Kade Kalliwart


Race: Halfling
Homeland: Elversult
Class: Thief / Spy
Kit: Mercenary
Alignment: Non-Evil, Neutral
Level: 2nd / 2nd
Experience: 1275
Next Level: 2500 / 2500
Max Level: 19th / 16th

Ability Scores:

Str 14 Stamina 12
Muscle 16
Dex 19 Aim 19
Balance 18
Con 13 Health 13
Fitness 12
Int 16 Reason 16
Knowledge 16
Wis 15 Intuition 14
Willpower 16
Cha 13 Leadership 12
Appearance 14

Combat Statistics:

Hit Points: 6
Armor Class: 19 (4 Dex, 5 Armor)
Base Attack Bonus: +0

  • Paralyzation/Poison/Death: 13
  • Rod/Staff/Wand: 11
  • Petrification/Polymorph: 12
  • Breath Weapon: 16
  • Spells: 12
Weapons # Att Att Bonus Dmg Dmg (L) Speed Range Special
Horseman’s Mace 3 / 2 rounds +1 1d6+3 1d4+3 6 melee two-hands
Shortsword 1 +0 1d6 1d8 3 melee Silver

Non-Weapon Proficiencies: General, Rogue, Warrior

Modern Language (Common) 16 Seamanship 20
Modern Language (Luiric) 16 Close-Quarters Fighting 19
Modern Language (Telpi) 16 Lock Smithing 19
Modern Language (Thieves’ Cant) 17 Tumbling 19
Detect Sloping Passages 19 Escape 19
Determine Depth Underground 15 Detect Signing 17
Blind-Fighting NA Survival (Coastal) 16
Mountaineering NA Reading Lips 14
Local History (Dragon Coast) 13 Swimming 14
Bargain 13 Jumping 14

Weapon Proficiencies:

  • Horseman’s Mace (Specialized)
  • Clubbing Weapons Group: Belaying Pin, Bladeback Mace, Branding Iron, Claw Hammer, Club, Elephant Goad, Footman’s Mace, Great Club, Hanbo, Horseman’s Mace, Jitte, Jo Stick, Kiseru, Mallet, Maul, Morningstar, Sap, Shovel, Sledge, Smith’s Hammer, Spiked Club, Stone-setting Hammer, Tonfa, Throwing Club, War Hammer
  • Short Blades Group: Augur, Awl, Bridle Cutter, Climbing Dagger, Dagger, Death Knife, Drusus, Gut Hook, Jambiya, Katar, Knife, Main-gauche, Parrying Dagger, Razor, Sai, Shortsword, Siangham, Stiletto, Yoroi-toshi
  • Spears Group: Angon, Artengak, Awl Pike, Chijiriki, Elephant Goad, Flight Lance, Goblin Stick, Harpoon, Javelin, Longspear, Military Fork, Pitchfork, Ranseur, Sang Kaw, Shakujo Yari, Snuffing Bell, Spear, Spetum, Trident, Uchi-ne

Special Powers:

  • Pick Pockets: 10%
  • Open Locks: 40%
  • Find/Remove Traps: 15%
  • Move Silently: 69%
  • Hide in Shadows: 25%
  • Hear Noise: 40%
  • Climb Walls: 75%
  • Read Languages: 0%
  • Detect Illusions: 10%
  • Back Protection: 20%
  • Characters from Elversult get a 10% chance per level of knowing where to find a city’s smuggling rings or “black market.” This ability grows from the strong presence of such smugglers in Elversult.
  • Mercenaries have the ability to earn money by selling their services. In any situation in which swords are being hired, the reaction roll of the potential employer is adjusted by +2 in the mercenary’s favor. Naturally, employment will not be available all the time, and some jobs will conflict with the current goals of the mercenary’s party.
  • Mercenaries are rarely without funds. They are either employed, have recently been hired, or have just completed a job and been paid. Characters may choose the form this wealth takes from the following: they receive a normal riding beast with accouterments for riding, their lodgings are paid up for a month, or they have bought into one share of a local merchant’s goods headed out on a caravan. In the latter case, after four weeks they may have nothing (50%) or they may realize 10d6 gold pieces from their investment (50%). Each time the mercenary completes a quest for an employer he receives one of these rewards or a commensurate amount (in addition to any payment agreed upon by the party).
  • Backstab: Thieves are weak in toe-to-toe hacking matches, but they are masters of the knife in the back. When attacking someone by surprise and from behind, a thief can improve his chance to successfully hit (+4 modifier for rear attack and negate the target’s shield and Dexterity bonuses) and greatly increase the amount of damage his blow causes (2x base weapon damage).
    To use this ability, the thief must be behind his victim and the victim must be unaware that the thief intends to attack him. If an enemy sees the thief, hears him approach from a blind side, or is warned by another, he is not caught unaware, and the backstab is handled like a normal attack (although bonuses for a rear attack still apply). Opponents in battle will often notice a thief trying to maneuver behind them—the first rule of fighting is to never turn your back on an enemy! However, someone who isn’t expecting to be attacked (a friend or ally, perhaps) can be caught unaware even if he knows the thief is behind him.


  • All Dragon Coast characters have a 10% greater likelihood of being arrested by a city watch (justly or not!) during any disturbance (tavern brawl, public nuisance, etc). This only applies to cities outside the Dragon Coast.
  • Elversult has a reputation for smuggling. When in a non-Dragon Coast city, roll an ability check against city watch official’s’ Reason scores. If they make their check, they recognize the warrior’s accent as from Elversult. As a result, they will submit the warrior, his mount, his companions, their mounts, and all their gear to a detailed search for smuggler’s contraband. They will also be followed closely by city watch members for their entire stay in a city.
  • People of Elversult devote so much time to their daily exercises that they neglect less material pursuits. As a result, they suffer a -1 penalty when making a proficiency check on any skill that is based on Wisdom or Intelligence.
  • Time that must be devoted to mastering the ways of traders is time that cannot be spent studying warfare or spellcraft. As a result, characters from Elversult receive only half the normal bonus to their earned experience points for having a high Intuition score (round down).
  • Mercenaries suffer a reaction penalty of -2 whenever common people encounter them; few trust them and most fear them. Any party with a mercenary as a member has a penalty of -1.

Advancement Notes

  • Gain 30 points for thief skills per Thief level.
  • Gain 30 points for thief skills per Spy level (yes, these stack!)
  • 10th Spy level: attract 2d6 followers (50% Spies, 50% Shinobi, level 1d6).
  • 10th Thief level: attract 4d6 Thief followers.
  • 10th Thief level: 75% chance to use any written magic item.


Kade Kalliwart

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