Father Aram Carnithrax Decidimus


A gaunt older man with a weak, receding chin hidden under a scraggly gray beard, and a bald, speckled pate. He is dressed in full-length chain armor, covered with a night-black cloak. On his head is a chain coif, surmounted by a large, spiky crown of metal and bone shards. Under all the armor and gear, he is rail-thin and sinew, with not an ounce of fat on him.

Father Aram is one of many in the north who claim direct descent from the Nogese lords of old. The tenth son of an old, noble family in Hillsfar, serving in the Red Plumes, he immediately joined the church of the Blessed Afflictor when the Nogese General appeared in their city less than a year ago. When their “God” disappeared just as suddenly as he had arrived, Aram and the other early converts started a campaign to seek out and unearth all the Nogese ruins in and around Hillsfar.

Nearly a year later, their search has dried up. Disheartened by this failure, Father Aram tried to mount a new expedition, promising to go north to the Dragonspine Mountains in search of new relics in the heart of the ancient empire. Unfortunately, months of appealing to his fellow initiates proved fruitless — no one wanted to leave Hillsfar, where their god had appeared, and nothing he could say could convince them that the true seat of their god lay further north. Thus, he boarded a ship alone, sailing for Phlan and the mountains beyond…

Aram is generally jovial, polite, and pleasant, despite his sinister convictions. Most importantly, he is a bad leader, but does not know that he is a bad leader. In times of crisis, he constantly shouts orders and suggestions (usually bad ones). He dreams of being a great general, like his master, but, as his order in Hillsfar already learned, is not a person any sane being would want to follow into battle. His hope is to visit the Sacred Mountain of Deckon Thar just once before he dies.

Like so many in the Church of the Blessed Afflictor in Hillsfar, Father Aram has a largely over-blown title (for a church with only a single established temple in all of Faerun). His official title is “Second Free Prelature of the Opus Dei of Our Blessed Afflictor”.

At the party base in Phlan, Aram Decidimus has two children — Aram Roland, by his late wife, Domitia, and Tenebrus, a half-elven daughter by one of his slaves, Múldîs. Roland is grown and married, and has given Decidimus three grand-children: Granson (22, deceased), Secundus (18), and Hermia (15), by his wife Flavia.

Age: 72 years
Height: 6 ft. 1 in.
Weight: 160 lbs.


Race: Human
Homeland: Hillsfar
Class: Specialty Priest
Kit: Relic Seeker
Alignment: Lawful, Non-Good
Religion: The Blessed Afflictor
Level: 7th
Experience: 74,968 (ready to level)
Next Level: 60,000
Max Level: Unlimited

Ability Scores:

Str 13 Stamina 10
Muscle 16 +1 damage Open Doors 9 Bend Bars 10%
Dex 13 Aim 16 +1 Missile attacks
Balance 10
Con 13 Health 9 System Shock 65%
Fitness 17 Resurrection 98% +2 hit points per level
Int 13 Reason 13
Knowledge 14 +4 proficiencies
Wis 12 Intuition 17 +10% Earned XP Bonus Spells 1st x2, 2nd x2, 3rd
Willpower 6 -1 Mental saves
Cha 6 Leadership 4 1 Henchmen -5 Loyalty
Appearance 8


  • Initiative: +2 (penalty)
  • Surprise: +0 (auto-surprised unless in ruins)
  • NPC Reaction: -2 (-4 vs. Non-humans)

Combat Statistics:
Hit Points: 45
Armor Class: 15 (chainmail)
Base Attack Bonus: +4

  • Paralyzation/Poison/Death: 7
  • Rod/Staff/Wand: 11
  • Petrification/Polymorph: 10
  • Breath Weapon: 13
  • Spells: 11
  • Fear: 10
  • Horror: 12
  • Madness: 15
Weapons # Att Att Bonus Dmg Dmg (L) Speed Range Special
Heartbeat Blade 1/round +4 2d6+2 2d6+2 1 melee Magic. Detect heartbeats.
Tetsu-To 1/round +1 1d12+1 3d6+1 12 melee Iron
Chilling Scythe 1/round +6 3d4+3 1d8+1d4+3 2 melee Magic. 4d6 damage vs. undead.
Undead hurled back 20 feet.

Thief Skills: (in armor)

OL 30% HN 0%
F/RT 0% CW 35%
MS RL 10%
LL 70%

Non-Weapon Proficiencies: General, Priest, Rogue, Warrior

Modern Languages (Common) 14 Hiding 13
Modern Languages (Tharian) 14 Endurance 12
Ancient Languages (Noga) 14 Appraising 14
Modern Languages (Espruar) 14 Administration 15
Literacy 15 Religion 11
Ancient History 14 Burial Customs 14
Mountaineering Excavations 14
Locksmithing 13 Relic Dating 12
Undead Lore 13 Looting 13
Land-based Riding 14 Ceremony 11

Weapon Proficiencies:
Two-handed Style, Specialist
Long Blades Group
Miner’s Pick

Special Powers:

  • Hillsfar natives can come and go from Hillsfar at will.
  • The people of Hillsfar get a +1 bonus on saving throws versus spells.
  • Whenever a Hillsfarran successfully attacks a target from behind, he deals double normal damage.
  • Relic Seekers gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls with all weapons from the Picks group from long use of them as both weapons and digging tools.
  • Specialized Culture (Noga): This specialization grants additional insight when dealing with any such remains or ruins the character happens across. He gains a +3 bonus on his roll on applicable proficiencies (ancient history, ancient language, excavations, relic dating, etc.). Relic Seekers also gain a +5% bonus when using their Find/Remove Traps and Open Locks skills upon the workings of their specialized culture/race.
  • Relic seekers learn how to identify ancient items with some success. They have a 10% chance per level of being able to identify an item as genuine or magical in nature. They can attempt this identification process once per item, regardless of the result they come up with. This is otherwise identical to the bard’s Legend Lore ability.
  • Priests of the Blessed Afflictor are able to Command Undead, as a Cleric of their level.
  • Priests of the Blessed Afflictor are totally immune to the effects of normal cold. Against magical cold effects (such as a cone of cold spell or white dragon breath), the priest gains a +4 bonus on his saving throws and suffer 2 fewer points of damage per die (minimum 1 damage).
  • Priests of the Blessed Afflictor are immune to the paralytic touch of ghouls, ghasts, and similar undead. Furthermore, they get a saving throw vs. death to defend against the level-draining abilities of undead such as spectres, wights, wraiths, or vampires.


  • Zhentilar and Mulman warriors attack Hillsfarrans on sight.
  • All NPC encounters are penalized at -2 due to Hillsfar’s reputation. This increases to -4 against non-humans due to Hillsfar’s reputation for xenophobia, bigotry, and exploitation.
  • The number of levels required to gain a new weapon proficiency slot is increased by one (+1 every 5 levels).
  • Relic Seekers that steal and plunder from archeological sites will become known far and wide, and the only ones that will associate with them are greedy merchants and other thieves looking for spoils. They suffer a -2 on reaction rolls with learned folk (such as other archeologists, sages, and scholars).
  • Curiosity killed the cat, and it certainly gets the relic seeker into trouble. Whenever the relic seeker picks up a rumor concerning an artifact or other worthy item, he must make a successful Willpower check to keep from rushing to immediately find it. If the check fails, he’s off at the first opportunity.
  • As scholars, relic seekers often have their attention turned toward matters beyond the here and now. The first round of any combat, the relic seeker suffers a +2 penalty to his initiative roll, and in any location other than ruins or while on a relic hunt, the relic seeker is always surprised.
  • Relic Seekers never gain followers, regardless of class, but can employ hirelings and henchmen normally.
  • Priests of the Blessed Afflictor are almost unknown in the modern realms. They have no known temples or hierarchy and do not gain the temporal benefits of food, shelter, loans, sanctuary, or aid common to clerics of other faiths. Nor do they gain financial support for the building of temples or attract the lay followers common to other clerics. Should a priest of the Blessed Afflictor ever manage to build and sustain a temple of their own, their underlings might be able to draw on such benefits.


PSPs: 42

Power Discipline Power Score Cost Maintenance Effect
Cause Decay Psychometabolism 10 4 Touched inanimate object (up to 60 lbs) must save vs. acid or instantly decay and be consumed in 1 round.

Priest Spells: as 7th-level Priest

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
5 5 3 1

Major Spheres: All, Charm, Guardian, Law, Necromantic, Protection
Minor Spheres: Combat, Healing, Numbers, Time

  • Prepared Spells:
    • 0th (18): Cure Minor Wounds x5, Remove Pain x4, Petition x2, Benediction, Polish
    • 1st: Orison, Orison, Detect Magic, Protection from Chaos, Skeletal Servant
    • 2nd: Chilling Scythe, Cure Moderate Wounds, Hold Person, Nap, Silence 15-ft. Radius
    • 3rd: Animate Dead, Dispel Magic, Repair Injury
    • 4th: Defensive Harmony
  • Cast Ahead of Time:
  • Iron Vigil (8 days): Does not need to eat or drink. Immune to dehydration, heat, cold, and exposure. Can meditate (-1 surprise) instead of sleeping.
  • Sacred Guardian (1 days): Warned if Muldis, Hermia, or Tenebrus are in danger.
  • Steep Soma Juice (2 days): +1 Constitution (noted above) and Immune to Disease.

Advancement Notes

  • Armor Allowed: Chainmail or lighter armor. No shields.
  • Weapons Allowed: Any Sword that can be wielded in two hands, Any Flail
  • Gain new Weapon Proficiencies every 5th level.
  • Gain new Non-Weapon Proficiencies every 3rd level.
  • Gain 5 points per level to distribute among Thief skills.


  • Wanderer’s Staff (4 lbs)
  • Dark Tunic, Breeches, Leather Belt, Waterproof Boots
  • 3 Commanded Deathshrouds (Fly 12 (A), AC 18, 1HD, 1hp, Turn as Ghouls)
  • Chainmail w/ Mail Coif (40 lbs)
  • Holy Symbol (spiked crown of bone and iron)
  • Protective Amulet (vs. Lightning Bolt)
  • Pace Beads (wrapped around wrist)
  • Ring of Shocking Grasp
  • Shadowcloak
    • This large, cowled cloak is made from pure black velvet. When worn by a thief it improves hide in shadows chances by 25% and makes a thief 50% likely to be invisible in near-darkness (even to infravision, ultravision, etc.).
    • It can also be used to cast darkness, darkness 15’ radius, and continual darkness once each per day (at 12th level of magic use).
    • Finally, once per day the wearer can actually transform into a Shadow for up to 12 turns, becoming a shadow in all respects save for mental ones (thus, the wearer cannot be damaged by nonmagical weapons, undead take the wearer for a shadow and ignore him, etc.). Saves against light-based attacks (e.g., a light spell cast into the eyes) are always made at -2 by the wearer of a shadowcloak.
    • If a cleric successfully makes a turning attempt against the wearer in shadowform, the cloak wearer is permitted a saving throw (this is at -4 if the cleric is actually able to damn/destroy shadows). If the save fails, the wearer suffers 1d6 points of damage per level of the cleric and the shadowcloak is destroyed. If the save is made, the character takes half damage and must flee in fear from the cleric at maximum rate for one turn.
  • Heartbeat Blade (2 lbs)
  • Frame Backpack (5 lbs, reduce encumbrance 1 stage) w/ Glyph of Warding (bestow curse), and Glyph of Warding (hold person),
    • Tetsu-to (15 lbs, hanging on side of pack)
    • Aram’s Light (0.5 lbs)
    • Gravebite (1 lb)
    • Potion of Polymorph Self
    • 1 flask Holy Water
    • Miner’s Pick (15 lbs — usable as a tool only due to religious restrictions)
    • Shovel (6 lbs — usable as a tool only due to religious restrictions)
    • 2x Claw Hammers (8 lbs)
    • 100-ft. 1/2-in Hemp Rope (18 lbs)
    • 1-gallon Wineskin (1 lbs, empty)
    • Sparker
    • Armor Repair Kit (1 lb)
    • Box of Chalk
    • 44gp
    • Bag of grave dirt (component for Skeletal Servant)
    • Bag of small, strait iron rods (component for Hold Person)
    • 1 Red Love Candles (30 minutes)
    • 1 Gold Healing Candle (30 minutes)
    • Mithril Chisel (1 lb)
    • Mithril Files & Rasps (1/2 lb)
    • Potion of Healing
    • Potion of Healing
    • Potion of Healing
    • Oil of Double Crossing
    • Sanctified Ghi (6 doses, heal 1d3 per dose)
    • 2 Large Sacks (9 lbs — stuffed with 2 glass globes of extinct plant specimens)
    • Flask w/ Azimoth inside
  • Thrall’s Rucksack (1 lbs)
    • Survival Kit
    • 1 week Dry Rations (5 lbs)
    • Hunting Knife
    • 2 shells, large enough to serve as a bowl
    • 2 Silver Daggers (2 lbs)
    • Field Brazier
    • 1 stick Dream Incense
    • 1 Potion of Extra Healing (1 swallow left)

Other Assets:

  • Key to Vault 713


Base Speed: 12

Total Weight of Gear: 118 lbs. (light w/ frame pack)

  • 55 lbs (minus pack)
Unencumbered Light Moderate Heavy Severe Max
Weight 0 – 40 lbs. 41-79 lbs. 80-118 lbs. 119-156 lbs. 157-194 lbs. 195 lbs
Movement 12 9 6 5 2 1

Father Aram Carnithrax Decidimus

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