Grimnir's Eidolon

Large, crocodillian, six legs (4 claws), pale, loose skin, and long boney spurs coming out of its back with skulls mounted on them...


Image courtesy of Paul King

A massive, six-clawed crocodile, twice the size of the hobgoblin, with ghostly-pale flesh as hard as stone hanging in loose folds about its body and long, boney spears protruding from its back and the undersides of its limbs, smelling strongly of pine. A long, sinuous tail stretches behind it, ending in a massive, scorpion-like stinger. A creature summoned from…somewhere, by Grimnir and Melastasya using a Tract of Teratology. It clawed its way into the world out of the body of a hobgoblin which the two adventurers scalped and ceremonial boiled alive. It devotedly serves the two of them, and communicates with them in a limited way via telepathy.

Scent: Very strongly of pine.
Compulsion: To find true happiness.
Personality: Though it will value its own life above that of the caster, the monster will assist in combat, and will perceive itself to be affiliated with the caster in some way.
Duration: Requires a new sacrifice every 7 days.

Statistics: As a Behir.

Grimnir's Eidolon

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