Finds Them and Kills Them (Osh-Tisch)

Gun-toting, Gnome-hating, Male-sexed, Wise-woman, "Maiden".


Osh-Tisch, whose name translates to “Finds Them and Kills Them” in Lantanese, is a biologically male-sexed woman (transgendered), and was one of the last Lantanese Baté (Two Spirit mystic). She earned her name — which means “Finds Them and Kills Them” — by tirelessly fighting to preserve her way of life.

As a Two-Spirit, and a worshiper of Mielikki, Osh-Tisch holds a status unique outside of the Lantanese people, being the only male-sexed person any “mainlander” has ever encountered who is numbered among the unicorn-riding “wise women” of the inner circle of Mielikkan faith. Among the Lantanese, the Baté are foretellers of the future, conferers of ‘lucky names’ (aptronyms) on children and adults, and matchmakers.

As baté, Osh-Tisch lived apart from the main cities of Lantan, and had duties ranging from artist, to medicine woman, to shaman. She was not just any baté — she was the baté leader. Osh-Tisch is quietly dignified, almost regal. But during the incident that earned Osh-Tisch her name, she was not acting in her traditional roles at all. Instead, she had taken up arms with her male brethren and gone to war with them against Amnish invaders.

This is an incident in Osh-Tisch’s life that would have been largely forgotten, were it not for a woman named Pretty Shield mentioning it to the settlers on a ship bound for Phlan. While recounting details of the Battle of the Rosebud, Pretty Shield leaned forward, and asked: “Did the men ever tell you anything about a woman who fought… on the Rosebud?” Surprised, a settler replied “no.” Pretty Shield chuckled, remarking that the men “do not like to tell of it.” She went on to tell the story.

During the battle, a Lantanese warrior was wounded and fell. Sensing an opportunity, the Amnish invaders charged forward. In response, Osh-Tisch jumped off her horse, stood over him, and started shooting at the approaching Amnians “as rapidly as she could load her gun.” When she ran out of bullets, she grabbed a stick. Not even a particularly good stick, either. Remounting, she rode straight at the Amnians, alternating between waving her stick wildly, spitting at them, and yelling “my spit is my arrows.”

With the Amnish distracted by the utterly bizarre sight in front of them, Osh-Tisch hit one of them with her stick. A second later, the same guy was dead from one of her allies’ bullet, as if Osh-Tisch was some sort of supernatural harbinger of death. This act earned Osh-Tisch her “Finds Them and Kills Them” moniker. As the surviving Amnians gave up and returned to their boats.

In the years following the Battle of Rosebud, the native Lantanese were finally conquered, not by the Amnians, but by Gnomes, and confined to reservations. The various gnomish government agents who visited the reservations considered the Two Spirits deviants and banished all of them from the island.

So, it is, that Finds Them and Kills Them, along with the girl Pretty Shield, her parent’s Kills in the Night and Crazy Sister-in-Law, and a number of other native Lantanese (both Two-Spirits and traditionally gendered) found themselves standing on the docks of New Phlan.


Race: Human Male (self-identifies as female)
Homeland: Lantan
Class: Specialty Priest
Kit: Wise-Woman
Alignment: Good
Religion: Mielikki
Level: 5th
Experience: 34823
Next Level: 20000
Max Level: Unlimited

Ability Scores:

Str 14 Stamina 14
Muscle 14
Dex 14 Aim 13
Balance 14
Con 16 Health 15
Fitness 16 +2 hit points
Int 11 Reason 10
Knowledge 11
Wis 16 Intuition 17 +10% experience
Willpower 15 +1 mental saves
Cha 16 Leadership 17
Appearance 14


  • Initiative: +0
  • Surprise: +0
  • NPC Reaction: +2

Combat Statistics:
Hit Points: 35
Armor Class: 10
Base Attack Bonus: +4

  • Paralyzation/Poison/Death: 9
  • Rod/Staff/Wand: 13
  • Petrification/Polymorph: 12
  • Breath Weapon: 15
  • Spells: 14
Weapons # Att Att Bonus Dmg Dmg (L) Speed Range Special
Shortsword 1 +4 1d6 1d8 3 melee
Arquebus 1 / 3 rds +6 1d10+2 1d10+2 15 50 / 150 / 210 silver, exploding dice, misfire on 5 or less

Thief Skills: (in armor)

PP 0% HS 90%
OL 0% HN 15%
F/RT 0% CW 50%
MS 0% RL 0%

Non-Weapon Proficiencies: General, Priest, Psionicist, Rogue, Warrior, Wizard

Modern Languages (Common) 11 Animal Lore 11
Modern Languages (Lantanna) 11 Herbalism 9
Modern Languages (Gnim) 11 Religion 16
Modern Languages (Tharian) 11 Land-based Riding 19
Modern Languages (Yip-Yak) 11 Vision Quest 13
Appraising 11 Tracking 16
Navigation 9 Fortune Telling 18
Seamanship 15 Battle Command 13
Tumbling 14 Bulwark 16

Weapon Proficiencies:

Special Powers:

  • Lantanna also enjoy a +1 bonus to any proficiency check involving a Dexterity-based proficiency.
  • If a Lantanna character is proficient in the use of the arquebus, he receives a +2 bonus on all attack and damage rolls made with it.
  • A Lantan character can purchase any manner of ocean-going vessel at 75% of the listed price. This discount applies only if the craft is constructed or purchased in Lantan or is from a Lantanna national.
  • When in a forested area, all clerics of Mielikki can cast a variant of the analyze balance spell at will. This ability works on characters, creatures, or objects, or on an area of the forest itself. If used on creatures or objects, it works as the spell. If used on the forest, this ability allows the cleric to detect if the ecology of the forested area is seriously disrupted.
  • Clerics of Mielikki can speak with plants at will.
  • Species Enemy (Gnomes): Whenever the cleric encounters that enemy, he gains a +4 bonus to his attack rolls. This enmity can be concealed only with great difficulty, so the cleric suffers a -4 penalty on all encounter reactions with creatures of the hated type. Furthermore, the cleric will actively seek out this enemy in combat in preference to all other foes unless someone else presents a much greater danger.
  • A wise woman’s greatest power is the ability to perceive truth—both in word and appearance. She must first be able to see, hear, or otherwise sense the target in order to use this ability, then she must make an Intuition check. Circumstances may modify this ability check. A wise woman’s perception with this power depends on the situation and her experience level:
    • At 1st level, the wise woman can detect truth in the spoken word. Provided she makes a successful ability check, she can determine whether a speaker is truthful. Truth is subjective to the speaker. Failure of the ability check indicates nothing one way or another is discerned. Only one attempt per day is allowed for a given speaker. The undetectable lie spell causes the wise woman to declare that the individual believes he or she is speaking the truth (if the ability check succeeds).
    • At 1st level, the wise woman may discern an individual’s true social class and station in life by watching the individual eat and drink. A wise woman could discern a prince masquerading as a beggar, and vice versa. If the individual has used the Disguise proficiency, the wise woman may only successfully determine that the individual is disguised, and a second successful roll is needed to reveal that person’s station.
    • At 3rd level, the wise woman may search for secret doors, concealed panels, or similar items. A successful ability check reveals the door, item, or passageway.
    • At 6th level, the wise woman is able to detect illusions as well as mirages. A successful ability check reveals the illusion or mirage for the falsehood it is, and in addition shows what is being concealed.
  • Clerics can always count on assistance from temples of their faith. Assuming a local temple of the appropriate faith is available, a cleric can request and expect the following aid (and perhaps more):
    • Safe haven, food, and board within the temple. In exchange, the cleric is expected to help the other clergy present. This hospitality is automatically extended to as many companions as the priest has levels. (A generous and gracious temple may extend it to anyone.)
    • A loan. Moneys borrowed may equal up to twice the cleric’s level times a hundred (in gold pieces). The loan must be repaid within 30 days.
    • Muscle. An cleirc may request the services of a number of 1st-level fighters equaling twice the priest’s level. All fighters will be equipped with chain mail and the traditional weapon of their faith (i.e. warhammers for Tyr or battle axes for Tempus). The time of service cannot exceed the cleric’s level in days, and the purpose of the mission should somehow advance the cause of the priest’s faith.
    • A cleric assistant of the same faith. The helper’s experience level equals half that of the priest served, rounded down; up to a maximum of 4th level. The assistant may be kept for up to one week per level of the priest before having to leave.


  • Clerics of Mielikki cannot turn undead.
  • The wise woman can only use magical items that are available to all classes. Although she belongs to the priest class, she cannot use priest-specific magical items or clerical scrolls (even if she is able to read them).
  • Only females can be clerics of Mielikki. At the start of their careers, the females pledge their purity for two decades. At the end of that time, they may renew the pledge and continue, or they may bow out and become a regular priest of Mielikki. Any cleric of Mielikki who breaks the vow of purity forever loses all her spells and abilities immediately. Naturally, the unicorn instantly deserts her as well.
  • All Lantanna share a love of the sea. No Lantanna will venture more than 150 miles inland at any given time, and he must return to a coastal area within 30 days of when they last saw the sea. If a Lantanna fails to meet the above conditions, he grows listless and despondent. For every 30 days away from the sea, he suffers a cumulative -2 penalty on all attack rolls, damage rolls, saving throws, and any ability checks against Wisdom or Intelligence.
  • As all Lantanna do not view violence as their first or best option, they are surprised on a roll of 1-4 on a d10, but only in situations where combat is not immediately evident: a city street, a tavern common room, a quiet pasture, or a peaceful forest.
  • The warm climate of Lantan makes its people susceptible to cold. A Lantanna suffers an extra hit point of damage per die of cold damage inflicted upon him.
  • In the minds of many enemies, the Lantan desire to avoid conflict translates to cowardice. Because of this, any force battling a Lantan-led group gains a +2 bonus on its Morale checks.

Priest Spells: as 5th-level Priest

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
5 5 2


  • Major: All, Divination, Healing, Protection, Sun, Thought
  • Minor: Charm, Creation, Guardian, Time, Weather

Spell List:

  • 1st: Beneficence, Bless, Blessed Watchfulness, Calm, Ceremony, Cleanse, Combine, Cure Light Wounds, Deflection, Detect Balance, Detect Disease, Detect Drow, Detect Evil, Detect Harmony, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Detect Predator, Detect Untruth, Discern Elven Influence, Divining Rod, Emotion Read, Empathy, Endure Cold/Heat, Faerie Fire, Find Drinkable Water, Find Water, Hibernate, Know Age, Know Faction, Know History, Know Time, Light, Mistake, Om, Omen, Orison, Predict Weather, Protection from Evil, Protection from Prime, Protection from Silver, Purify Food & Drink, Purify Self, Rainshield, Read Languages, Regenerate Light Wounds, Remove Fear, Resist, Ring of Hands, Sacred Guardian, Sanctify Ghi, Santuary, Scribe, Spark of Blinding, Steelskin, Sunscorch, Thought Capture, Trance, Treasure Scent, Waterfloat, Whisperward
  • 2nd: Alert Allies, Augury, Chant, Commune with Lesser Spirits, Create Mirage, Cure Moderate Wounds, Death Prayer, Death Talisman, Detect Charm, Detect Life, Detect Psionic Use, Find Traps, Fortifying Stew, Gull, Hesitation, Holy Symbol, Idea, Iron Vigil, Know Alignment, Know Intent, Know Language, Mind Read, Mystic Transfer, Nap, Obscurement, Priest Lock, Protection from Charm, Protection from Orisons, Protection from Spirits, Renewed Ability, Resist Acid and Corrosion, Resist Fire/Cold, Sanctify, Silence, 15-ft. Radius, Siren Song, Slow Poison, Steep Soma-Juice, Tracking, Translate, Warning, Warp Sense, Wieldskill, Withdraw, Wyvern Watch
  • 3rd: Ability Alteration, Accelerate Healing, Analyze Contraption, Bestow Minor Curse, Call Lightning, Call Spirit, Choose Future, Circle of Secrets, Compel, Continual Faerie Fire, Continual Light, Create Food and Water, Detect Cursed Item, Detect Illusion, Dispel Magic, Divine Purpose, Dream Vision, Ease Labor, Emotion Control, Find Portal, Fostered Protection, Glyph of Warding, Hold Poison, Hold Undead, Inkjet, Invisibility to Spirits, Line of Protection, Locate Object, Magical Vestment, Memory Read, Oath, Protection from Amorphs, Remove Curse, Repair Injury, Resist Injury, Starshine, Substitution, Sunblade, Sympathetic Magic I, Telepathy, That Art Thou, Thundercone, Unfailing Premonition, Warmth, Weather Prediction, Wind and Rain Protection

Prepared Spells:

  • 1st: Blessed Watchfulness, Cure Light Wounds, Sanctuary, Spark of Blinding, Steelskin
  • 2nd: Cure Moderate Wounds x2, Obscurement, Siren Song, Wieldskill
  • 3rd: Dispel Magic, Thundercone

Advancement Notes

Armor Allowed:

  • Elven Chainmail. Medium or smaller shields. No helms.

Weapons Allowed:

  • Short Blades group, One-handed Bludgeoning weapons, Dart, Blowgun, Sling, Longbow, or Arquebus.
  • Clerics of Mielikki advance in THAC0 as if they were warriors.
  • Characters from Lantan can purchase the Naval Combat proficiency for only 1 slot, regardless of their class or proficiency groups.
  • At 7th level she receive her own suit of elven chain mail.
  • Upon reaching 8th level, the cleric automatically attracts a fanatically loyal group of believers, provided the character has established a place of worship of significant size. The cleric can build this place of worship at any time during his career, but he does not attract believers until he reaches 8th level. These followers are normal warriors, 0-level soldiers, ready to fight for the cleric’s cause. The cleric attracts 20 to 200 (2d10 x10) of these followers; they arrive over a period of several weeks. After the initial followers assemble, no new followers trickle in to fill the ranks of those who have fallen in service. The DM decides the exact number and types of followers attracted by the cleric. The character can hire other troops as needed, but these are not as loyal as his followers.
  • At 9th level, the cleric may receive official approval to establish a religious stronghold, be it a fortified abbey or a secluded convent. Obviously, the stronghold must contain all the trappings of a place of worship and must be dedicated to the service of the cleric’s cause. However, the construction cost of the stronghold is half the normal price, since the work has official sanction and much of the labor is donated. The cleric can hold property and build a stronghold any time before reaching 9th level, but this is done without church sanction and does not receive the benefits described above.
  • At 9th level, each cleric of Mielikki undertakes a vigil in a grove dedicated to Mielikki. During that vigil, she will meet a unicorn. This beautiful animal is not a servant to be commanded, but rather an ally, friend, and equal companion, as well as a willing mount. Given this rapport between rider and mount, there have been instances where unicorns have charged into certain death to save a beloved cleric.
  • At 9th level, the wise woman has the ability to reveal enchantments. If observing an item or individual, a successful ability check reveals any ensorcellment, including curses, charms, and other magics. It reveals the general nature of the enchantment, but not the specific spell. The exceptions to this are polymorph and other shapechanging spells. A successful ability check reveals both the nature of the spell and the individual who is concealed.


  • Cloak of Elvenkind
  • Shortsword
  • Arquebus
  • Plain linen dress and chemise
  • Plain silver anklets and bracelets
  • Silver Holy Symbol of Mielikki (worn around neck)
  • Moccasins
  • 2 vials Sacred Ghi
  • Cosmetics Kit
  • Pouch w/ 40 silver bullets
  • Powder Horn w/ 40 charges
  • Stick (the one she used at the battle of Rosebud)


Finds Them and Kills Them (Osh-Tisch)

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