Not a true Hengeyokai, Jack was originally just a common Thayan house sparrow, until a passing Tanar’ri, trapped in the material plane, thought it would be humorous to grant him sentience. Jack, being a bit bird-brained at the time, accepted the fiend’s deal and was subject to the Curse of Everchanging Forms.

Luckily for Jack, the changing form brought with it a superior intellect. While bound by the strictures of the curse, Jack, since he was not humanoid to begin with, has more control of his form than most warlock’s, being able to freely resume his original, sparrow form, regardless of what changing form the curse forces on him that day.

Sneaking about Thay whenever he could manage a human shape, Jack was able to learn quite a bit of magic — bolstered by his fiendish pacts. Unfortunately, his tendency to assume animal forms at inopportune times made it difficult to disguise his Warlock nature. As his magic grew, so too did the level of rage it seemed to invoke in “normal” humans. Driven from place, to place, to place, usually ahead of angry mobs, he has been looking for anyone willing to give him the benefit of the doubt — usually by approaching them as an animal first.

Animal Form

Hybrid Form

Human Form

Swanmay Form

Bear Form

Fox Form

Eagle Form


Race: Sparrow Hengeyokai
Homeland: Thay
Class: Red Wizard (Enchanter/Wild Mage)
Kit: Warlock
Alignment: Non-Lawful, Non-Good
Religion: Orish-Nla
Level: 6th
Experience: 70,688 (ready to level)
Next Level: 60,000
Max Level: 11th

Ability Scores:

Str 14 Stamina 13
Muscle 15 Open Doors 8 Bend Bars 7%
Dex 9 Aim 10
Balance 7
Con 7 Health 4 System Shock 40%
Fitness 10 Resurrection 75%
Int 18 Reason 17 Max Spell level 8th Spells/Level 24
Knowledge 19 Paths +5 Learn Spell 90%
Wis 11 Intuition 11
Willpower 10
Cha 16 Leadership 15 7 Henchmen +3 Loyalty
Appearance 16 +5 NPC Reactions


  • Initiative: +0
  • Surprise: +0
  • NPC Reaction: +2 (0 vs. Aglarondans or Rashemi)

Combat Statistics:
Hit Points: 29
Armor Class: 15 (bandana, armor), 22 (sparrow, bandana, armor)
Base Attack Bonus: +1

  • Paralyzation/Poison/Death: 13
  • Rod/Staff/Wand: 8
  • Petrification/Polymorph: 10
  • Breath Weapon: 12
  • Spells: 9 (+2 vs. Enchantment, -2 vs. Invocation, Necromancy, and Elemental spells)
Weapons # Att Att Bonus Dmg Dmg (L) Speed Range Special
Spear, One-handed 1/round +3 1d6 1d8 6 Melee Silver, Sharpened
Spear, Two-handed 1/round +3 1d8+1 2d6 6 Melee Silver, Sharpened
Impaler of Thorns 1/round +3 1d6 1d6+1 9 melee Magic. Despair scream on Crit.

Thief Skills: (in armor)

OL HN 0%
F/RT CW 10%

Non-Weapon Proficiencies: General, Wizard, Warrior

Modern Languages (Common) 18 Magic Energy Conservation
Modern Languages (Thayan) 18 Signature Spell (Battlefate)
Modern Languages (Mulhorandi) 18 Signature Spell (Deep Pockets)
Modern Languages (Hengeyokai) 18 Thaumaturgy 16
Modern Languages (Songbirds) 18 Spellcraft 16
Modern Languages (Tharian) 18 Spirit Lore 12
Literacy 19 Research 18
Artistic Ability (Tattoos) 10 Recharge 13
Tattooing 9 Weapon Sharpening 17
Disguise 15 Planes Lore 15 (17 for the Abyss)
1 slot

Weapon Proficiencies:
Spears Tight Group

Special Powers:

  • Weapon of Choice: +1 on all attack rolls with Spears.
  • Warlocks may learn and cast priest spells from the Chaos sphere as wizard spells. They treat these spheres as bonus Paths (they do not count against the warlock’s number of paths known).
  • Warlocks treat all spells from the Chaos priest sphere as belonging to the school of Wild Magic for the purpose of their specialization bonuses.
  • At 5th level, a wizard’s lifespan is extended by his constant exposure to the arcane. The wizard’s maximum lifespan increases by an amount equal to five times his level.
  • When a warlock reaches 4th level, he gains the power to summon massive magical energies that allow him to cast any one spell at maximum effect once per day. The spell must be at least one level lower than the highest spell level he can cast. The spell automatically has maximum range, duration, and effect.
  • Because specialists have an enhanced understanding of spells within their school, they receive a +2 bonus when making saving throws against those spells (Enchantment or Wild Magic) when cast by other wizards. Likewise, other characters suffer a -2 penalty when making saving throws against a specialist casting spells within his school.
  • Specialists receive a bonus of +15% when learning spells from the Enchantment or Wild Magic schools and a penalty of -15% when learning spells from other schools. The bonus or penalty is applied to the percentile dice roll the player must make when the character tries to learn a new spell.
  • Certain magical items behave differently in the hands of a wild mage. Most notable of these is the wand of wonder. The wild mage has a 50% chance of controlling the wand, allowing him to use charges from the wand to cast any spell he already knows (but does not need to have memorized). The number of charges used by the wand is equal to the number of levels of the spell desired. If the attempt fails, only one charge is used and a random effect is generated.
  • The wild mage can also control the following items 50% of the time, thereby allowing him to select the result or item instead of relying on chance: amulet of the planes, bag of beans, bag of tricks, deck of illusions, deck of many things, and the well of many worlds.
  • Each time a wild mage uses a spell with a level variable, he randomly determines the resulting casting level of the spell. On a roll of a natural 6, the spell causes a Wild Magic Surge.
d20 roll Caster Level
1-2 3rd
3-4 4th
5-9 5th
10-11 6th
12-16 7th
17-18 8th
19-20 9th
  • Shapeshifting: A hegeyokai has three forms: Animal, Human, and Human-Animal hybrid. A hengeyokai can change form (between any of the three) once per day per level (6/day); once it has exhausted this ability, it must remain in its current form until the next day. Changing form takes a full round to complete, and all armor & equipment is left behind when it transforms. Spells that reveal illusions do not affect a hengeyokai in its animal or human forms.
    • Animal Form: Jack takes the form of a small sparrow. A hengeyokai in animal form can only speak the hengeyokai and animal languages in this form. In animal form, its maximum hitpoint value is halved (round up); damage from one form carries over and it cannot assume animal form if this would leave it with 0 or less hit points. If reduced to 0 HP in animal form, the hengeyokai is slain outright. While in sparrow form, Jack gains a +7 natural bonus to AC, and a Fly speed of 15 ©. All hengeyokai have infravision 120 feet in animal form.
    • Bipedal Form: Now appearing as a humanoid animal, the hengeyokai retains the ability to speak to animals and its infravision, but has access to all of its normal abilities. However, it loses any special movement rates, such as fly, swim, or increased/decreased land speed, cannot use any natural attacks, and does not benefit from an altered base Armor Class.
    • Human Form: In human form, a hengeyokai loses its animal-speech, infravision, natural attacks, base armor class and special movement traits, but retains all of its class abilities.


  • When dealing with NPCs, all reaction rolls are penalized at -4 (-6 with NPCs of Aglarond or Rashemen).
  • Whenever a Red Wizard must make a saving throw to escape or lessen the effects of an Invocation, Necromancy, or Elemental spell he suffers a -2 penalty.
  • The Warlock must sacrifice the equivalent of one large domestic animal to the denizens of the underworld per level each time he increases a level.
  • Taboos:
    • Kas’rarlin’s Greed: May never carry gold on his person. May not cast any spells while in possession of any item made from gold.
    • Chiryn’s Jealousy: May never sleep in the same bed as a mortal. Doing so causes him to lose 1 level worth of experience.
  • The Curse of Refusal: Death has refused to allow the warlock entry to the realm of the dead, so all warlocks become undead upon their deaths. The exact form that an undead warlock assumes depends on the level that the warlock attained in life (Wraith at 6th level). The warlock loses his spell-casting abilities upon death, unless the undead form taken is normally capable of casting spells. Despite the character’s new status, the Curse of Changing Form is still in effect. As a result, the undead character may be a shadow dwarf or bear on any given day. The character retains his undead abilities and immunities in any form.
  • The Curse of Everchanging Form: Each day at midnight, Jack must roll randomly to determine what form he takes that day. This replaces his Human form, but does not impede his ability to shapechange into animal or hybrid forms. The warlock can speak and cast spells in all forms. In other respects, this curse acts as a polymorph self spell.
d7 Roll Form (replaces Human form)
1 Human
2 Mongrelman
3 Fox
4 Dwarf
5 Brown Bear
6 Swanmay (Human female, sparrow replaced by Swan)
7 Eagle

Wizard Spells: Caster level 6th

0th 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
3 + E 4 + E + W + S + T 2 + E + W + S + T 2 + E + W + T

Forbidden Schools: Invocation, Necromancy, Elemental

Paths Known: Apprentice’s Path [B], Warlock’s Path [B], Finnot’s Path, King’s Road, Knight’s Road, Nybor’s Path, Path of the Mind, Path of the Red Wizards, Road to Success, Wild Road, Wesley’s Anomalous Path

Spell Book:

  • Cantrips (22 of 24): Catfeet, Clean, Curdle [E], Cut, Dim, Distract [E], Dry, Fire Finger, Flavor [E], Freshen [E], Gallop, Giggle [E], Listen, Mask, Rainbow, Scorch, Spider, Sting, Unlock, Untie, Wilt [E], Wink [E]
  • 1st level (18 of 24): Accuracy [E], Armor, Aura Fire, Avoid Planar Effects, Battlefate [W, S], Cantrip, Conjure Spell Components, Detect Magic, Detect Temporal Anomaly, Empathic Seizure [E], Filth’s Bane, Finnot’s Spinagon Strike, Hornung’s Guess [W], Know Faction, Mistaken Missive [W], Nybor’s Gentle Reminder [E], Read Magic, Storm’s Frozen Moment
  • 2nd level (19 of 24): Call Society, Chaos Shield [W], Chaos Ward [W], Create Enchanted Tattoo, Deep Pockets [E, S], Detect Psionics, Dissension’s Feast [E, W], Empathic Control [E], ESP, Finnot’s Unholy Imbuement, First Strike, Flann’s Finery, Forget [E], Nahal’s Nonsensical Nullifier [W], Power Word Sleep, Summon Equine Beings, TIme Slip, Viccissitude [W], Wizard Lock
  • 3rd level (18 of 24): Alternate Reality [W], Boon of Fortune, Dispel Magic, Find Traps, Finnot’s Shambling Menace, Jalartan’s Miraculum, Improved Mind Mantle, Iron Mind, Mailed Might, Nybor’s Mild Admonishment [E], Random Casualty [W], Spliff’s Wonder Bubbles [W], Stabilize Chaos, Time Snare, Trap Spellbook, Weapon Proficiency, Wizard Sight
  • Prepared Spells:
    • 0th: Clean, Dry, Distract, Unlock
    • 1st: Armor, Battlefate, Battlefate, Detect Magic, Hornung’s Guess, Know Faction, Nybor’s Gentle Reminder, Nybor’s Gentle Reminder
    • 2nd: Chaos Shield, Deep Pockets, Empathic Control, First Strike, Time Slip, Viccissitude
    • 3rd: Alternate Reality, Dispel Magic, Find Traps, Nybor’s Mild Admonishment, Spliff’s Wonder Bubbles

Active Spells: 3rd, 9th, 8th

  • Trap Spellbook (all the spellbooks): 8 days.
  • Magic Tattos (self): 6 days. Gain 1 extra 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level spell slots.
  • Flann’s Finery (self): 2 days
  • Deep Pockets (self): 20 hours
  • Armor (self): Until taking 11 hit-points of damage.

Advancement Notes

  • Armor Allowed: None.
  • Weapons Allowed: Spear (any), Club (any), Mace (any), Dagger (any), Bow (any)
  • Warlocks are hardier than other wizards. They use six-sided dice for hit points instead of four-sided dice.
  • Add 1 new random form to Curse of Changing Form each level.
  • Gain 1 Weapon proficiency slot every 6 levels.
  • Gain 1 Non-Weapon proficiency slot every 3 levels.
  • Gain a new Taboo every 5 levels.
  • At 9th level, a wizard can pen magical scrolls and brew potions. He can construct more powerful magical items only after he has learned the appropriate spells (or works with someone who knows them).
  • At 11th level, the Enchanter gains the ability to cast a special free action spell once per day on himself or any creature he touches. The casting time is only 1, and no material components are required; the spell duplicates the effects of the 4th-level priest spell free action and lasts for one hour.
  • At 14th level, the Enchanter acquires immunity to all forms of the charm spell.


  • Red Bandana of Protection +1 (will resize when he changes shape and is always worn, even in animal form)
  • Ring of Shifting Stars (resizes to fit any left pinky finger, regardless of form)
  • Robe of Deep Pockets (sleeveless, knee-length, lots of pockets, material focus)
    • Scarab of Uncertainty
    • Breeches, Drawers, Hose, High Soft Boots
    • Red Wizard’s Amulet (brass skull on sunburst, material focus)
    • Bag of Caltrops (1 lb)
    • 2 Dogpepper Packets
    • 2 flasks Greek Fire (4 lbs)
    • 20 flasks Finnot’s Unholy Water
    • 1 vial of Weaponblack
    • 1 Flashpowder Grenade
    • Black stone banking chit (Vault #711)
    • Spellbook (3 lbs)
    • Spell Components (1 lb)
      • Brush & Ink (accuracy, mistaken missive, create enchanted tattoo)
      • 39 Electrum Coins (battlefate)
      • 140 Copper Coins (ESP)
      • Purified Sand (first strike)
      • Deck of Playing Cards (chaos ward, 52 cards)
      • 1 Dozen Eggs (nahal’s nonsensical nullifier)
      • 8 Bone Dice (viccissitude)
      • 3 sticks Santalwood Incense (compose mind)
      • 8 Sewing Needles (deep pockets)
      • Yard of Fine Linen Cloth (deep pockets)
      • Deadly Nightshade Berries (thundaerl’s universal taster)
      • Snakeskin (thundaerl’s universal taster)
      • Chunk of Obsidian created by an exploding Meteor (Spell key for Avernus)
      • 2 Medium Glass Rods
      • Tarot Deck
    • Silver-headed Spear (5 lbs, sharpened)
    • Chiryn’s Love Letter (with Mistaken Missive cast on it)
    • Amulet of Protection vs. Charm Person
    • False Scabbard (2 lbs)
    • Silver Censer w/ Ivalera trapped inside
    • Impaler of Thorns
  • 80 Silver Pieces, 61 Copper Pieces
  • Ornamental Armor: Broadbelt (12 lbs), Chainmail Leggings (20 lbs), Steel Shoulder Plate (5 lbs)
  • Leather Belt
  • Large Belt Pouch (1 lb)
  • Small Belt Pouch (1/2 lb)
  • Leather Backpack (2 lbs)
  • Fine Quality Wet Stone
  • Wand (0.5 lbs, reduce casting times by 1)
  • 3-gallon Waterskin (25 lbs)
  • 1-gallon Wineskin (9 lbs)
  • Whetstone & Strop (1 lb)
  • Armor Repair Kit (1 lb)
  • Rapier (4 lbs)
  • Broadsword (4 lbs)
  • Flint & Steel
  • Hardwood Snuff Box
  • Silver Hairbrush
  • Small Iron Tongs
  • Grappling Iron
  • Wine Glass
  • 2 sets Lock Picks
  • Nesting Dolls
  • Duck Call
  • Drawmouth Quiver w/ 24 Armor Piercing Arrows
    • 19 Silver Sling Bullets
    • 12 Flight Arrows
    • 1 Adamantine Arrow
  • Finnot’s Book (3 lbs)
  • Found Spellbook (3 lbs, Artificer’s Path, Glassblower’s Path, Knight’s Road)
    • Mending
    • Charge
    • Item
    • Serel’s Minor Enchantment
    • Burning Sands
    • Bloodglass
    • Disarm
    • Phantom Armor
    • Speedmount
    • Icelance
    • Mailed Might
    • Phantom Steed
    • Weapon Proficiency
  • Found Spellbook (3 lbs, Coward’s Path, Garden Path, Path of Deception)
    • Expeditious Retreat
    • Thump
    • Basket Trick
    • Calm
    • Fleet Feet
    • Haste
    • Animate Wood
    • Bloom
    • Gardener’s Touch
    • Plant Renewal
    • Blossom
    • Conservation
    • Plant Entrapment
    • Wood Shape
    • Phantasmal Force
    • Read Illusionist Magic
    • Apparition
    • Improved Phantasmal Force
    • Protection from Illusions


Base Speed: 12 (3 in Bird form)

Total Weight of Gear: 0 lbs.
Deep Pockets Contents: 20 lbs (100 lb max)

Unencumbered Light Moderate Heavy Severe Max
Weight 0 – 55 lbs. 56-84 lbs. 85-113 lbs. 114-141 lbs. 142-169 lbs. 170 lbs
Movement 12 9 6 5 2 1

Bird Form:

Unencumbered Light Moderate Heavy Severe Max
Weight 0 – 2 oz. 3 oz. 4 oz. 5 oz. 5.5 oz. 6 oz
Movement 15 12 9 6 3 1


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