Don't Fail

A member of "The Amazons", an all-girl adventuring party from the south that has been operating in Phlan for some time.


That face reflects how I feel about being the last one to chime in on picking a character…

She’s dressed in traditional Tuareg garb, and has very light face paint. I imagine her to be kind of bored with the constant roughhousing.


The nominal leader of “The Amazons” and only non-human in the group, Kada Ka Kasa (Do Not Fail in her native Thorasta) lives up to her name, in that she does not accept failure under any terms. She is tenacious, resourceful, and a strict task-mistress, and has a very no-nonsense attitude (such that she often gets bored and/or annoyed by the playfulness of her ‘little sisters’). She is 50 years old, twice the age of any of her ‘sisters’, and tends to act like a mother hen at times.


Race: Half-Elf (50 years)
Homeland: Evereska
Class: Transmuter
Kit: Swashbuckler
Alignment: Non-Chaotic, Good
Level: 5th
Experience: 228290
Next Level: 40000
Max Level: 16th

Ability Scores:

Str 13 Stamina 14
Muscle 11
Dex 16 Aim 17 +2 missile adjustment
Balance 15 +1 AC
Con 9 Health 10
Fitness 8
Int 16 Reason 16
Knowledge 15
Wis 14 Intuition 15 +5% experience
Willpower 13
Cha 16 Leadership 18
Appearance 14


  • Initiative: +0
  • Surprise: +0
  • NPC Reaction: +2

Combat Statistics:
Hit Points: 11
Armor Class: 16 (Dex, elven chain)
Base Attack Bonus: +1

  • Paralyzation/Poison/Death: 14
  • Rod/Staff/Wand: 11
  • Petrification/Polymorph: 13
  • Breath Weapon: 15
  • Spells: 12
Weapons # Att Att Bonus Dmg Dmg (L) Speed Range Special
Rapier 1 +4 1d6+1 1d8+1 4 melee
Longbow 2 +5 1d8+2 1d8+2 8 50 / 100 / 170

Thief Skills: (no armor)

PP HS 90%
OL HN 15%
F/RT CW 55%

Non-Weapon Proficiencies: General, Rogue, Wizard

Modern Languages (Common) 16 Air-borne Riding 12
Modern Languages (Espruar) 16 Spellcraft 14
Modern Languages (Thorasta) 16 Dancing 16
Modern Languages (Tharian) 16 Mental Warmth 16
Reading/Writing (Common) 17 Etiquette 16
Signature Spell (Storm’s Frozen Moment) NA Heraldry 16
Signature Spell (Fire Arrows) NA Tumbling 16
Order of the Light NA

Weapon Proficiencies:
Fencing Blades Group

Special Powers:

*A specialist can memorize and cast one additional spell per spell level, provided the additional spell is taken in the specialist’s school. Thus, a 1st-level illusionist could have two spells-one being any spell he knows and the other limited to spells of the illusion school.

  • Because specialists have an enhanced understanding of spells within their school, they receive a +1 bonus when making saving throws against those spells when cast by other wizards. Likewise, other characters suffer a -1 penalty when making saving throws against a specialist casting spells within his school.
  • Specialists receive a bonus of +15% when learning spells from their school and a penalty of -15% when learning spells from other schools. The bonus or penalty is applied to the percentile dice roll the player must make when the character tries to learn a new spell.
  • When a specialist wizard attempts to create a new spell (using the rules given in the DMG), the DM should count the new spell as one level less (for determining the difficulty) if the spell falls within the school of the specialist.
  • Starting at 5th level, a wizard’s lifespan is extended by his constant exposure to the arcane. The wizard’s maximum lifespan increases by an amount equal to five times his level. He still suffers the effects of aging at the same rate as other members of his race. This can be further extended through the use of certain spells and magic items.
  • When wielding a weapon from the Fencing Blades group, the Swashbuckler uses the attack bonus of a warrior of his level, regardless of his class.
  • A Swashbuckler is extremely nimble and hard to hit. When he’s wearing leather or lighter armor, or no armor, a Swashbuckler receives a +2 bonus to his AC. This increases to +3 if he is wielding a Fencing Blade that he has specialized in.
  • The Swashbuckler is such a romantic figure that he always receives a +3 adjustment on his reaction roll from NPC members of the opposite sex.
  • If he wishes, the Swashbuckler, like the Noble can live with his relations indefinitely, enjoying a life of ease and luxury. Even when not living with relatives, the swashbuckler can choose to accept a stipend of 10gp per level each month from his family. Many noble families are none too pleased by the foppish behavior of their children, and swashbucklers could be disinherited, or lose their financial aid, by their kin if they overly abuse their privileges.
  • All Evereskans are entitled to a +2 bonus on their attack rolls when using any bow. Also, any bonus they receive on their attack roll because of a high Dexterity score is applied to the character’s damage roll.
  • No matter where in the Western Heartlands these characters are from, their mule-headed stubbornness serves them well. All Western Heartland characters gain a +1 bonus to disbelieve illusions (saving throw vs. spell) and a +1 saving throw bonus against fear.
  • A character from Evereska receives a +4 bonus to any saving throw that he must make when attacked by a creature of the Ethereal or Astral Plane. If the character is actually traveling in one of those mystical places, this bonus applies to all saving throws made there.
  • Half-elven characters have a 30% resistance to sleep and all charm-related spells.
  • Half-elven infravision enables them to see up to 60 feet in darkness.
  • Secret or concealed doors are difficult to hide from half-elves, just as they are from elves. Merely passing within 10 feet of a concealed door (one hidden by obstructing curtains, etc.) gives the half-elven character a one-in-six chance (roll a 1 on 1d6) of spotting it. If the character is actively seeking to discover hidden doors, he has a one-in-three chance (roll a 1 or 2 on 1d6) of spotting a secret door (one constructed to be undetectable) and a one-in-two chance (roll a 1, 2, or 3 on 1d6) of locating a concealed door.
  • If the character’’s cloak or mail is lost or destroyed, it can be replaced at a cost of 500 gold pieces (assuming the character returns to Evereska to make the purchase). Dungeon Masters should take care to ensure that the previous special ability is not abused. For example, an unscrupulous player might want to sell these valuable magical items or purchase them for other members of his party. Such behavior simply will not be tolerated by the elves of Evereska.


  • Any character who attempts to turn undead within 60 feet of an adventurer from the Evereska suffers a -2 penalty.
  • Whenever a character from Evereska is called upon to make a saving throw against any spell from the school of Necromancy, he suffers a -2 penalty. The same penalty applies to any saving throw required because of an attack by an undead creature.
  • As a noble, and something of a fop, a swashbuckler only buys the highest quality goods. He must spend 125% of the normal price on all weapons and armor, and 200% on clothing.
  • Trouble seeks out the Swashbuckler. This is something that the DM will have to play very carefully. When there’s another Swashbuckler around, intent on proving that he’s the best swordsman in the world, it’s the PC Swashbuckler he settles upon and challenges. When a certain young lady is being pursued by the king’s guards, who are intent on stopping her from revealing secrets in her possession, it is the Swashbuckler she stumbles across when fleeing. When a prince is too drunk to attend his own coronation, miraculously he looks just like the Swashbuckler. Life conspires to make things difficult for the Swashbuckler, and the DM should always throw just a little more good-natured bad luck at these characters than at any other.

Transmuter Spells: as 5th-level Wizard

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
4 + T + S 2 + T + S 1 + T

Forbidden Schools: Abjuration, Necromancy
Paths: Archer’s Path, Artificer’s Path, Shining Road, Silver Road, Timekeeper’s Road, Road to Success

Spellbook: Max 22 spells per spell level

  • 1st: Accuracy, Arrowflight [T], Circle, Compass, Detect Phase, Flare, Light [T], Mending [T], Moonglow [T], Sidhelian Bow, Storm’s Frozen Moment [T, S]
  • 2nd: Charge [T], Continual Light [T], Deeppockets [T], Fire Arrows [T, S], First Strike [T], Ithra’s Spelltouch, Moon Rune [T], Seeking, Slowspell [T], Sundazzle, Vicissitude
  • 3rd: Alternate Reality [T], Blink [T], Boon of Fortune [T], Dedication [T], Flame Arrow, Item [T], Modron Mind [T], Moonglow Symbol [T], Slow [T], Sunscorch, Venom Bolt
  • Prepared Spells:
    • 1st: Accuracy, Compass, Flare, Mending, Storm’s Frozen Moment x2
    • 2nd: Fire Arrows x2, Slowspell, Vicissitude
    • 3rd: Blink, Venom Bolt

Order of the Light Spells: as 5th-level Priest

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
3 2

Spell List:

  • 1st level: Shepherd, Bestow, Blessed Hammer, Holy Shield
  • 2nd level: Holy Bolt, Sacrifice, Vengeance
  • Prepared Spells:
    • 1st: Bestow x3
    • 2nd: Holy Bolt, Sacrifice

Advancement Notes

Armor Allowed:

  • Elven Chainmail only. Bracers only.

Weapons Allowed:

  • Fencing Blades Group, Slings Group, Bows Group, Dart, Knife, Quarterstaff
  • Must spend an additional proficiency slot on ‘Order of the Light’ every 3 levels.
  • At 8th level, the Transmuter gains a +1 bonus to saving throws vs. petrification and polymorph. This increases to +2 at 11th level. This stacks with his bonus against all transmutation spells.
  • Once he reaches 9th level, a wizard can pen magical scrolls and brew potions. He can construct more powerful magical items only after he has learned the appropriate spells (or works with someone who knows them).


  • Longbow
  • Rapier
  • Spellbook
  • Earplugs
  • Embroidered Robe
  • Silk Keffiyeh
  • Leather Shoes
  • Elven Chainmail
  • Cloak of Elvenkind
  • ring of fire resistance (ring)
  • Lore Ring (ring)
  • Scroll of Animal Growth
    • This scroll works the same as the spell cast by a 10th-level druid. It causes up to eight animals to grow to twice their normal size, doubling Hit Dice, hit points, and damage.
  • Quiver w/ 36 Wood-Biter Arrows of Screaming
    • When this missile is fired, it emits an ear-shattering scream that deafens all beings within 30 feet of its flight path for 1d4+2 rounds—including the archer, unless protected. In addition, those affected drop everything and cover their ears during the melee round in which the arrow is in flight. Any Spellcasters lose their concentration, so all spells to be cast during this time are lost.
  • Liquid Road
    • When sprinkled on water, swampland, quicksand, or a similar surface, liquid road causes the terrain to harden to the density of granite, enabling easy passage. Liquid road is also effective in negating the effects of spells such as transmute rock to mud. The liquid road stays hard for one hour, after which the terrain returns to its original state. One flask of liquid road can harden a 5- by 5-foot surface (for example, a path 25 feet long and 1 foot wide).

52gp 15sp

Don't Fail

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