Ezdin Yüz


Ezdin Yüz has a wide, flat muzzle surrounded by wrinkles beginning to go to grey, and bulbous watery eyes.

His tribe has grown fat and wealthy since bending to King Greshlyrr, although this ‘magic’ is not as reliable as he had hoped it would be. What little progress he has made is due more determination than aptitude.


Race: Kobold
Homeland: Kobold Kingdoms
Class: Sha’ir / Thief
Kit: Spiritualist
Alignment: Neutral
Level: 1st / 1st
Experience: 0

  • XP Penalty: -5%
    Next Level: 2500 / 1250
    *Max Level: * 7th / 13th

Ability Scores:

  • Str: 16
    • Muscle: 17
      • Attack Adjustment +1, Damage Adjustment +1, Max Press 220 lbs., Open Doors 10, Bend Bars 13%
    • Stamina: 15
      • Weight Allowance 65 lbs.
  • Dex: 14
    • Aim: 12
      • +0 ranged attacks
    • Balance: 15
      • +1 AC
  • Con: 13
    • Health: 14 / 59
      • System Shock 88%
    • Fitness: 12
      • Resurrection Survival 85%
  • Int: 10
    • Reason: 8 / 53
    • Max spell level 4th, Max 10 spells per level
    • Knowledge: 12
      • 3 extra proficiencies, 50% chance to learn a spell
  • Wis: 14
    • Intuition: 11 / 19
    • Willpower: 16
      • +2 mental saves, +1 bonus Power Point
  • Cha: 13
    • Leadership: 15
      • Max 7 Henchmen, +3 loyalty
    • Appearance: 10
      • +0 on NPC reactions

Combat Statistics:

Hit Points: 5
Armor Class: 15 (Dex + Bone Armor + Spirit Armor)
Base Attack Bonus: +0
Movement: 6


Paralyzation/Poison/Death: 13
Rod/Staff/Wand: 11
Petrification/Polymorph: 12
Breath Weapon: 15
Spells: 12
Fear: 15
Horror: 14
Madness: 18

Weapons # Att Att Bonus Dmg Dmg (L) Speed Range Special

Backstab: x2

Thief Skills:

PP 20% HS 40%
OL 20% HN 25%
F/RT 25% CW 45%
MS 40% RL -10%

Non-Weapon Proficiencies: 9
Proficiency groups: General, Wizard, Rogue

Language: Yip Yak (Bonus x2)
Close-quarter Fighting (Bonus)
Crude Weaponsmithing (Bonus)
Set Snares (Bonus)
Genie Lore (Bonus)
Modern language (thieves’ cant) (Bonus)
Ancient History (Bonus)
Religion (Bonus)
Spirit Lore (Bonus)
Modern Languages (Common)
Modern Languages (Tharian)
Bone Armor
Omen Reading

Weapon Proficiencies: 2

Special Powers:

  • Kobolds have infravision to a range of 60 feet.
  • Kobolds gain a +1 bonus on attack rolls vs. gnomes, due to their racial hatred for such creatures.
  • Traps set by a Kobold impose a -5% penalty per level of the Kobold to an opponent’s Find Traps roll. The opponent’s chance to remove a trap once found is not penalized.
  • Unless kobold characters display special capabilities, intelligent and powerful opponents are likely to attack them last of all.
  • Kobolds of the kobold kingdom reduce the damage taken from acid-based spells and attacks by 1 point per die of damage.
  • At 1st level, a sha’ir can summon a small elemental familiar, which will provide spells, including magics that other 1st-level wizards cannot cast.
  • All attacks of the proper element (Air) are at -2 to hit, all saving throws against that element are at +2, and all damage from that form of attack are at -2 per die (minimum damage of 1 point per die). This magical protection applies to the gen at all times. The sha’ir enjoys these benefits when the gen is within 10 feet.
  • All Spiritualists have the ability to sense and see spirits. They automatically gain the Spirit Sense psionic ability as a wild talent at 1st level. Psionicist spiritualists gain this wild talent (and the commensurate power points) in addition to any powers they would gain normally.
  • Spiritualists start out by rolling percentile dice for their Health, Reason, and Intuition ability scores in a manner similar to warriors with 18 strength. This number is added to the scores and every level thereafter a further 2d10 are rolled and added to these percentile scores. When the percentile scores reach or exceed 100, a point is added to the ability and the excess is applied to the new ability score. These abilities may be increased to a maximum of 19 through this method.
  • Spirit Armor: Protective spirits constantly hover around the Spiritualist, protecting him from danger. In complete darkness, these spirits are visible as a hazy blue aura composed of swirling humanoid figures. The spirit armor provides him with a +3 bonus to Armor Class. Additionally, the Spiritualist suffers only half damage from all attacks from undead. Level or ability draining undead only drain half of their usual amount, subject to a minimum drain of one.
    If affected by dispel magic or a similar spell, the spirit armor disappears for 24 hours (no saving throw). Likewise, a cleric can turn the spirit armor as a ghost; if turned, the spirit armor vanishes for a full day
  • Spirit Horde: Once per day, the Spiritualist may attempt to summon a horde of sympathetic spirits to annoy his opponents and reduce their combat effectiveness. If the Spiritualist makes a successful Intuition check, the horde appears in one round, then harasses the indicated opponents by fluttering arouns their heads, shrieking in their ears, and tickling their skin. The horde will harass a number of opponents whose total hit dice or levels are less than or equal to the Spiritualist‘s level. While harassed, the opponents suffer a -1 penalty to Armor Class, attack rolls, and damage rolls. The harassment lasts for a number of rounds equal to the Spiritualist‘s level, then the horde disappears.
    The horde can be repelled by protection from evil or similar magic
  • Once a day, Spiritualists can render themselves invisible to undead (as the invisibility to undead spell), lasting 1 round per level.


  • Bright light hurts kobold eyes, giving them a -1 penalty to their attack rolls when in direct sunlight.
  • Kobolds are small-sized. They cannot use Large-sized weapons and must wield Medium-sized weapons in two hands.
  • As small-sized creatures, kobolds have 2/3 the carrying capacity of a human of equal strength.
  • What a kobold finds attractive or appealing is generally backwards from that of other races. A Kobold’s NPC reaction modifier (based on his Appearance score) is reversed when dealing with non-Kobolds (i.e. a kobold with high Appearance has a penalty on NPC reactions, a kobold with low Appearance has a bonus). Against other kobolds, his Charisma modifiers work normally.
  • Because of King Greshlyrr’s aggressive policies, these kobolds have many enemies. Eraka nomads, Gnomes, and Lizard Men will attack one of these kobolds on sight.
  • Kobolds are notorious eaters of horse-flesh and bear a predatorial reek that terrifies such animals. Domesticated animals, primarily horses and dogs, become skittish and uneasy when one of these kobolds comes within 50 feet of them. If the character comes within 25 feet, horses begin to snort and whinny while dogs start to bark and howl. Other animals give out their own cries of alarm.
    *When a gen dies, its master feels the loss immediately—and literally. The sha’ir’s hit points drop by half. If this loss reduces a sha’ir to 0 or fewer hit points, the wizard must make a saving throw vs. death magic. Success means that the sha’ir remains alive, with 1 hit point, while failure indicates death.
  • Common people tend to be very suspicious and nervous while around spiritualists. The few whoare not terrified witless by rumors of demon worship” perceive occult divination as a dangerous waste of time. Thus, spiritualists receive a -5 reaction penalty when dealing with such superstitious people.
  • Likewise, while religious figures are generally aware of the actual nature of Spiritualists, they still view them as violating the natural cycle of death and denying souls their final rest. Thus, the Spiritualist suffers a -2 penalty on NPC reaction rolls when dealing with any priest.
  • The Spiritualist must meditate for two hours each day in addition to what he needs to rest and pray for or memorize spells. This meditation must be performed at the same time each day and if not performed, he acts as if one level lower in all respects until the meditation is performed. This loss is cumulative (to a minimum effective level of 0), so that if three nights of meditation are missed, the character acts at three levels below his level until he meditates.
  • Spiritualists sometimes suffer from hauntings, whereupon a (more or less) harmless lesser spirit decides to attach itself to the spiritualist, most likely taking “residence” in some object he possesses (or perhaps his home). The spirit may pop up at odd hours to talk to the spiritualist, rearrange his backpack as a prank, etc., and stays unless it is destroyed or driven
    away. There’s a base 15% chance per level gained beyond 3rd level (non-cumulative) that a spirit latches on.
  • Spirit War: As compensation for use of their aid to the Spiritualist, spirits may occasionally call on the Spiritualist to aid them in their battles. Whenever the Spiritualist rolls a natural 20 on any Spirit Lore proficiency check or on any ability check to use spirit horde, his spirit has been conscripted to participate in an otherworldly war; the Spiritist has no choice in the matter. The participation occurs the next time the Spiritist falls asleep and lasts only a few moments. When he awakens, the Spiritist remembers nothing about the battle, but damage incurred by his spirit may affect his physical body. Occasionally, the spirits may reward him instead.

Spells: as 1st-level Sha’ir

  • If a sha’ir requests a common spell that a wizard of the same experience level could normally cast, then the gen searches for 1d6 rounds plus 1 round per level of the spell. (All “common” spells are those that are not unique to a Rare Path).
  • If it is a common spell that a wizard of the same experience level could not normally cast, then the gen searches for 1d6 turns + 1 turn per level of the spell.
  • If the spell only appears on a Rare Path—or is a priest spell—the gen searches for 1d6 hours plus 1 hour per level of the spell.

Success Chance Modifiers
Base 50%

  • Each level of sha’ir: +5 percent
  • Each level of spell being sought: -10 percent
  • Spell is “common” (by the definition above): +10 percent
  • Spell is priestly magic, or is “rare” (by the definition above): -30 percent
  • Gen repeats search for spell on same day after initial failure: -10 percent per attempt

TBD – 60g

Advancement Notes
Weapon Proficiency: +1 per 4 levels
Nonweapon Proficiency: +1 per 3 levels

Ezdin Yüz

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