Hot Flanks (Topla Slabinite)

A member of "The Amazons", an all-girl adventuring party from the south that has been operating in Phlan for some time.


Topla, or ‘Hot Flanks’ in common, came to Phlan by way ot Hlodath, along with her sister-in-arms Battle Cry. A long-time rabbel-rouser, Hot Flanks is the one who turned Battle Cry’s attention to the evils of the city-state’s Yuan-ti rulers. She bears some guilt for getting her ‘sister’ exiled from the city along with her, but not much. She is one of the most out-going of the Amazons, at least as far as men are concerned, and is more than willing to use seduction (either traditional or ‘psionically enhanced’) to get what she wants.

The subject of Yuan-ti experiments, Hot Flanks is a Gorgonae, having more than a little reptilian blood and expansive psionic talents. After leaving Hlondath, she abandoned her psionic studies, instead devoting her time to learning the Rune magics of the north. She joins Battle Cry in actively hunting down Yuan-ti and other reptilian or psionic monsters in the north, using their unique mix of magical capabilities to root out the slithering menaces.


She’s a mix of Gorgon symbolism and the Dahomey Amazons. Since Medusa was always described as having hair made of snakes, I thought it might be cool to put the snakes in her costume instead, and give her dreadlocks (since the Gorgonae were African).


Race: Human
Homeland: Hlondath
Class: Rune Caster (dual-class former Psionicist)
Kit: Mind-Stalker (Exile)
Alignment: Neutral
Religion: Hoar
Level: 5th (3rd)
Experience: 223290 (4840)
Next Level: 40000
Max Level: Unlimited

Ability Scores:

Str 14 Stamina 11
Muscle 16 +1 damage
Dex 14 Aim 14
Balance 14
Con 16 Health 17 +2 power points
Fitness 14
Int 16 Reason 16 +1 power points
Knowledge 16
Wis 17 Intuition 16 +10% experience, 2 runes
Willpower 17 +3 mental saves, +2 power points
Cha 10 Leadership 7
Appearance 13


  • Initiative: -2
  • Surprise: +0
  • NPC Reaction: +1

Combat Statistics:
Hit Points: 23
Armor Class: 13 (armor)
Base Attack Bonus: +1

  • Paralyzation/Poison/Death: 13
  • Rod/Staff/Wand: 11
  • Petrification/Polymorph: 10
  • Breath Weapon: 15
  • Spells: 12
Weapons # Att Att Bonus Dmg Dmg (L) Speed Range Special
Guisarme 1 +1 2d4+3 1d8+3 8 melee magic (Triumph), two-handed
Mantooth 1 +1 1d8+1 1d12+1 3 melee magic, +2 vs. Wizards, sever barriers, deflect spells
Flandal’s Club 1 +1 1d6+5 1d3+5 0 melee iron, magic, 2x damage vs. cold

Thief Skills: (in armor)

OL HN 15%
F/RT CW 40%
MS 31% RL

Non-Weapon Proficiencies: General, Wizard, Psionicist

Modern Languages (Common) 16 Astrology 16
Modern Languages (Sespechian) 16 Disguise 9
Modern Languages (Yuan-ti) 16 Endurance 16
Modern Languages (Tharian) 16 Explosive Energy 17
Ancient Languages (Eshowan) 16 Cryptography 15
Reading/Writing (Runes) 17 Enamor 8
Survival (Swamps) 16 Rejuvenation 16
Illithid Sense 13 Cerebral Blind 15
Lucid Buffer NA Bribery 16
Psionic Detection 15 Crowd Working 12
Philosophy 16 Tattooing 14
Poison Use 12

Weapon Proficiencies:
Pole Axes Group

Special Powers:

  • Psionicists gain a +2 bonus on all saving throws us. enchantment/charm spells and the like. This is in addition to their magical defense adjustment for high Wisdom.
  • The adventurers of the Vilhon Reach are so skillful at predicting the outcome of political struggles, military conflicts, and other contests that they have acquired quite a reputation for soothsaying. This knack gives them a -2 bonus to all initiative rolls.
  • An exile is something of a hero to those that oppose his former homeland. When dealing with enemies of his former government or church, whether they are oppressed peasants, foreign governments, or criminals, he receives a +2 modifier to his reaction rolls. Additionally, he and his companions will be given food and shelter from all such NPCs whose modified reaction is Friendly.
  • A mindstalker’s hatred for illithids and their ilk runs deep. He gains a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls against any monster with psionic abilities. This only applies to creatures with psionic abilities in their MM entry (such as illithids, aboleths, gith, or yuan-ti), it does not apply to humanoids with psionic wild talents or levels in the psionicist class.


  • The yuan-ti have not been idle in Hlondeth. Over the years they have gradually been working to assume control of the city. They have focused their knowledge toward making the people of the city mentally pliable and receptive to psionic domination. In game terms this weakness manifests itself whenever the character is attacked with any spell from the Enchantment school or the priestly Charm sphere. In either case, the victim suffers a -4 penalty on any saving throw that he is allowed to make.
  • Perhaps it is due to the yuan-ti rulership or the serpent influence on the city’s ancient history, but Hlondethans have an irrational fear of birds, especially birds of prey or giant versions of common birds. Around normal birds (crows, sparrows, pigeons, doves, seagulls), Hlondethans experience an uneasiness that translates into a -1 penalty on attack rolls and initiative rolls.
    When a Hlondethan is within 60’ of a bird of prey (eagle, hawk, falcon), or is in sight of a giant species of bird (such as a roc), he must make a saving throw vs wands or suffer the effects of a fear spell. This effect lasts 2d4+2 rounds or until the bird leaves.
  • There are many folks outside the Vilhon Reach and the Old Empires regions that are leery of dealing with folks who are ruled by the yuan-ti, an evil serpent race. When interacting with NPCs beyond the Vilhon Reach/Old Empire areas, NPC reactions suffer a -2 penalty.
  • High-ranking NPCs are reluctant to associate too closely with an exile, fearing they might invite the wrath of the exile’s former government or church. Therefore, sensing the exile’s discomfort and distrust, all characters in positions of power suffer a –3 modifier to their reaction rolls.
  • Officials of the exile’s original government or church consider him an embarrassment at best, a traitor at worst. An exile is constantly hunted and harassed by his former society, who may seek to punish, arrest, or even execute him.
  • When confronted with an opportunity to attack or continue to fight a psionic enemy, the Mindstalker must make a successful Willpower check or be unable to decline the battle. The check can, however, be modified or ignored based on circumstances. For example, no Mindstalker will break cover and blow an ambush to tromp on the first mindflayer to appear when he or she knows that a little patience will mean the chance to kill a lot more of them.
  • Psionicists are not limited in the armor they wear, but metal armor interferes with the operation of psionic abilities. A psionicist wearing metal armor suffers a penalty to all psionic power scores equal to one-half the AC bonus granted by the armor (thus Banded Mail would impose a -3 penalty to all of the psionicist’s power scores).
  • A psionicist can use his powers while wearing a helmet that is psionically active, or one featuring magical enchantments that affect or simulate psionic powers. But if the psionicist is wearing a normal helmet of any sort, he cannot use his powers. Removing a normal helmet won’t affect the character’s armor class, but it does make the character vulnerable to called shots to his head (effective AC 10 for head shots).

Psionic Power:

Power Points: 141
Recharge: 17 per hour
Rejuvenation: 34 per hour

Power Discipline Level Power Score Initial Cost Maintenance
Feel Sound Clairsentience Devotion 14 5 3 per round
Domination Telepathic Science 13 contact varies
Mindlink Telepathic Science 14 contact 8 per round
Mindwipe Telepathic Science 10 contact 8 per round
Tower of Iron Will Telepathic Science 15 6
Attraction Telepathic Devotion 13 contact 8 per round
Contact Telepathic Devotion 21 3+ 1 per round
ESP Telepathic Devotion 13 contact 6 per round
Mind Blank Telepathic Devotion 10 0 always active
Mind Thrust Telepathic Devotion 15 2
Phobia Amplification Telepathic Devotion 15 contact 4 per round
Psionic Blast Telepathic Devotion 12 10
Complete Healing Psychometabolic Science 12 30
Life Draining Psychometabolic Science 13 11 5 per round
Double Pain Psychometabolic Devotion 13 7
Psychic Surgery Metapsionic Science 12 contact 10 per turn
Gird Metapsionic Devotion 13 0 2x girded power
Psionic Inflation Metapsionic Devotion 12 20 3 per round
Psionic Sense Metapsionic Devotion 14 4 1 per round

Runes: as 5th-level Runecaster

Using Runes:
Scribing a rune is a three-step process known as skapeng (shaping). The first step is the gormeng (planning). During this stage, the caster begins to concentrate on the essential truths and modifies the rune’s ideal image in his mind in accordance with the circumstances. The second step is the skrapeng (scraping), during which the rune is actually carved, drawn, or inscribed. No special tools or items are necessary to shape most runes (any old carving knife or quill will do). The third step is the virkreng (activation); only then does the caster summon forth the rune’s power. The final step in any activation is wetting or “baptizing” the rune to release its energies. Any non-poisonous liquid is quite suitable for this purpose (ale, water, blood, or even saliva will do). Any rune not baptized within five rounds of its shaping loses its potential and becomes useless. After baptizing the rune, the caster makes a save vs. spells (the “activation roll”). If the save succeeds, the rune becomes active. If it fails, the rune is useless and the caster must begin all over again.

Unlike other magical writing, once a rune has taken effect, it does not disappear. Once its effects are exhausted, however, the rune becomes an ordinary carving with no magical properties. To renew the rune’s power, the caster must shape it all over again. Unless otherwise specified, a rune may be used one time only, though the rune may stand ready in its activated state for years before its power is called upon. Note that at any given time, a runecaster may keep a maximum number of active runes equal to his level (5 runes). Should the caster shape more runes, the power automatically fades from one of his earlier runes.

Known Runes:


  • Shaping Time: 1d8 hours
  • Prerequisites: None
  • This rune is shaped on the side of a cup, goblet, or bottle. Thereafter, the first time the cup is filled, its contents transmute into a potion of healing. When shaping this rune, the caster must make his activation check behind a shield, out of his own view. If the activation roll is a “1,” the contents of the cup do not metamorphose into a potion of healing, but into a deadly Type J poison that is indistinguishable from a potion of healing.


  • Shaping Time: 1d12 hours
  • Prerequisites: Healing
  • This rune is shaped upon a helmet or girdle. Thereafter, any character who wears this item receives a +1 bonus to his Intelligence and Wisdom ability scores (and all associated bonuses, etc.) for a number of minutes equal to the level of the caster. If the runed object is removed from the character during this time period, the rune’s spell is instantly broken.


  • Shaping Time: 1d6 hours
  • Prerequisites: None
  • This rune is inscribed upon an article of clothing. By wearing this article of clothing, the caster (and only the caster), may polymorph self as per the fourth-level wizard spell. The polymorph effect lasts only for a number of minutes equal to twice the caster’s level.


  • Shaping Time: 1d3 hours
  • Prerequisites: None
  • This powerful rune is inscribed upon the blade of a weapon. If the rune is properly activated, the next time that weapon is used in combat, its wielder may add +2 to all his damage rolls and treat the weapon as though it is +2 for the purposes of attacking creatures struck only by enchanted blades. (The wielder does not receive the +2 bonus to his attack rolls.)
    Note that the triumph rune’s effects last only for the duration of a single battle.

Blinding light

  • Shaping Time: 1d8 hours
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Learnable: Three times
  • Once activated, this rune turns the first undead creature that views it (as a 6th-level Cleric). Regardless of the number of potential targets who stumble across the rune, it turns only the very first undead to see it.
    The blinding light rune gets its name from the brilliant flash that accompanies its effects. The resulting burst of light illuminates everything within 200 feet’ for a single round. All creatures in the area of effect must roll successful saving throws vs. spell or be blinded for 1d3 rounds (2d4 rounds if they were using infravision at the time). Creatures to whom sunlight is harmful or unnatural (such as vampires or drow) suffer permanent blindness if the saving throw is failed, and are blinded for 2d6 rounds if the saving throw is successful. Those within its area of effect lose any infravision capabilities for 1d4+1 rounds.


  • Shaping Time: 1d8 turns
  • Prerequisites: None
  • When placed upon a shield, this rune improves that shield’s AC benefit by an additional +1. This effect lasts only for the duration of the next battle in which the shield is used.


  • Shaping Time: 1d4 hours
  • Prerequisites: None
  • This rune is shaped upon the haft or hilt of a weapon. In battle, the wielder of this weapon can call upon the rune’s power to enter into a berserk fury. Assuming the rune was properly shaped, the weapon’s wielder may make an attempt to become berserk at the end of any combat round by making a save vs. paralysis. If the save is successful, the wielder enters into the fury. If it is unsuccessful, he must wait and try again next round.
    While in his berserk state, the wielder gains +2 points of Strength, a +2 bonus to his AC, and a +2 bonus to all his saving throws. In return for these benefits, however, he must remain in melee combat for the entire duration of the fury. If he manages to vanquish all of his enemies during this period, he must begin fighting his friends. Once invoked, the berserk state lasts 1d4 rounds. At the end of this time period, the berserker may attempt a save vs. paralysis (without the berserker saving throw bonus) to recover from the fury. If this save is unsuccessful, the berserker remains in the fury but makes an additional recovery attempt at the end of each subsequent round.

Advancement Notes

Armor Allowed:

  • Chainmail or lighter armor. Any shields.

Weapons Allowed:

  • Any weapons.
  • Additional Dual-Class Options: Mage, Abjurer, Conjurer, Diviner, Invoker, Necromancer, Wild Mage, Sha’ir, Cleric, Shaman, Monk.
  • Gain 4 psionic power points per Runecaster level.
  • Learn 1 Rune per runecaster level.
    *Each mindstalker gains a +10 bonus when rolling for the normal chance for a psionic wild talent that all characters possess. If the character is also a psionicist, these wild talents are in addition to any powers he would learn normally.


  • Blinding Light Rune (tattooed on left palm — to be held up if undead show up)
  • shield of lorin (shield)
  • Ada’s Chainmail of War (armor)
  • Leather Cuirass
  • Leather Skirt
  • Chainmail Loincloth (worn under other clothing, w/ Transformation rune)
  • Bracers (+1 AC vs. one attack per round)
  • Plain gold armlets (10gp value)
  • Silent Shoes
  • Leather Belt (w/ Wisdom rune)
  • Guisarme (crescent-bladed thing in the picture, w/ Triumph rune)
  • Flandal Steelskin’s Iron Club
  • Mantooth
  • Quill of Pyrophilius
    • More than two dozen quills are known to have been enchanted by a mighty magician living on Abeir-Toril. Each quill is made from a Ki-Rin feather, and the spirit of a sprite has been forcibly trapped within them. The sprite listens to any intelligible conversation within normal hearing distance and writes it down on the nearest piece of paper, or any other suitable substance. The quill never runs out of ink, and cannot move, other than to write. Any language that is heard by the quill can be transcribed, being written in the language being spoken. If more than one person is speaking at a time, the quill transcribes the loudest voice. The quill is activated by a specific command word, and can be deactivated by restating the command word, or physically destroying the item, which frees the trapped sprite.


Hot Flanks (Topla Slabinite)

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