Hazel Whitescar (Iyraclea Hyaxel IV of Sossal)

The great-great-granddaughter of the queen of Sossal. Hazel fled Sossal, her family, and her responsibilities, heading for the south.


Iyraclea Hyaxel IV, known to her southern acquaintances as Hazel, is the great-great-granddaughter of Iyraclea, the famed “Ice Queen of Sossal”. The villages and tribes of the Sossrim have been ruled by the daughters of Iyraclea for four generations, with power handed down matrilineally, while the nation has been ruled by the (now impossibly old) queen. Hazel was destined to be the next leader of the village of Hyaxel, but was simply NOT INTERESTED (her words, her emphasis).

Hazel was raised to be a tribal leader. She was taught etiquette, the folklore of her people, skills of observation, and how to command through fear (the preferred method among the Sossrim). Hazel, was however, extremely strong, reckless, and self-willed. Rather than study druidic magic like her mother (and her mother’s mother, and her mother’s mother’s mother, etc.), she instead preferred to rush out into the icy wastes with her family’s prized Iuak, Corthalis, and chop various wild animals to bloody bits (the smaller and bloodier the bits the better). Though, she did learn something of the druidic arts of skin-walking (shapechanging). She killed her first Polar Bear at the age of ten, and still wears its hide as proof that she is every bit as strong as the beast.

Like all Sossrim women (and most especially the leaders), Hazel was expected to marry at the age of sixteen and assume the mantle of rulership from her mother. Hazel, unwilling to give herself over to a life of managing land, settling disputes, and spitting out babies, chose instead to flee Sossal, her family, and her responsibilities at the age of fifteen.

Hazel fled south (the only direction to go), crossing the Great Glacier on foot into Vaasa, then over the Galena Mountains into Thar, and eventually found herself in the city of Phlan on the coast of the Moonsea. A place where her love of violence was sure to find ample outlets.

While crossing the Galena Mountains, Hazel stumbled into the lair of the great, white wyrm Peddreth Cleartalon. She nearly lost an eye to a single sweep of the dragon’s claw, earning her a horrible scar and her common Surname (Whitescar). She practically tripped over a black-bladed sword in her attempt to escape the dragon, and made off with the magical weapon as she beat a hasty retreat. Both the dragon and the girl bear a seething resentment—Hazel for the scar the beast left on her face, and Peddreth for her minor act of theft from his great hoard. It is inevitable that the two shall meet again to seek each other’s death (or so Hazel insists).

Even scarred, Hazel is a beautiful woman, and considered quite exotic by southern standards. Her skin is pale, her hair is the ice-white of the snowfields, her eyes the deep blue of a glacier. Her build is small, wiry, and amazingly muscular. The jagged pink scar crossing the left side of her face only serves to bring out the blue of her eyes…and to make her all the more frightening when she throws herself into combat, a blade in either hand, screaming and foaming at the mouth!

Despite her abdication of leadership, Hazel is a people person. She enjoys the company of others (especially “hot-blooded southern men”), loves southern fashion with its exotic fabrics (“wool?!”) and bright colors (“not white?!”), and boisterous competition (she is, so far, undefeated in arm-wrestling matches). Hazel is, however, a ruthless pragmatist at heart, who has no qualms about taking actions that others may find uncivilized. She is terrifying in battle—she fights to win, never leaves survivors who could attack her again later, and is quick to dispatch wounded or incapacitated “friends” when they are no longer useful. While she bears no one any ill-will, and can be quite heroic, she has no patience for “The Weak”.


Race: Human, Female (age 17 years)
Homeland: Sossal
Class: Berserker
Kit: Infiltrator
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Religion: A fairly-benign aspect of Auril
Level: 2nd
Experience: 3275 (after level drain)
Next Level: 9000
Max Level: Unlimited

Ability Scores:

Str 18 Stamina 17
Muscle 18 (97)
Dex 12 Aim 10
Balance 13
Con 15 Health 14
Fitness 15
Int 10 Reason 13
Knowledge 7
Wis 10 Intuition 9
Willpower 11
Cha 14 Leadership 12
Appearance 16

Combat Statistics:

Hit Points: 17
Armor Class: 13 (chainmail dress)
Base Attack Bonus: +1

  • Paralyzation/Poison/Death: 14
  • Rod/Staff/Wand: 16
  • Petrification/Polymorph: 15
  • Breath Weapon: 17
  • Spells: 17
Weapons # Att Att Bonus Dmg Dmg (L) Speed Range Special
Corthalis 1 +5 1d4+7 1d6+7 2 melee magic, silver, primary hand
Blackflame 1 +2 2d4+6 1d6+7 4 melee magic, +4 vs. undead
Crossbow 1 / 2 rounds -1 1d4+1 1d6+1 10 80 / 160 / 240 various bolts

Thief Skills: (armor included)

PP Hide in Snow 27%
OL HN 0%
F/RT CW 25%

Non-Weapon Proficiencies: General, Warrior

Language (Common) 10 Mountaineering NA
Language (Sossic) 10 Intimidation 18
Information Gathering 10 Swimming 18
Observation 10 Folklore 16
Survival (Arctic) 10 Etiquette 16
Disguise 15 Tease 15
Acting 15

Weapon Proficiencies:
Medium Blades Group
Two-weapon Style Specialization

Allowed Weapons and Armor:

  • Weapons: Any Melee
  • Armor: Any armor or shields.

Special Powers:

  • GO BERSERK!: All berserkers have the ability to “go berserk.” The frenzy is not automatic; the character cannot turn it on at will. A berserker must spend one round working himself into a frenzy, during which he can take no other action. At the end of the round, the berserker makes a saving throw vs. death magic. If the save is successful, the character reaches the berserk state. If failed, he can continue making attempts for up to ten consecutive rounds. At the end of the tenth round, the character automatically succeeds.
    • Strength: The berserker’s Muscle score increases to 19. The character gains all bonuses (attack, damage, weight allowance, etc.) for his increased Strength.
    • Hit Points: The berserker instantly gains two additional hit points for every level. The hit points gained do not heal existing wounds; they are simply added to the character’s current total. These additional hit points can cause the character’s total to exceed the normal maximum the character is allowed.
    • Armor Class: The berserker’s base armor class improves by 1 for every level of the character. This adjustment is to the character’s normal unarmored rating. This bonus does not apply if the character is wearing armor.
    • Charms: While berserk, the character gains a +2 to all saving throws vs. charms or mental-
      based attacks.
    • Single-Mindedness: Once a character goes berserk, he must enter melee combat with the enemy. Though the berserker can pick and choose his targets, he cannot hang back from battle. If he does, the berserk fury leaves him within two rounds. Once in combat, a berserk character cannot change opponents until the current foe is either slain or flees and cannot be pursued. The restriction on changing opponents applies only after the berserker has actually entered into combat. If not actually engaged in melee, the character can move and attack whomever he chooses.
    • Retreat: Once a berserker has entered his battle fury, he cannot retreat from combat without breaking the delicate psychological state that generates his power. If the berserk character withdraws from combat, routs, or is forced to retreat, the berserk fury immediately ends.
    • Loss of Powers: As soon as the berserk rage ends, all powers gained (increased Strength, hit points, armor class and charm resistance) vanish. All damage suffered is taken from the temporary hit points first.
    • Exhaustion: Going berserk is a voluntary action; the player can choose to end it at any time. However, berserking can be physically draining. The character can only remain berserk for a number of rounds equal to his Fitness score. If he has not ended the rage before before this time, it instantly ceases. As soon as the character stops being berserk, he must make another saving throw vs. death. If the saving throw is successful, the character is unaffected by his fury. Should he fail the saving throw, the berserker is immediately drained and exhausted. The character’s Strength (both Muscle and Stamina) is reduced by 5 (from its normal non-berserk state) and remains reduced until the character has time to rest. Strength recovers at the rate of 1 point per turn of rest. The character cannot again attempt to go berserk until his Strength has returned to its normal level.
  • When engaged with large numbers of weak enemies (less than 1 HD each), the warrior gains double his normal number of attacks per round (including doubling attacks with off-hand weapons). Starting at 11th level, this applies to any foe with 10 fewer HD than the warrior’s levels (so a 12th level warrior can do this against 2HD creatures).
  • Infiltrators are extremely adept at social engineering. The Infiltrator gains a +2 bonus on all Charisma-based proficiency checks.
  • Infiltrators are so adept at disguises that they only suffer a -4 penalty when attempting to appear as another race. He gains an additional +1 bonus on all Disguise checks for every four levels he gains.
  • +4 bonus on any saving throw they must make to escape or lessen the effects of a cold-based or ice-based attack. Any damage they suffer from such attacks is made with a -1 penalty per die rolled.
  • Sossrim gain a +1 on their saving throws versus dragon breath, and a +2 bonus on saving throws against any type of dragon-fear.
  • A Sossrim has the ability to assume the shape of the many animals that live around him. This power may be employed once in any 24-hour period, with a duration in turns equal to his character level (3 Turns). The transformation takes one round and functions much like the wizard’s shape change spell. Unless the DM rules against a specific animal, the Sossrim may become any creature whose natural climate is arctic. The principle limiting factor of the character’s ability is that the creature cannot have more than half his own Hit Dice, rounded up (2HD).
    • List of Available Forms (2HD or less): Beaver, Bird of Tyaa, Ermine, Fox (Arctic), Ice Crab, Lynx Minimal, Mouse (Vole), Rabbit (Arctic Hare), Raven (Rook), Scathe Larva, Sea Otter, Snowy Owl, Wood Rohch, Wynzet (see also Arctic Land Animals)
  • In a setting with snow on the ground, Sossrim can naturally pass without trace (as the spell). Sossrim also are able to hide against snowy terrain, until it seems that they are nearly invisible. This works similarly to the Hide in Shadows ability, but it only works in snow. It operates at +10% effectiveness in areas of heavy snow coverage, +10% in darkness, and -20% when hiding from someone with infravision.
  • Berserkers gain experience according to the guidelines for the warrior group. In addition to the experience awards already listed, berserkers can earn an individual experience point award for initiating combat. This award is worth 200 experience points. The berserker character must be the one who leads his side into battle before the foes attack. Furthermore, the award is not given if it was clear from the start of the encounter that both sides intended to fight.


  • Characters of the Cold Lands suffer greatly from heat-based or fire-based attacks. Any saving throw made to escape or reduce the effects of attacks like this suffers a -4 penalty. These characters also suffer an extra 2 points of damage per die rolled from any such attack whether or not they successfully save against it.
  • In places where the temperature tops 80 degrees Fahrenheit, the Sossrim becomes agitated and uncomfortable from the heat. All of his ability scores are reduced by 2 until he can get to a cooler site.
  • This extreme enmity has not gone unnoticed by the white dragons around Sossal. The DM should create an NPC white dragon specifically as the PC’s enemy and begin working the warrior slowly towards the life-or-death confrontation with the dragon.
  • There are many monsters whose natures and abilities baffle and surprise the Sossal warriors. Thus, a Sossrim character is surprised on a 1-4 on a d10 when encountering monsters that are not native to Arctic environments.
  • The Infiltrator spends so much time taking on the roles of other people that he may begin to lose his own sense of identity. He suffers a -1 penalty per four levels (round up) on saving throws against charm, hypnotism, suggestion, domination, and memory altering effects.

Advancement Notes

  • +7% to Hide in Snow per level.
  • When a Sossrim reaches seventh level, he or she must slay a white dragon within a year; the PC cannot rise above 7th level until he or she has killed a white dragon (50% or more of total damage).
  • At 7th level, they can make 3 attacks every 2 rounds. At 13th level and up, they can make 2 attacks per round.
  • A berserker can shapechange into a wolf at 4th level.
  • The berserker can shapechange into a cave bear at 7th level.
  • Berserkers attract followers upon attaining 9th level. Those willing to serve the berserker are few, but noteworthy. The berserker will attract ld4+1 heroes. Roll on the table below. These followers are fanatically loyal to the berserker, willing to stand by him even to the death.
  • The berserker can shape-journey (hamfarir) at 12th level.



Hazel Whitescar (Iyraclea Hyaxel IV of Sossal)

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