Flavia Aram


Flavia, is a pampered minor noble-woman, who is just as racist as her husband Roland. Her children, Granson (22), Secundus (18), and Hermia (15) all attended boarding school in Thentia and are slightly less horrible than their parents.

Flavia is truly outraged by her family’s current predicament, particularly given that it was caused by her husband fucking her maid. She tends to be quiet, pursed-lipped, and disapproving of basically everything.

Being a proper noblewoman (however minor) she insists on dressing in the latest southern fashion, favoring low-cut gowns with one breast fully exposed at all times. This is, of course, quite impractical in the cold Phlannian winters…

Unknown to anyone in her family, Flavia has secretly studied the arcane arts since childhood. Raised under the strict anti-necromancy laws of Hillsfar, she has worked diligently to keep her magical talents a secret to everyone, even her own husband and children. However, the rapidly changing situation since her family’s move to New Phlan and the recent death of her eldest son has pushed the well-mannered woman to a breaking point, and she may have to take matters into her own hands soon…


Race: Human (Female, age 38)
Homeland: Hillsfar
Class: Mage
Kit: Settler (Ex-Noble)
Alignment: Neutral Racist
Religion: The Blessed Afflictor (more Lip-service than the rest of the family)
Level: 8th
Experience: 125,617
Next Level: 135,000
Max Level: Unlimited

Ability Scores:

Stamina 7 Weight Allowance: 25 lbs Movement Bonus -1
Muscle 9 Max Press 90 lbs Attack +0 Damage +0 Feat of Strength 7%
Aim 9 Missile Attack +0
Balance 8 Surprise +0 AC +0
Health 14 System Shock 80% Poison Save +0 PSPs +0 Regeneration 0
Fitness 8 Resurrection 60% Hit Points +0 / level
Reason 10 Max Spell Level 5th Max Spells/Level 13 PSPs +0 Illusion Immunity: none
Knowledge 14 Bonus Profs +4 Bonus Paths +2 Learn Spell 60%
Intuition 14 Spell Failure 0% Bonus Runes 0 Bonus Spells 1st x2 Earned XP +4%
Willpower 9 Mental Save +0 PSPs +0 Spell Immunity: none
Leadership 4 Max Henchmen: 1 NPC Loyalty -5
Appearance 13 NPC Reactions +1


  • NPC Reaction: -1
    • -2 vs. all non-humans
    • +2 vs. inhabitants of FKA
  • Surprise: +0
  • Initiative: +0
  • Movement: 11

Combat Statistics:
Hit Points: 21
Armor Class: 14 (armor spell)
Base Attack Bonus: +2

  • Paralyzation/Poison/Death: 13
  • Rod/Staff/Wand: 9
  • Petrification/Polymorph: 11
  • Breath Weapon: 13
  • Spells: 9
  • Fear: 14
  • Horror: 12
  • Madness: 16
Weapons # Att Att Bonus Dmg Dmg (L) Speed Range Special
Knife, melee 2 / round +3 1d3+2 1d2+2 2 melee Iron.
Knife, thrown 4 / round +3 1d3+2 1d2+2 2 10 / 20 / 30 Iron.
Pistol 1 / 2 rounds +2 1d8 1d8 7 15 / 30 /45 Misfire on 1-3.
Ignore armor at short range.
Open-ended damage.

Non-Weapon Proficiencies:

  • Available Groups: Academic, Craft, Sorcerous
Proficiency Proficiency Score Notes
Modern Languages (Common) 14
Modern Languages (Cormanthan) 14
Modern Languages (Tharian) 14
Literacy 19
Numeracy 15
City Familiarity (Phlan) 14
Bribery 13
Haggling 9
Calligraphy 8
Agriculture 10
Cooking 10
Carpentry 7
Hiding 9
Somatic Concealment 8 double cost
Magical Energy Conservation double cost
  • +2 on all Non-Weapon Proficiency scores when inside FKA

Weapon Proficiencies:

  • Knife, Specialized
  • Snaplock Belt Pistol

Special Powers:

  • Whenever a Hillsfarran successfully attacks a target from behind, he deals double normal damage (or adds 1 to his damage multiplier if he has the rogue’s Backstab ability).
  • The settler gains a +1 bonus to attack and damage when defending his homestead (once established). In addition, he gains a +2 bonus on all proficiency checks when in a village or homestead that he has established.
  • When fighting to defend his or her family, the settler gains a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls. To gain this bonus the attacker must be in a position to physically harm the settler’s kin.
  • Once the settler establishes a homestead and a village, the locals of that village respect the settler highly and provide him with information about happenings in the area. He receives a +2 reaction bonus from people and domestic animals in the village. In addition, an established village effectively guarantees that the settler will be supported in a middle-class lifestyle (so long as he sticks around and doesn’t set off to establish a new settlement).
  • Starting at 5th level, a wizard’s lifespan is extended by his constant exposure to the arcane. The wizard’s maximum lifespan increases by an amount equal to five times his level. In addition he does not suffer any loss of Reason when reaching Old or Venerable age. He still suffers all the other effects of aging at the same rate as other members of his race.

Wizard Spells: Caster level 8th

0th 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
4 6 3 3 2

Memorization Time: 10 minutes per spell level
Paths Known: Apprentice’s Path, Artificer’s Path, Donovan’s Path, Flame Dancer’s Path, Path of the Beggar, Skulking Path, Skyrider’s Path, Serpent’s Path, Trickster’s Path, Walled Path

Spell Book:

  • 0th level (13 of 13): Bluelight, Cut, Distract, Dust, Exterminate, Flavor, Gather, Knot, Mask, Noise, Sprout, Unlock, Warm
  • 1st level (11 of 13): Armor, Burning Hands, Cantrip, Donovan’s Heroic Fray, Lesser Distraction, Mending, Normal Aura, Read Magic, Snake Charm, Tenser’s Floating Disk, Wall of Fog
  • 2nd level (11 of 13): Agannazar’s Scorcher, Charge, Choke, Donovan’s Ominous Valediction, Falling Wall, Fang Fist, Fool’s Gold, Invisibility, Levitate, Misdirection, Wizard Lock
  • 3rd level (11 of 13): Animate Fire, Bewilder, Dispel Magic, Donovan’s Carapace of Corpulence, Fire Wings, Item, Lessen Gravity, Mental Dagger, Nondetection, Sepia Snake Sigil, Wall of Water
  • 4th level (11 of 13): Archveult’s Skybolt, Detect Scrying, Duplicate, Fire Shield, Gloomcloud, Gutsnake, Illusory Wall, Jonstal’s Double Wizardry, Scapegoat, There/Not There, Unluck
  • 5th level (10 of 13): Fabricate, Khazid’s Procurement, Magic Staff, Protection from Notice, Shadow Magic, Shroud of Flame, Suspension, Teleport, Vile Venom, Wall of Stone

Prepared Spells:

  • 0th: Dust, Exterminate, Knot, Unlock
  • 1st: Armor, Burning Hands, Donovan’s Heroic Fray, Normal Aura, Tenser’s Floating Disk, Wall of Fog
  • 2nd: Choke, Invisibility, Levitate
  • 3rd: Dispel Magic, Fire Wings, Nondetection,
  • 4th: Archveult’s Skybolt, Jonstal’s Double Wizardry


  • Hillsfar’s xenophobia and strict education system prevent its citizens from learning about non-human cultures and magical theory, and the lack of childhood exposure plagues them even in their later careers. The proficiencies listed as “Forbidden” above may never be taken at 1st level (even if they would be Required by his Kit), and cost double the normal number of proficiency slots to learn later (regardless of class).
    • Forbidden Proficiencies: Modern Language (any except above) and All Sorcerous Proficiencies
  • The settler, as the village founder, must spend at least one day each week attending to village matters: listening to grievances, mediating disputes, finding lost livestock, tending animals, offering advice on crops, etc. If he misses a week, his reaction bonus drops by 1 point (minimum 0) and his income declines a step (from middle class to poor to squalid) as people become less willing to deal with him. The settler can avoid these penalties if he arranges with someone else to look after the village in his absence.
  • A wizard wearing metal armor has their effective casting level decreased by one-half the AC bonus granted by the armor (thus a wizard in Scale Mail would cast spells as if he were 2 levels lower), to a minimum caster level of 1st.

Advancement Notes

  • Armor Allowed: Any Armor or Shields.
  • Weapons Allowed: Dagger, Dart, Knife, Quarterstaff, Sling, Firearms
  • Once he reaches 9th level, a wizard can pen magical scrolls and brew potions.
  • At 12th level, he can construct more powerful single-use magical items, if he has studied the Artificer’s Path.
  • At 16th level may begin creating permanent magic items.


Wizard Lab: 650gp value


Base Speed: 11

Total Weight of Gear: 24 lbs.

Unencumbered Light Moderate Heavy Severe
Weight 0 – 25 lbs. - lbs. - lbs. - lbs. 90 lbs.
Movement 12 8 6 4 1
Attack Penalty 0 0 -1 -2 -4
AC Penalty 0 0 0 -1 -3

Flavia Aram

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