Tyr

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