Faelana Beragaion

Lyra's mom, an elven woman in her early 150s from Evereska


1362 DR

Faelana is the Chief Clerk to the Council of New Phlan. This elven woman is infamous throughout Phlan for her strict and literal interpretation of bureaucratic law. According to rumor (nearly legend) she was hired right off the boat and had worked her way up to chief clerk within a month. Supposedly she even made her own daughter (who is now a herald of the Council) file her proof of identity in triplicate. The town guards and even the clergy of Tyr stand in awe of her unbending devotion to procedure, and, despite her lower rank, not even the Bishop of Tyr or Chief Councilwoman Bivant can get in to see her without an appointment.

Faelana Beragaion

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