Frantiska Sykora

An arcane archer with a deep interest in the languages and history of the Moonsea.


An “green” elf of the Yuirwood in Aglarond, Frantiska Sykora was taken from her people at a young age (even by non-elven standards) to become one of the so-called, “Simbul’s children,” the chosen elite of the nation of Aglarond, trained by the Witch Queen herself. While coddled to a degree during her century of training, and given access to all the magical lore of the realms, she was still given the freedom to hone her broad personal interests—studying not only magic, but archery, riding, archaeology, liguistics, and the tentants of the Selunite faith. She eventually became a Moon Knight, a champion of both her nation and her faith, wielding both magic and bow in the cause of her queen and goddess.

Like all of the Simbul’s Children, her first “mission”, has been to go out into the wider world and learn of it. Her personal interests have long lain with the Aglarondan language and its odd derivation from the language of Thar and the Moonsea, rather than its more immediate neighbors. Hoping to learn more about the history of her own land by studying its linguistic roots, she has traveled to the Moonsea “the hard way”, riding her horse, Thistledown, north through Thesk, into Damara and Vaasa, thence into the Gray Land of Thar through the treacherous Bloodstone Pass, and on south through the Twilight Marsh to the ancient, but embattled city of Phlan.

Frantiska is extremely curious, even to the point of recklessness, and will go far out of her way to study ancient texts, ruins, and artifacts, and supernatural creatures of all kinds. While beautiful, even by elven standards, she tends to be shy and quiet around other people (especially men), addressing them politely, but not talking more than necessary (unless something is present that peaks her academic interests, in which case she can become quite animated).

She prefers to avoid confrontation, and is generally very patient with others, even those whose morality and practices she finds distasteful. When evil does rear its head in ways that cannot be ignores, she would rather strike it down from a distance with a hail of enchanted arrows than confront it face to face.

Like all knights of the Moon Maiden, she is sworn to chastity. She has not, however, taken any vows of personal purity, and she likes a good smoke to unwind, especially when studying or after a hard fight.


Right leg has been amputated at the knee.

  • Carrying capacity reduced to 2/3 normal.
  • Speed reduced to 1, or 1/2 normal with crutches.
  • Cannot run or charge.

Race: Elf
Homeland: Aglarond
Class: Paladin / Diviner
Kit: Relic Seeker
Alignment: Lawful Good
Level: 4th / 4th
Experience: 15,432
Next Level: 18,000 / 20,000
Max Level: 14th / 17th

Ability Scores:

Str 11 Stamina 15
Muscle 6 -1 Melee attacks
Dex 13 Aim 18 +2 Missile attacks
Balance 14
Con 13 Health 14 88% System Shock
Fitness 12
Int 16 Reason 18 Max Spell Level 9th Max Spells/Level 25
Knowledge 14 +2 Paths 60% Learn Spell
Wis 16 Intuition 15 +5% Earned XP
Willpower 16 +2 Mental saves
Cha 17 Leadership 16 8 Henchmen +4 Loyalty
Appearance 17 +6 NPC Reactions

Combat Statistics:

Movement: 6 (1 without Crutches)

Hit Points: 7
Armor Class: 15 (5 Armor)
Base Attack Bonus: +3

  • Paralyzation/Poison/Death: 12
  • Rod/Staff/Wand: 9
  • Petrification/Polymorph: 11
  • Breath Weapon: 13
  • Spells: 10 (+1 vs. Divination spells)
Weapons # Att Att Bonus Dmg Dmg (L) Speed Range Special
Longbow 2 +7 1d8+1 1d8+1 8 50 / 100 / 170 Sidhelian Bow spell
Shortsword 1 +4 1d6 1d8 3 melee Silver
Footman’s Pick 1 +5 1d6+3 2d4+2 7 melee

Thief Skills:

OL 20% HN 30%
F/RT 20% CW 45%
MS RL 5%
LL 20%

Non-Weapon Proficiencies: General, Priest, Rogue, Warrior, Wizard

Modern Languages (Common) [B] 16 Appraising [B] 16
Modern Languages (Espruar) [B] 16 Dark Lore 13
Modern Languages (Aglarondan) [B] 16 Animal Lore 16
Modern Languages (Easting) 16 Dragon Lore 15
Modern Languages (Gurri) 16 Land-based Riding 18
Ancient Languages (Auld Tharian) [B] 16 Prayer 15
Reading/Writing (Thorass) [B] 17 Excavations 14
Reading/Writing (Espruar) [B] 17 Order of the Arrow NA
Reading Lips [B] 14
Foraging [B] 14
Blind-Fighting [B] NA
Mountaineering [B] NA
Ancient History (Etymology) [B] 15
Signature Spell (Sidhelian Bow) [B] NA

Weapon Proficiencies:
Picks Group
Bows Group

Special Powers:

  • +1 on attack and damage with weapons from the Picks group.
  • +1 on attack rolls with Longswords, Shortswords, and Bows.
  • Immune to Disease (including Lycanthropy).
  • 90% resistance to Sleep and Charm spells and effects.
  • Specialized Culture (Kur-Tharsu): +3 on proficiencies and +5% on thief skills in the ruins of Phlan.
  • Lay on Hands (heal 4 hit points per day)
  • Opponents suffer -1 on saves vs. your Enchantment spells.
  • Double normal number of attacks vs. foes of less than 1 HD.
  • Aura of Protection (evil and summoned creatures within 10-ft. radius suffer -1 on all attack rolls).
  • Detect Evil (60-ft. range) at will
  • Cast Cure Disease 1/week
  • -4 on opponent’s surprise rolls if 90-ft. from rest of party.
  • 60-ft. Infravision.
  • Detect Secret (1-2 on d6) or Concealed (1-3 on d6) doors.
  • Manifestation (+3 on NPC reactions, -3 from enemies).
  • Communion 1/week with other elves.
  • Remain comfortable in temps between 32 and 100 degrees.


  • Cannot cast spells in non-magical armor.
  • +2 on initiative rolls and always surprised in ruins.
  • Willpower check or immediately rush off after rumors of ancient ruins or artifacts.
  • -2 on NPC reactions vs. treasure-hunters and collectors.
  • May not retain wealth.
  • Never gain followers.
  • May only employ lawful good henchmen or hirelings.
  • Must tithe 10% to the Church of Selune.
  • May never knowingly perform an evil or chaotic act.
  • May not own more than 10 magic items.
  • Cannot research new spells or craft magical items.
  • Never gain Paladin spells.
  • Thayans will attack on sight.

Diviner Spells: as 4th-level Wizard

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
3 + D + S 2 + D

Forbidden Schools: Conjuration

Paths: Apprentice’s Road, Archmage’s Path, The Simbul’s Path, The Mortician’s Road, The Councilor’s Path, The Archer’s Path, Tenser’s Path, Lifemender’s Path

  • Spellbook:
    • 1st (19 of 25): Arrowflight, Cantrip, Catapult, Comprehend Languages, Corpse Visage, Detect Magic [D], Detect Untruth [D], Friends, Khinasi Trade Tongue [D], Know School [D], Locate Remains [D], Message, Preserve Dead, Read Magic [D], Regenerate Self, Sidhelian Bow [S], Tenser’s Eye of the Tiger, Tenser’s Floating Disk, Tenser’s Steady Aim
    • 2nd (22 of 25): Bloodbridge, Detect Life [D], Embalm, Fascinate, Fire Arrows, Magic Mouth, Melf’s Acid Arrow, Power Word Sleep, Preserve, Protection from Cantrips, Remove Disease, Seal Mouth, Seeking, Sense Shifting, Sinister Cantrip, Speak with Dead, Speak in Tongues, Tenser’s Brawl, Tenser’s Hunting Hawk, Wizard Lock, Words of Fire, Wound Bind,
  • Prepared Spells:
    • 1st: Arrowflight, Detect Magic, Detect Untruth, Sidhelian Bow, Tenser’s Floating Disk
    • 2nd: Detect Life, Remove Disease, Seeking

Order of the Arrow Spells: as 4th-level Caster

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
3 1
  • Spell List:
    • 1st: Charged Arrow, Fire Arrow, Inner Sight, Magic Arrow
    • 2nd: Poison Arrow, Power Strike, Cold Arrow
  • Prepared Spells:
    • 1st: Charged Arrow, Fire Arrow, Magic Arrow
    • 2nd: Cold Arrow

Advancement Notes

  • Gain 5 points for thief skills per level.
  • +5% Legend Lore per level.
  • Gain weapon proficiencies every 4 levels, nonweapon every 3 levels.
  • Have to spend a proficiency slot (either kind) on Order of the Arrow every 3 levels.
  • Automatically learn all spells from Paths without having to roll “to learn”
  • Must return to Aglarond to learn new Paths (make friends with the Aporter)


  • Crutches (allow movement at 1/2 normal speed, both hands needed to move)
  • Silver Shortsword (strapped to the outside of her left boot)
  • Sir Guy’s Spoon
  • Longsword
  • Shortsword
  • +1 Medium Shield of Charms
  • Quiver w/ 60 Sheaf Arrows
  • Spiked Leather Armor +2 (small, tasteful spikes, but still effectively pointy)
  • Shadow Cloak
  • Dress (borrowed from Lyra)
  • Silver Holy Symbol (crescent moon pendant)
  • Leather Belt
  • Large Belt Pouch (w/ Spell components)
  • Backpack
  • Spellbook
  • Tobacco (4 oz, smoked sparingly to calm her nerves)1
  • Wizard’s Scroll (Improved Whispering Wind, Lorloveim’s Creeping Shadow, Sand Tools)

Spell Components

  • Bag of Chalk
  • Bag of Soot
  • Bag of Vermillion
  • Bag of Salt
  • Bag of Ground Carrot
  • Crystal Prism
  • Bag of Tiger’s Whiskers
  • Bag of Goose Down
  • Bag of Snake’s Tongues (preserved)
  • Cigarette Rolling Papers
  • Vial of Quicklime
  • Vial of Snake Oil
  • Vial of Mercury
  • Bag of small springs
  • Rags (from a corpse)
  • Spool of Copper Wire
  • Spool of Raw Silk Thread

Cash: 0gp

1 A cigarette contains about 0.7 grams (0.02 ounces) of tobacco. So 4oz is enough for 200 cigarettes.


Base Speed: 6 (with crutches)

Total Weight of Gear: ??? lbs.

Unencumbered Max
Weight 0 – 43 lbs. 44 lbs
Movement 6 1

Frantiska Sykora

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