Jean Vidocq

A despicable pirate from Amn, on the lamb in the frigid north.


Race: Human
Homeland: Amn
Class: Thief
Kit: Pirate
Alignment: Non-Good
Religion: Iyachtu Xvim
Level: 7th
Experience: 54823
Next Level: 70000
Max Level: Unlimited

Ability Scores:

Str 13 Stamina 15
Muscle 10 Open Doors 6, Bend Bars 2%
Dex 16 Aim 15
Balance 16 +2 AC
Con 13 Health 9 65% system shock
Fitness 16 +2 hit points per die, 96% resurrection survival
Int 13 Reason 11
Knowledge 15
Wis 11 Intuition 13
Willpower 9
Cha 8 Leadership 6 2 henchmen, -3 NPC loyalty
Appearance 9


  • Initiative: +0
  • Surprise: +1
  • NPC Reaction: +0

Combat Statistics:
Hit Points: 41
Armor Class: 20 (Dex, armor, cloak)
Base Attack Bonus: +3

  • Paralyzation/Poison/Death: 10
  • Rod/Staff/Wand: 10
  • Petrification/Polymorph: 9
  • Breath Weapon: 13
  • Spells: 11
Weapons # Att Att Bonus Dmg Dmg (L) Speed Range Special
Tattoo Dagger 1 +4 1d4+3 1d3+3 0 melee magic
Jambiya 1 +1 1d4 1d4 3 melee off-hand
Cutlass 1 +3 1d6 1d8 5 melee primary-hand

Thief Skills: (in armor)

PP 25% HS 15%
OL 40% HN 45%
F/RT 35% CW 85%
MS 25% RL 50%

Non-Weapon Proficiencies: General, Rogue

Modern Languages (Common) 13 Appraising 13
Modern Languages (Thorass) 13 Etiquette 8
Modern Languages (Thieves’ Cant) 13 Navigation 11
Modern Languages (Tharian) 13 Rope Use 16
Tightrope Walking 16 Seamanship 18
Tumbling 16 Swimming 14
Weather Sense 10 Bargain 9
Naval Combat 13 Looting 16

Weapon Proficiencies:
Two-weapon Style Specialization
Curved Blades Group
Hand Crossbow
Belaying Pin

Special Powers:

  • Characters of this type are able to employ magical scrolls upon reaching 5th level (as the Thief ability), with only a 20% chance of misreading a scroll.
  • When the character must expend money, he reduces the amount spent by 25%. This reflects the character’s business acumen and trading savvy.
  • Because of their familiarity with ropes, much used in the nautical arts, Pirates gain a bonus of +5% on climbing rolls if ropes are involved. This improves to +10% if they are ropes on a ship.
  • Pirates also can fight from a rope (usually on a ship), so long as the feet and one hand can grasp it, and they are much better at this than other types of characters. They get +1 on attack and saving throw rolls in rope combat, +2 on such rolls in shipboard rope combat. Note that these adjustments should be added to all the other modifiers—which are usually negative. For instance, a climbing character would normally get a -2 penalty on attacks; so the pirate’s +2 bonus merely negates this.
    Use common sense when applying the saving throw bonus for a pirate in rope combat; while it would apply to dodging a lightning bolt, it would not apply to saving against a charm or hold spell.
  • Backstab: When attacking someone by surprise and from behind, a thief can improve his chance to successfully hit (+4 modifier for rear attack and negate the target’s shield and Dexterity bonuses) and greatly increase the amount of damage his blow causes (x3 damage). The multiplier applies only to the base damage of the weapon before modifiers for Strength or magical bonuses are added. The weapon’s standard damage is multiplied. Then Strength and magical weapon bonuses are added.
    To use this ability, the thief must be behind his victim and the victim must be unaware that the thief intends to attack him. If an enemy sees the thief, hears him approach from a blind side, or is warned by another, he is not caught unaware, and the backstab is handled like a normal attack (although bonuses for a rear attack still apply).
    Backstabbing does have limitations. First, the damage multiplier applies only to the first attack made by the thief, even if multiple attacks are possible. Once a blow is struck, the initial surprise effect is lost. Second, the victim must be generally humanoid. Part of the skill comes from knowing just where to strike. A thief could backstab an ogre, but he wouldn’t be able to do the same to a beholder. The victim must also have a definable back (which leaves out most slimes, jellies, oozes, and the like). Finally, the thief has to be able to reach a significant target area. To backstab a giant, the thief would have to be standing on a ledge or window balcony. Backstabbing him in the ankle just isn’t going to be as effective.


  • As their expertise lies in rope-climbing, pirates suffer a penalty of -10% when they attempt to climb without one.
  • Pirates are marginal members of society-even those Privateers that operate within the bounds of the law are generally mistrusted by most folk. Pirates suffer a -2 penalty on NPC reactions against any character that is not a rogue, pirate, or Outlaw.
  • If you are poor, you are nothing in the eyes of many Amnites. Many in Amn feel that poverty is a curse from the gods. If an Amnian has less than five gold pieces (stored away and carried on his person), he is considered impoverished. The character is humiliated and despondent over his financial status, and makes attack rolls and saving throws with a penalty of -1. His Charisma also drops by 4 when dealing with other natives of Amn. These penalties remain constant until the character earns or obtains at least 50 gold pieces. Incidentally, no one in Amn will lend money to a character in such an impoverished state, nor will credit or “tabs” be allowed by anyone from Amn.
  • Amnians cannot resist attacking a wizard, whether he is a party member or not. When an Amnian meets a particular wizard for the first time, the warrior must make a Willpower check, or attack the wizard immediately, not ceasing the attack until the wizard is driven off, incapacitated, or killed.
    Since this could be somewhat of a problem in a party with a wizard PC, allow the other members of the party to each make an Intuition check to see if any of them notices their Amnite comrade getting ready to attack. If they notice him, they can interpose themselves between the warrior and the wizard, effectively halting bloodshed.

Advancement Notes

Armor Allowed: Studded Leather or lighter, no shields

Weapons Allowed: Belaying pin, Club, Dagger, Dart, Hand crossbow, Knife, Lasso, Short bow, Sling, Quarterstaff, or Any one-handed sword.

  • Gain 30 points for thief skills per level.
  • 10th level: Attract 4d6 thief followers.
  • 11th level: Can have thief skills above 95% and purchase advanced thief skills.


  • Dhaka (Jambiya)
  • Cutlass
  • Lock Picks
  • Footpad’s Boots
  • Breeches
  • Jada (Money Belt)


Base Speed: 12

Total Weight of Gear: 25 lbs.

Unencumbered Light Moderate Heavy Severe Max
Weight 0 – 65 lbs. 66-78 lbs. 79-90 lbs. 91-103 lbs. 104-114 lbs. 115 lbs
Movement 12 9 6 5 2 1

Jean Vidocq

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