Elissa Bivant

A shrewd young noblewoman of 15 years, maneuvering to upset the current patriarchal structure of the Phlan Council.


[1361 DR]
A seat on the council is reserved for House Bivant, the last extant noble house of Old Phlan. The last surviving heir of House Bivant is Elissa, a girl of fourteen years and ward of Ulrich Eberhard. She stands to inherit considerable wealth (House Bivant owns several gem mines in Damara and Vaasa) when she marries and has been actively courted by both Markos and Rudolfo Mondaviak, and by Porphyrys Cadorna. For now Master Eberhard has command of House Bivant’s resources and has been tapping them heavily to pay the many adventurers operating in New Phlan.

Elissa recently accepted a proposal of marriage from Junior Councilman Markos Mondaviak, after the latter arranged for a Council vote which allowed Lady Bivant to claim her family’s old seat on the Council. The two were wed at Kryptgarten Keep and are close allies of the Squire of Kryptgarten and his friends.

[Update 1362 DR]

Now the current Council Chair, this shrewd young girl of only 15 is heir to the last extant noble house of old Phlan. She commands considerable wealth from her family’s gem mines in Damara and Vaasa, and puts up quite a bit of it to personally bankroll for the bounties posted by the Council. She was married to Junior Councilman, Markos Mondaviak last year, in a ceremony overseen by the Marquis Grimnir, her closest ally on the Council.

It is rumored that Elissa has contracted one of Phlan’s many adventuring parties, The Amazons, to serve as her personal agents and enforcers in her machinations against the rest of the Council.

Elissa Bivant

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