Eöl Egalmoth Darkfriend

A dark and sinister fey Waterdhavian draped in crimson, midnight and venom. Obsessed with the occult, he found purchase as a mercenary, warring across the outer-planes, studying and slaying the Fiends.


Fiend Slayer Notes Special Weekly Vow: Flagellation. Plane of Expertise: Hades. Race of Begrudging: Hags

Race: Elf
Homeland: Waterdeep
Age: 162
Class: Fighter / Mage
Kit: Fiend Slayer
Alignment: Neutral
Religion: Shar
Level: 6th / 6th
Experience: 45,743 / 45,743
Next Level: 64,000 / 60,000
Max Level: 9th / Unlimited

Ability Scores:

Ability Score Adjustment: +1 Balance, +1 Reason, -1 Fitness (Elf) +1 Knowledge (Waterdeep) +2 Appearance (DoVMT King of Clubs) +1 Health, +1 Fitness (DoVMT Four of Hearts).

Stamina 11 (13) Weight Allowance: 55 lbs Movement Bonus +0
Muscle 15 Max Press 170 lbs Attack +0 Damage +0 Feat of Strength 26%
Aim 11 Missile Attack +0
Balance 15 Surprise +0 AC +1
Health 17 System Shock 91% Poison Save +0 PSPs +2 Regeneration 0
Fitness 17 (19) Resurrection 100% Hit Points +5 / level
Reason 10 Max Spell Level 5th Max Spells/Level 13 PSPs +0 Illusion Immunity: none
Knowledge 15 Bonus Profs +4 Bonus Paths +2 Learn Spell 65%
Intuition 9 Spell Failure 20% Bonus Runes 0 Bonus Spells 0 Earned XP +0%
Willpower 5 Mental Save -1 PSPs +0 Spell Immunity: none
Leadership 15 Max Henchmen: 7 NPC Loyalty +3
Appearance 13 NPC Reactions +1

Note: 5 points of Willpower have been lost to Fiend Slayer leveling.

Ability Score Reassignment (DoVMT Queen of Hearts):

Ability Score Adjustment: +1 Fitness, +1 Willpower (Ark’lemen’s Special Brew)

Stamina 11 (13) Weight Allowance: 55 lbs Movement Bonus +0
Muscle 10 Max Press 90 lbs Attack +0 Damage +0 Feat of Strength 7%
Aim 5 Missile Attack -1
Balance 17 Surprise +2 AC +3
Health 15 System Shock 85% Poison Save +0 PSPs +0 Regeneration 0
Fitness 14 (16) Resurrection 94% Hit Points +2 / level
Reason 15 Max Spell Level 7th Max Spells/Level 21 PSPs +0 Illusion Immunity: none
Knowledge 11 Bonus Profs +2 Bonus Paths +1 Learn Spell 45%
Intuition 10 Spell Failure 15% Bonus Runes 0 Bonus Spells 0 Earned XP +0%
Willpower 16 Mental Save +2 PSPs +1 Spell Immunity: none
Leadership 17 Max Henchmen: 10 NPC Loyalty +6
Appearance 15 NPC Reactions +3


  • NPC Reaction: +3
    Notes: -3 Penalty to evil-aligned extraplanar creatures, and Calishites. Waterdhavian, -2 penalty to ‘Rustic persons’.
  • Surprise: +2
  • Initiative: +0
  • Movement: 12

Combat Statistics:
Hit Points: 31/36
Fatigue: 33/33
*Armor Class:
10 + ( Plate +8) (Bal. +3)

Equipped: He Carries Many Scars
|Field plate +8 +8 +9 +11 |
|At 25% HP +12 +12 +13.5 +16.5 |

Base Attack Bonus: +5


  • Paralyzation/Poison/Death: 11
  • Rod/Staff/Wand: 9
  • Petrification/Polymorph: 11
  • Breath Weapon: 13
  • Spells: 10
  • Fear: 10
  • Horror: 12
  • Madness: 16

Notes: Mental Save +1

Weapons # Att Att Bonus Dmg Dmg (L) Speed Range Special
Long Sword 3/2 +6 1d8+2 1d12+2 5 0 Spec.
Short Sword 3/2 +6 1d6+2 1d8+2 3 0 Spec.
Dagger 1(2) +5 1d4 1d3 2 (10/20/30) Prof.
We Sleep Together (one-handed) 1 +5 1d8 1d12 6 0 Save vs. poison, Intoxication
We Sleep Together (two-handed) 1 +5 2d4 2d8 8 0 Save vs. poison, Intoxication
Drawn in Spring 3/2 +6 1d6+2 1d8+2 3 0 Magical Weapon, 2d6/2d8 vs. Fiery Creatures
Dart 3 +3 1d3 1d2 2 10 / 20 / 40 Nonprof.
Scourge 1 +3 1d4 1d3 5 0 Used for weekly Self Flagellation therapy

Non-Weapon Proficiencies:

  • Available Groups: Martial, Pastoral, Craft, Academic, Sorcerous, Detection
    • Note: A Waterdhavian is not subject to the doubled slot cost for learning additional non-weapon proficiencies outside his initial groups.
    • Note: -2 Adjustment to all Prof. checks from Waterdeep Homeland.
    • Note: May make a proficiency check to attempt any non-weapon proficiency within the allowed groups for their class even if he does not have the particular non-weapon proficiency, at -4 penalty.

(0/11 Open Slots)

Proficiency Proficiency Score Notes
Modern Languages (Espruar) 11 Elf Bonus
Modern Languages (Northern) 11 Waterdeep Bonus
Ancient Languages (Auld Tharian) 11 1 Slot, F.S. Req.
Modern Languages (Tharian) 11 1 Slot
Literacy 11(+2) Waterdeep Bonus. Wizard bonus.
Local History(Waterdeep) Knowledge 11 (0) Waterdeep Bonus
Ancient History(Moonsea) Knowledge 11 (-1) Fiend Slayer Bonus
Netherworld Knowledge Knowledge 11 (-3) Fiend Slayer Bonus
Occult Lore Knowledge 11 (-3) Fiend Slayer Bonus
Survival (Hades) Reason 15 (0) Fiend Slayer Bonus
Arcane Order N/A 3 slots. Order of the Light
Arcane Order N/A 2 Slots “Order of Bone”
Elemental Resistance Health 13 2 Slots
Two Weapon Style 1 Slot
Musical Instrument (Lyre) Aim (-1)

(2/7 Open Slots)

Weapon Proficiencies:
Blades Broad Group (3 slots)
Long Sword Sp.
Short Sword Sp.
Open Slot 1 Slot (Elf Bonus)
Open Slot 1 Slot (Figher 6th Level)

Arcane Order Caster level 6th

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
4 2

Spell List:
Order of Light

  • 1st level: Shepherd, Bestow, Blessed Hammer, Holy Shield
  • 2nd level: Holy Bolt, Sacrifice, Vengeance

Order of Bone

1st: Amplify Damage, Bone Orb, Reanimate, Teeth
2nd: Corpse Explosion, Poison Inferno, Weaken

  • Prepared Spells:
    • 1st: Bestow, Bestow, Bestow
    • 2nd: Sacrifice, Sacrifice

Wizard Spells: Caster level 6th

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
4 2 2

Paths Known: 0/5 Open Paths + Apprentice’s Path –
The Apprentice’s Path – The Aberrant Path – The Serpent’s Path – The Road of the Dead – The Path of Spiders

The Apprentice’s Path
Schools: Alteration, Evocation, Divination, Conjuration
1st: Cantrip, Conjure Spell Component, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Wizard Mark
2nd: Protection from Cantrips, Sinister Cantrip, Wizard Lock
3rd: Dispel Magic, Jalartan’s Miraculum, Spell Sense, Wizard Sight

The Aberrant Path
Schools: Alteration, Conjuration, Evocation, Abjuration
1st: Adhesion, Grease, Immunity to Adherence
2nd: Hand of Tentacles, Toothed Tentacle
3rd: Acid Lash, Acidic Blast, Brannart’s Acidic Grip, Grease Slick, Protection from Amorphs

The Serpent’s Path
Schools: Alteration, Conjuration, Evocation, Necromancy
1st: Serpent Missile, Snake Charm
2nd: Fang Fist, Fist of the Adder, Protection from Poison, Venom Bite
3rd: Manyjaws, Searing Serpent, Sepia Snake Sigil, Sylune’s Viper

The Road of the Dead
Schools1: Necromancy, Illusion, Alteration, Abjuration
1st: Command Undead, Corpse Visage, Corpselight
2nd: Everwatching Skull, Resist Turning, Speak with Dead
3rd: Augment Undead, Call Undead, Detect the Living, Hovering Skull, Skull Watch, Skulltrap, Undead Control

The Path of Spiders
Schools: Alteration, Conjuration, Abjuration, Necromancy, Evocation
1st: Cling, Drowsy Insects, Protection from Vermin, Spider Climb, Spidereyes
2nd: Immunity to Spider Venom, Improved Spider Climb, Nimode’s Major Delousing, Spider Gout, Summon Swarm, Web
3rd: Arachnophobia

The Path of Missiles
Schools: Evocation, Alteration
1st: Lightning Bug, Magic Missile, Serpent Missile, Shield, Snilloc’s Snowball
2nd: Germidan’s Paralytic Missile, Magic Missile Reflection, Poisonstar, Snilloc’s Cream Pie, Snilloc’s Snowball Swarm
3rd: Erik’s Quills, Improved Magic Missile

  • Spells Learned:
  • 1st level (13 of 13): Read Magic, Detect Magic, Conjure Spell Component, Grease, Command Undead, Magic Missile, Spider Eyes, Spider Climb, Serpent Missile, Lightning Bug, Shield, Drowsy Insects, Immunity to Adherence
  • 2nd level (13 of 13): Speak with Dead, Snilloc’s Snowball Swarm, Snilloc’s Cream Pie, Everwatching Skull, Hand of Tentacles, Toothed Tentacle, Fang Fist, Fist of the Adder, Venom Bite, Wizard Lock, Web, Magic Missile Reflection, Summon Swarm,
  • 3rd level (13of 13): Acid Lash, Acidic Blast, Arachnophobia, Call Undead, Detect the Living, Dispel Magic, Hovering Skull, Manyjaws, Sylune’s Viper, Skull Watch, Skulltrap, Undead Control, Wizard Sight
  • Prepared Spells:
    • 1st (4 of 4): Command Undead Shield, Shield, Spider Climb
    • 2nd (2 of 2): Toothed Tentacle, Web
    • 3rd (0 of 2): Acidic Blast, Sylune’s Viper

Advancement Notes

  • Fiend Detection 3/day
  • Armor Allowed: Any Armor or Shields.
  • Weapons Allowed: Any Weapons



    • He Carries Many Scars (60 lbs)
    • Fold of Ghostlike Cloth (In need of a new sacrifice).
    • Robe of Many Faces (1 lb)
    • Giant’s Blood Boots
    • Darkfriend House Signet Ring
      • “Our crest is a fiendish cat rampant over a skull, femurs, and wizards grimoire on a field of green and black with thirteen stars above…..”
    • Cloak, Mantle
    • Doublet
    • Drawers
    • Garnache
    • Gloves, Leather
    • Gorget
    • Mask, Pantomime
    • Hose
    • Shirt, Linen
    • Tabard
    • Boots, Riding
    • Breeches
    • Belt
    • Gnomish Cloak
    • Backpack, Leather (2 lbs)
      • Wizard’s Grimoire. (3 lbs)
        • Spell Key 1: The Grey Wastes – Enchantment
        • Spell Key 2: The Grey Wastes – ?
        • Spell Key 3: ?
        • Spell Key 4: ?
          **Backpack, frame (5 lbs)
      • Armor Repair Kit (1 lb)
      • 2x Charcoal (bundle, broken into pieces)
      • Pen, Quill
      • Pencil, Lead
      • 3x Bread, Elven (loaf) (1.5 lbs, squished)
      • Wineskin, 1-gallon (1 lb, empty — 9lb if full)
      • Sack, Large (1/2 lb, empty)
      • Candle (broken in half)
      • Whetstone (1 lb)
      • Clipping from Verticillaster, The Druidic Pontiff (1 lb)
      • The Throbbing Skull (3 lbs)
      • Scroll of Forcecage
      • 2 Thorns of Sleep
      • 6x Dagger (6 lbs)
      • Scourge (2 lbs)
      • 8x Darts (4 lbs)
      • Bag of Plumber’s Treasure (1 lb, 1200gp value)
      • Bottle of Whiskey from the High Moors
      • Kērū́keion’s Earring
      • Crow Oku Mask
      • Efreeti Bottle
      • Janni Bottle
      • Pen
      • Ink
      • Parchment (10 sheets)
      • Copper Scroll case
      • Copper Potion case
      • Brass Signet Ring: House Darkfriend
      • Brass Signet Ring: House Dragonsbane
      • Patents of Nobility "Adopted son and heir of one Gareth Dragonsbane, Baron of Bloodstone, King of Vaasa and Damara, Defender of the North.
      • A second Patents of Nobility, penned by Eol, naming Eol’s son “Baron of Bloodstone, King of Vaasa and Damara, Defender of the North in the event of my death.”
      • Gnomish Cloak
      • Eyepatch
      • Glass Eye (with Eldrin Gold Iris)
      • Trousers, Doublet, boots, smallclothes, linen shirt, and great cloak in the charcoal, venom, and blood hues of Houses Darkesbane.
      • Brass cloak chain
      • Backpack Frame
        11gp 4sp 7cp


    Base Speed: 12

    Total Weight of Gear: 121 lbs. (Moderate Load)

    Unencumbered Light Moderate Heavy Severe
    Weight 0 – 55 lbs. 55-93 lbs. 94-131 lbs. 132-169 lbs. 170+ lbs.
    Movement 12 8 6 4 1
    Attack Penalty 0 0 -1 -2 -4
    AC Penalty 0 0 0 -1 -3

    Special Powers:


    • Elven infravision enables them to discern gradients of heat within 60 feet in darkness. In addition, an elf’s keen senses allow him to purchase Detection Proficiencies for the normal cost, regardless of his class.
    • Elven characters are immune to all Sleep and Charm inducing spells. This does not apply to sleep or charm inducing poisons or monster abilities that would require a saving throw type other than a save vs. spells.
    • Elves require only half the amount of sleep compared to a human. An elf needs only four hours to gain the benefit of a full night’s sleep. This applies in terms of both natural healing, and the recovery of spells.
    • Elves, in their expansive lifetimes, tend to pick up a wider variety of skills than their mortal counterparts. An elf begins with 1 bonus weapon proficiency slot and 1 bonus non-weapon proficiency slot. These may be spent as the elf chooses.
    • An elf can gain a bonus to surprise opponents, but only if the elf is not in metal armor. Even then, the elf must either be alone, or with a party comprised only of characters with similar abilities, or 90 feet or more away from his party to gain this bonus. If he fulfills these conditions, he moves so silently that opponents suffer a -4 penalty to their surprise die rolls. If the elf must open a door or screen to attack, this penalty is reduced to -2.
    • Used to living in wild, open lands, and dressing in ridiculously inappropriate clothing and armor, Elves can withstand up to 100°F with only mild discomfort. Likewise, they can remain clad in their usual clothes to a low of the freezing point of water and be only mildly uncomfortable. Below 32°F, they suffer the same ill effects as anyone else, but until that point they feel little different. Above 100°F, they suffer as do others but exhibit no undue stress until that temperature is surpassed. They lose no body water to sweat, nor do they need to lighten their clothing.


    • The fiend slayer can turn evil extraplanar creatures as a Cleric turns undead, treating the fiends as undead of equivalent hit dice. (but see Penalties)
    • The fiend slayer can communicate with all supernatural creatures as if by a comprehend languages spell.
    • Any protective spell cast by a fiend slayer (such as armor, protection from evil, or abjure) reduce damage suffered from attacks by fiends by -1 point of damage per six levels of ability (minimum 0 damage), for the duration of the spell.
    • At the beginning of their careers, fiend slayers must choose to concentrate their studies on one plane in particular: the Abyss, Baatezu, Gehenna, etc. By doing so, they gain certain bonuses with regard to that particular plane or its inhabitants. They receive the Planar Survival proficiency for this plane and a +2 on Netherworld Knowledge checks when seeking knowledge about that plane. Fiend slayers also have an easier time learning how to cast magic properly there (fiend slayers know two random spell keys of their choice at the start, and are allowed one Knowledge check to learn another spell key for every two experience levels attained beyond 1st level). At 11th level, a fiend slayer is considered an expert on subjects related to his chosen plane (equal to a sage). He may choose another plane of existence to specialize in at 15th level.
    • Because of their expertise, fiend slayers gain certain bonuses when dealing with a specific race. This is often a race that the character holds a grudge against, and one which must be native to or common on the plane the fiend slayer has focused on. In combat with this chosen creature, the fiend slayer receives a +1 bonus on all saving throws against attacks made by the race, and the magic resistance of such creatures is lowered by 10% against magical attacks made by the fiend slayer (including summonings, charming attempts, or other castings that the creature would view in as hostile). Creature types include baatezu, gehreleth, mephit, tanar’ri, etc. At 9th level, fiend slayers receive a +2 bonus (total) on saves when attacked by the creatures in question, and the fiend slayer’s spells operate at maximum effectiveness against the creature (those that successfully penetrate the creature’s magic resistance).
    • Fiend Detection: This ability is equal to the 3rd-level priest spell, extra-dimensional detection. This ability can be used once a day for every two levels of experience (round up) and is double-range when the fiend slayer is attempting to detect the type of creature he gets a bonus with.
    • A fiend slayer’s personal mission is extremely dangerous, even by the standards of other adventurers, and they seldom are able to succeed alone. At 9th level, the fiend slayer gains a number of followers, in addition to any he would gain by virtue of his class. He gains two 3rd-level fiend slayers (of the same class as the PC) and 10 1st-level fighters as personal guards and helpers. In addition, any followers the fiend slayer attracts serve out of faith in the fiend slayer’s cause, they will arrive without the need of a stronghold, and require no pay.


    • The people of Waterdeep are immersed from birth in the countless customs of a hundred different cultures. They know the music and songs of Cormyr and hear the stories of Sembia’s heroes. They have a fascination for learning that makes such characters the best of students. In game terms all Waterdhavian characters gain a +1 bonus to their starting Knowledge scores.
    • A Waterdhavian is not subject to the doubled slot cost for learning additional non-weapon proficiencies outside his initial groups. The character must find someone willing to teach him the proficiency; these skills, while more easily learned, cannot simply be “picked up” without an explanation in a campaign.
    • As a Waterdhavian advances in experience, he receives an additional non-weapon proficiency slot with every two levels (regardless of class).
    • In addition, the exposure to so many cultures and ideas makes for quite an expansive base of knowledge. Thus, a Waterdhavian may make a proficiency check to attempt any non-weapon proficiency within the allowed groups for their class even if he does not have the particular non-weapon proficiency. When attempting a nonweapon proficiency in which the character is not proficient, the proficiency check is rolled, but with a -4 penalty assessed against the appropriate ability score. Note that this penalty is cumulative with the normal modifiers for the appropriate proficiency.
    • A Waterdhavian may also select any languages indigenous to the surface Realms, human or otherwise, no matter how exotic.
    • Additionally, each Waterdhavian character “knows someone” in every major city in the Realms. This “someone” is an NPC of 1d4+2 levels of any one character class. This NPC can provide a favor (fence goods, sell stolen goods, provide a hideout from the Watch) for the PC once a month. Any favors beyond that require a favor in return. This NPC will never risk her life for the warrior.


    Elf Unlike all other intelligent races, Elves have no souls. They cannot be Raised, Resurrected, or Reincarnated by any means short of a Wish spell.


    • Fiend slayers suffer from the great expense of their researches, even as compared to other studies. Reference materials are hard to come by, so they must either pay through the nose (at a 200% mark-up) or spend double the time compiling this knowledge. This penalty also applies to any spell research done by a wizard fiend slayer, as well as Training costs and time.
    • The fiend slayer travels constantly in his pursuit of his foes, even to other planes. He may never establish a stronghold, temple, or other permanent dwelling.
    • In order to keep their ability to Turn Fiends, the fiend slay must never associate with evil-aligned extraplanar creatures (this includes such creatures as evil genies and is not limited to fiends) and must uphold one special vow determined by the player (with the DM’s approval). Examples include fasting twice each week, chastity, silence, poverty, or celibacy. Violating these vows does not cause the fiend slayer to lose any other abilities of the kit or his class. Obviously a fiend slayer who fights in the Blood War regularly violates this and lacks the Turn Fiends ability.
    • Fiend slayers are required to slay at least one specimen of their chosen enemy in order to advance each level beyond 7th level (number of Hit Dice equal to the fiend slayer’s level). This must be done each time the fiend slayer receives enough experience points to advance to another level.
    • The fiend slayer is both drawn to dark knowledge and repelled by it; part of him is tainted with corruption though he still resists it. For each level a fiend slayer gains, he must make a saving throw versus death magic. If he fails, he loses a point of Willpower. If his Willpower score drops below 3, he becomes permanently insane (generally as per the mindshatter priest spell).
    • The stench of fiend blood is nearly impossible to cleanse from a body or spirit. As a result fiend slayers suffer a -3 penalty on NPC reactions when dealing with any evil-aligned extraplanar creature. Further, members of the race chosen as their specific fiendish enemy recognize them on sight (which means generally attacking them on sight).


    • All characters from Waterdeep suffer a -2 penalty when checking any proficiency. This doesn’t reflect a lack of skill, only that such characters know so many different things they tend to have gaps in their knowledge. The minutia that another adventurer might have mastered has been known to slip through the cracks because of the informal nature of the training that most folk in Waterdeep receive.
    • As they say, “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing,” and no one personifies this better than a Waterdhavian. There is no danger in using learned skills, but the intuitive proficiencies are dangerous. If the character gets a 20 on a nonweapon proficiency roll when attempting to try a skill he does not know, it is not only a failure, it’s a potentially catastrophic failure. A failed fire-building attempt may set the character himself on fire, while a failed tracking attempt may make the character think he’s tracking an orc, until he finds it is actually a vampire!
    • The Waterdhavian “big city” demeanor is not appreciated by more rural folk. When dealing with NPCs in rustic areas, the Waterdhavian suffers a -2 penalty to reaction rolls. In addition, Calishites are less than impressed with Waterdeep’s extravagant claims. When interacting with Calishites, characters from Waterdeep suffer a -3 penalty to reaction rolls.
    • The great tide of humanity that washes through Waterdeep leaves its mark on every citizen of the city. A person who grows up there has the chance to make friends from all over the world. Unfortunately, the same chance exists to make enemies. When a player wishes to create a character with this kit, he must create a second persona who is that character’s nemesis. The DM is free to dictate any special requirements that will be imposed upon the villainous character, but the player should do the majority of the work involved in creating him. After the player creates the character, the character is turned over to the Dungeon Master and becomes a regular NPC who frequently torments the PC. There is a 5% chance per level of the PC that his rival appears in any given adventure. The rival advances in experience at the same rate as the PC.
  • Bio:

    __His introduction to the occult came one autumn morning, hunting birds in fells outside of the city he was beckoned into a dark hallow by a strangely plumed grouse. Following the magnificent fowl, he encountered the Night Witch Grimmelstül, taking a fair glamour—who seeking a drop of elf’s blood for her spell—fed him sweets, and pricked his finger. " Greetings supple elfling, why do you chance upon my thatch-ed hut? Do you enjoy elven-sweets, child? Come step into my parlor…"

    Following the encounter, Grimmelstül took an interest in the boy, gazing upon him from her foul n’ frothy scrying pool. On many a night, the crone would haunt his dreams, as hags are want to do, wherein she would ride upon his back all night; eat his ears, nose, and fingers; smash his favorite toys, and such. Often, he’d wake screaming, and run for mommy’s bedchamber.

    Finally, Eöl’s fair and wholesome Mother had had enough of his bed-wetting and night terrors. A goodly and somewhat accomplished sorceress in her own right, would not let such a vexation disturb her domestic tranquility. So, the Maven and her knitting circle, after enjoying a well-mannered brunch, followed by their mid-morning tea, rode swiftly to the fells and rooted out the old crone. Restraining the hag was easy. Then, the real fun began. First, they set about bathing, delousing, then shearing ‘Pussface’, her taciturn hell-cat familiar. Once onto her abode, they quickly got to work dusting, scrubbing, and varnishing, putting out new linens, drapes, and so on: A top to bottom, full-on, complementary redecorating! Forcing Grimmelstul to sit and watch her dank, dark, and very vile hovel be turned into a cozy cabin, fit for a charming maiden, was a cheerful exercise. As they beautified and sanctified her abode, they beatified her too. All while giving the Hag the full Waterdhavian spa-treatment; pedicure, manicure, sugar-scrub exfoliation, a very luxurious ‘make-over’, on the spot. While all very satisfying, the day was getting long, and Lady Darkfriend and her bridge-club were expected to be home and preparing dinner for their husbands quite soon. Finally, after changing the locks, and giving the door keys of her rehabbed hut to a family of émigré Brownies, they burnt the old crone and her familiars at the stake and were home in time to take the goose out of the oven.

    What Lady Darkfriend didn’t realize though, was that Grimmelstul had her own child… Watching from the dark nook below an overlarge tree root, as the socialite elven housewives destroyed its home, the child swore an oath of vengeance upon Lady Darkfriend. The child swore to take from her—this comely white witch—what she loved most dearly. The object of that hateful vengeance would be Eöl.

    Like many young, naive home-bound Waterdhavians, he lusted after the legendary Pool of Radiance, a fancy in-vogue at the time. And hence young Eöl spent studying The Moonsea region, and its ancient history; moreover, he picked up both Tharian and Auld Tharian. It was just a ‘passing phase’, as they say.

    Later, sometime during his adolescence, near the midpoint of his wizardly apprenticeship, came the decisive happenstance of his young elfin life, he stumbled across a book of fiendish lore. Hexes, summonings, true-names, pits and chains, horns and fangs and barb’ed tongues and tails…It was all completely intoxicating. This led him down a dark path, a deep dive of further study, gobbling up every bit of hellish occult science, myth and fable he could find…When his overly protective mother wasn’t hovering about, of course. Many nights he spent by candlelight, sneakily lucubrating over the illicit publications. All things dark, hidden and forbidden fascinated him.

    Finally, when his fascination got the better of him, he paid an archmage to gate him to Sigil. Driven by his obsession with the lower netherworld, and its fiendish inhabitants, he spent his last coin getting off the Prime. Driven by a need for funds, and his own interests, he became an errand runner, spell-caster, sword-swinger, and ‘Hades-expert’ for hire. Jumping at any opportunity allowing him to delve deeper into the diabolical, he found himself often on the lower rim of the Outlands.

    In time, he joined a Yugoloth company reaving the lower planes; selling their services for stingers and jink; warring with Tanar’ri, Baatezu, and worse in that interminable planar conflict: The Blood War. It was in the aftermath of one such episode in this unending line of rangings, skirmishes, and battles that he came upon a witch picking over the dead. The elfling took her for a hag and the Priestess swiftly corrected him. Seeking relief, comfort, and consolation from his continued nightmares, and having a lust for secret things, Eöl turned to the veneration of Shar: the two-faced goddess. The Priestess, one Darya of Shar, has since served as the elf’s chaplain and confessor.

    Since his conversion, he has warred with the Yugoloth hosts for one-and-sixty years; the lion’s share of this time, he’s served as a subaltern in a Yugoloth mercenary company. One at least one occasion, his superiors have made good use of his hatred of hags to settle accounts with these other denizens of the Gray Wastes.

    Eöl Egalmoth Darkfriend

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