Donal Stormhammer

Dwarven Captain of the ship Valkur's Wake.

The captain, an old, gray-bearded, dwarven merchant named Donal Stormhammer, informed you that as long as you disembark at New Phlan, the council will be paying him ten times his normal passenger fee, so you get a free ride as long as that’s your destination and you give a hand with the lines if a storm blows up.

Nat, the deckhand, and Shaddup the gnome stand nearby, making some small adjustments to the ship’s rigging, while Captain Donal stands in the aft-deck, manning the rudder, with the bitch, Ratcracker, sleeping at his heel.

“A holy vow”, Donal explained, “was not something to take lightly, and not something one does for immediate personal gain, but the vow was made nonetheless.” Donal agreed to train Yass in the ways of their god, and what he knew of the lore of the dead, in exchange for Yass’s working aboard his ship — for no one could serve the Patron of Sailors who had not themselves sailed.

Donal Stormhammer

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