Enzebal the Enchanter

A fat, brown-robed wizard, who is perhaps more than a little insane...




Race: Human
Homeland: Chessenta
Class: Wild Mage
Kit: Hedge Wizard
Alignment: Chaotic
Level: 3rd
Experience: 5775
Next Level: 9000
Max Level: Unlimited

Ability Scores:

Str 7 Stamina 8
Muscle 6
Dex 14 Aim 13
Balance 15
Con 15 Health 14
Fitness 15
Int 18 Reason 18
Knowledge 17
Wis 16 Intuition 15
Willpower 17
Cha 12 Leadership 15
Appearance 8

Combat Statistics:

Hit Points: 11
Armor Class: 11
Base Attack Bonus: +0

  • Paralyzation/Poison/Death: 14
  • Rod/Staff/Wand: 11
  • Petrification/Polymorph: 13
  • Breath Weapon: 15
  • Spells: 12
Weapons # Att Att Bonus Dmg Dmg (L) Speed Range Special
Serrated Angon 1 -1 1d6+1 1d10 8 melee two-handed, P/S
Sling 1 +0 1d4 1d6 6 50 / 100 / 200 silver

Thief Skills:

OL HN 15%
F/RT CW 50%

Non-Weapon Proficiencies: General, Wizard

Modern Languages (Common) 18 Land-based Riding 19
Modern Languages (Chessic) 18 Recharge 14
Modern Languages (Untheric) 18 Hypnotism 10
Modern Languages (Chondathan) 18 Elemental Resistance 15
Modern Languages (Dethek) 18 Mental Warmth 12
Reading/Weiting (Common) 19 Anatomy 16
Ancient History (Chondathan) 17 Spellcraft 16
Survival (Plains) 18
Animal Handling 15
Animal Lore 18
Alchemy 16

Weapon Proficiencies:

Special Powers:

  • Chessentans launch themselves into tasks with such inspiring zeal and drive that it is almost frightening. To reflect this single-minded intensity, a Chessentan gains a +1/-1 bonus (whichever is appropriate) to all die rolls (attack, damage, initiative, surprise, proficiency checks, saving throws, etc).
  • Any spell cast by a Chessentan spellcaster has its casting time halved, with uneven results being rounded up. For example, a magic missile spell still has a casting time of 1, but a lightning bolt has a casting time of 2 (instead of its normal 3).
  • A hedge wizard can create antidote for any poison. Brewing takes up to a day (assuming materials are available). The brew remains effective for three days per level of the wizard. Its chance of successfully countering a poison is 40% (+ 5% per wizard’s level).
  • Due to their ability to learn the nature of strange creatures, hedge wizards gain a +2 on all saving throws vs. any attack from a mutated animal with whose source stock the mage is familiar. This includes gigantic versions of species (like giant hamsters) to ones magically enhanced (like winter wolves).
  • A hedge wizard can find food in even the most barren of environments. In a 24-hour period, a hedge wizard can find enough food to feed himself and a number of people equal to his level.
  • Due to their experience in unusual environments (and perhaps some experimentation on themselves), a hedge wizard suffers no penalties, damage, or other restrictions in environments of extreme cold. These immunities apply to natural conditions only, not against spells or attacks that use heat or cold.
  • Once per week, a hedge wizard can cast a special good fortune spell on himself and a number of people equal to his level; the effect of good fortune lasts for a number of turns equal to his level. All opponents have a -1 penalty on their chance to hit when attacking those under the effect of good fortune. This ability is innate; a hedge wizard is not required to memorize good fortune, nor does it count against his daily spell limit.
  • Wild mages receive a bonus of +10% when learning new wild magic spells and a -5% penalty when learning other spells. Because wild magic is somewhat “fast and loose,” wild mages can research new spells as if they were one level less difficult, decreasing the amount of time and money needed to create new spells.
  • The wild mage has a 50% chance of controlling a wand of wonder, allowing him to use charges from the wand to cast any spell he already knows (but does not need to have memorized). The number of charges used by the wand is equal to the number of levels of the spell desired. If the attempt fails, only one charge is used and a random effect is generated.
  • The wild mage can control the following items 50% of the time, thereby allowing him to select the result or item instead of relying on chance: amulet of the planes, bag of beans, bag of tricks, deck of illusions, deck of many things, and the well of many worlds.
  • To determine the level at which the spell is cast, the player must roll 1d20 at the moment the spell is cast. The variation of a spell’s power has no permanent effect on the mage’s experience level or casting ability. If the result of the d20 roll is equal to the wild mage’s level (3), the caster has inadvertently created a wild surge in addition to the spell’s effects.
Roll Modified Caster Level
1 1st level
2-7 2nd level
8-13 3rd level
14-19 4th level
20 5th level


  • Chessentans, despite the intensity that they invest into their tasks, are also a chaotic, almost crazy group of people. It takes them slightly longer to assimilate their experience, so they use the paladin/ranger experience point table for level advancement, regardless of class.
  • It is said that only a fool trusts a Chessentan. The stigma associated with Chessentans is reflected in a Chessentan’s inability to acquire a henchman. No matter how high the character’s Charisma score, no henchman will ever agree to follow or serve him. In addition, the character’s loyalty base and reaction adjustment scores (as determined by his Charisma score) are always negative.
  • Because of their callous view of life, a hedge wizard may never use the find familiar spell, nor attract a familiar by any other means.
  • Exposure to harsh climates, bizarre creatures, and strange magics gives the hedge wizard an unusual appearance, such as a tough, leathery skin or a head-to-toe covering of short, coarse hair. Because of his appearance and strange manner, a hedge wizard suffers a -2 reaction penalty from all NPCs, save other hedge wizards.
  • All druids despise hedge wizards because of their experimentation on nature and will never have anything better than a Cautious reaction.
  • Just as their studies provide them with natural immunities to certain environmental extremes, all hedge wizards suffer penalties when exposed to environments radically different from those to which they have inured themselves. A hedge wizard who is resistant to cold environments suffers a -1 penalty on all d20 rolls when in environments with temperatures above 100 degrees F.

Wild Mage Spells: as 3rd-level Wizard

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
2 + W 1 + W

Specialist School: Wild Magic
Forbidden Schools: Abjuration
Paths: Wild Road, Path of the Merlane, Enchanter’s Path, Path of Stars, Road of the Dead, Path of Twins

  • Spellbook:
    • 1st: Charm Person, Command Undead, Corpselight, Corpsevisage, Dancing Lights, Enhance Trait, Fire Burst, Hornung’s Guess [W], Nahal’s Reckless Dweomer [W], Reflected Image, Slingstar
    • 2nd: Hornung’s Baneful Deflector [W], Calder’s Starry Sky, Chaos Shield [W], Everwatching Skull, Fire Shuriken, Flaming Sphere, Infratorch, Mirror Image, Nahal’s Nonsensical Nullifier [W], Protection vs. Charm, Rainfire, Resist Turning, Speak with Dead, Unbridle the Wild Beast

Prepared Spells:

  • 1st: Command Undead, Fireburst, Nahal’s Reckless Dweomer
  • 2nd: Hornung’s Baneful Deflector, Flaming Sphere

Advancement Notes

  • Allowed Weapons: Dagger, Dart, Knife, Quarterstaff, Sling, Spears Group, Bows Group
  • Weapon proficiencies every 6 levels.
  • Non-weapon proficiency every 3 levels.
  • Starting at 5th level, a wizard’s lifespan is extended by his constant exposure to the arcane. The wizard’s maximum lifespan increases by an amount equal to five times his level. He still suffers the effects of aging at the same rate as other members of his race. This can be further extended through the use of certain spells and magic items.
  • At 7th level, the hedge wizard can brew magical potions, according to the rules in the Dungeon Master’s Guide.
  • Once he reaches 9th level, a wizard can pen magical scrolls. He can construct more powerful magical items only after he has learned the appropriate spells (or works with someone who knows them).


Enzebal the Enchanter

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