Race: Gnoll
Homeland: Gnoll Tribes
Class: Druid
Kit: Sneaky…
Alignment: True Neutral
Religion: Swamp Druid
Level: 5th
Experience: 31,291 (ready to level)
Next Level: 20,000
Max Level: 9th

Ability Scores:

Str 17 Stamina 15 Weight Allowance: 65 lbs
Muscle 18 Max Press: 255 lbs +1 Att, +3 Dmg Open Doors 11 Bend Bars 16%
Dex 16 Aim 14
Balance 17 +2 Surprise +3 Defense
Con 12 Health 13 System Shock 85%
Fitness 11 Resurrection Chance 80%
Int 12 Reason 12
Knowledge 12 +3 proficiencies
Wis 14 Intuition 16 +10% Earned XP Bonus Spells 1st x2, 2nd x2
Willpower 11
Cha 15 Leadership 16 8 Henchmen +4 Loyalty
Appearance 14 +2 NPC Reactions


  • Initiative: +0
  • Surprise: +2
  • NPC Reaction: +1 (-1 vs. Upper-classes)
  • Movement: 15

Combat Statistics:
Hit Points: 23
Armor Class: 15 (Dex, Leather)
Base Attack Bonus: +2
Saves: +5 vs. any effect which can be dodged

  • Paralyzation/Poison/Death: 9
  • Rod/Staff/Wand: 13
  • Petrification/Polymorph: 12
  • Breath Weapon: 15
  • Spells: 14
Weapons # Att Att Bonus Dmg Dmg (L) Speed Range Special
Staff 1/round +3 1d6+3 1d6+3 4 melee Magic.
Flindbar 2/round +3 1d4+3 1d4+3 4 melee Target must save vs. wands or be disarmed.
Daggers, Thrown 2/round +2 1d4+3 1d3+3 2 10 / 20 / 30

Thief Skills: (in armor)

PP HS 30%
OL HN 25%
F/RT 25% CW 50%
MS 30% RL

Non-Weapon Proficiencies: General, Priest, Warrior

Modern Languages (Gnoll) 12 Blind-Fighting
Modern Languages (Tharian) 12 Swimming 16
Modern Languages (Lizard Man) 12 Religion 14
Modern Langauges (Draconic) 12 Eating 12
Modern Languages (Common) 12 Endurance 12
Secret Languages (Drueidan) 12 Running 8
Literacy 13 Hunting 13
Dark Lore 9 Healing 12
Camouflage 14

Weapon Proficiencies:

Special Powers:

  • Gnolls are large creatures and can carry 50% more than a human of similar strength.
  • When wielding a flindbar, any successful hit requires an opponent to save vs. wands. A failed save means the opponent’s weapon is entangled and ripped from the opponent’s grasp.
  • Gnolls receive a +2 bonus to their morale scores, including saves vs. magical fear effects.
  • Gnolls are extremely hardy due to their time spent wandering out of doors in all conditions. They can survive in temperatures between 0 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit without penalty, and gain a +2 bonus on any checks or saving throws related to resisting weather effects. Similarly, they suffer 1 less point of damage per die from cold and heat (but not fire) based attacks.
  • Gnolls have a strange connection with the undead, ghouls in particular. These gnolls are all able to Command Undead, as an evil cleric of one-half their level (rounded down). Against ghouls and ghasts this power functions at the gnoll’s full level. This ability only works on corporeal undead. It has no effect on disembodied spirits (such as specters or wraiths).
  • Swamp Druids can breathe water automatically.
  • A Swamp Druid has an immunity to insect-transmitted diseases common to swamps, such as malaria, and a +2 bonus on saving throws vs. any other diseases.
  • A Swamp Druid receives a +1 reaction adjustment from normal animals that live in swamps (such as crocodiles) and from monsters whose habitat is a swamp or marsh for instance, black dragons, bullywugs, and lizard men.
  • A Swamp Druid identifies plants, animals, and pure water with perfect accuracy.
  • A Swamp Druid passes through overgrown areas and mud at the full movement rate without leaving a trail. The swamp druid can use this power to cross quicksand without sinking.
  • A Swamp Druid can use the Animal Friendship spell (which usually affects only normal or giant animals) to influence semi-intelligent swamp-dwelling monsters or those of animal Intelligence. The effects on such monsters, including catoblepas and hydras, remain those of animal friendship. The druid has to want to befriend the monster, not use it as sword-fodder.


  • Gnolls take damage as Large creatures.
  • Gnolls are notoriously unreliable companions and combatants. Any force battling a group that contains Gnolls gains a +2 bonus on its Morale checks, as they figure that its only a matter of time before the Gnolls give up.
  • Gnolls have remarkable metabolisms and are constantly hungry. They require twice the normal amount of food for a creature of their size.
  • Despite the long distances they travel, Gnolls have perhaps the worst sense of direction of any sentient creatures in Faerun. They may never gain any of the Forbidden proficiencies listed below (even as bonus proficiencies), suffer a -3 (-15%) penalty on any checks related to getting lost, and treat their intelligence as 3 points lower for determining the duration of Maze spells and effects.
    • Forbidden Proficiencies: Astronomy, Cartography, City Familiarity, Dark Sense, Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Navigation, Orienteering, Planar Direction Sense, Portal Feel, Trail Marking, Trail Signs, and Underground Navigation
  • A swamp druid’s clothing frequently looks caked with mud and often drips with swamp water. He always has a faint odor of the swamp about him. His lack of cleanliness gives him a -1 penalty to reaction adjustment from most people and a -3 penalty regarding upper-class individuals, such as gentry or nobles.

Druid Spells: Caster level 5th

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
5 5 1

Major Spheres: All, Animal, Elemental (All), Healing, Plant, Sun, Travelers, Weather
Minor Spheres: Divination, Protection

Spell List:

  • 1st level: Allergy Field, Animal Companion, Animal Friendship, Animal Sanctuary, Banish Flame, Beastmask, Beneficence, Bless, Call Animal or Bird, Calm Animals, Ceremony, Cleanse, Combine, Create Air, Create Water, Cure Light Wounds, Curse of Tongues, Deep Breath, Deflection, Detect Balance, Detect Disease, Detect Evil, Detect Harmony, Detect Magic, Detect Metals and Minerals, Detect Poison, Detect Predator, Detect Snares and Pits, Detect Untruth, Discern Elven Influence, Divining Rod, Druid’s Ceremony, Easy Road, Elemental Bonding, Empathy, Endure Cold/Heat, Entangle, Faerie Fire, Find Water, Firelight, Heal Plants, Invisibility to Animals, Journey’s Orison, Know Direction, Know Faction, Know History, Locate Animals or Plants, Log of Everburning, Magic Creeper, Nectar, Om, Omen, Orison, Pass Without Trace, Precipitation, Predict Weather, Pressure Resistance, Protection from Evil, Protection from Prime, Protection from Silver, Puffball, Purify Food & Drink, Purify Self, Purify Water, Rainshield, Read Languages, Recover Trail, Regenerate Light Wounds, Resist, Revitalize Animal, Ring of Hands, Ripen, Sanctify Ghi, Scribe, Sense Direction, Shillelagh, Spark of Blinding, Sunscorch, Trance, Treasure Scent, Waterfloat, Wind Column
  • 2nd level: Animal Eyes, Animal Speech, Animal Spy, Augury, Aura of Confort, Barkskin, Bat Sense, Beastspite, Channel Stench, Chant, Charm Person or Mammal, Clear Water, Clues of Ash, Coat of Mist, Commune with Lesser Spirits, Create Mirage, Create Spring, Crystallize, Cure Moderate Wounds, Dark Fire, Death Prayer, Death Talisman, Detect Life, Druidsight, Ecdysis, Find Traps, Fire Trap, Firebreak, Flame Blade, Fortifying Stew, Gift of Speech, Goodberry, Grassdart, Hailstone, Heat Metal, Know Alignment, Know Language, Lighten Load, Mystic Transfer, Obscurement, Pass Without Notice, Priest Lock, Produce Flame, Protection from Animals, Protection from Orisons, Protection from Serpents, Protection from Spirits, Resist Acid and Corrosion, Resist Fire/Cold, Sanctify, Sharpleaf, Slave Scent, Slow Poison, Snake Summoning, Speak with Animals, Speak with Water, Spring, Steal Breath, Steep Soma-Juice, Tracking, Translate, Trip, Warning, Warp Sense, Warp Wood, Water Witch, Watery Fist, Wave, Whispers, Wild Deer Speed, Winds of Change, Withdraw
  • 3rd level: Air Lens, Animal Trick, Bestow Minor Curse, Bramblestaff, Call Lightning, Call Spirit, Chatterbark, Circle of Life, Circle of Secrets, Cloudburst, Conjure Lesser Elemental, Continual Faerie Fire, Control Animal, Converse with Sea Creatures, Create Campsite, Create Smoke, Curse of Black Sand, Detect Cursed Item, Detect Illusion, Dispel Magic, Dream Vision, Druid’s Decay, Dust Shield, Earthenair, Find Portal, Flame Walk, Fostered Protection, Heat Exhaustion, Helping Hand, Hold Animal, Hold Poison, Hold Undead, Inkjet, Insect Ward, Invisibility to Animals, 10-ft. Radius, Invisibility to Spirits, Know Customs, Levitate, Line of Protection, Lion’s Claws, Locate Object, Magical Vestment, Magma Jet, Meld into Stone, Oath, Oil Spray, Oxen Strength, Pass Without Trace, 10-ft. Radius, Plant Growth, Polymorph Plant, Possess Animal, Protection from Amorphs, Protection from Earth, Protection from Fire, Protection from Insects, Protection from Winds, Psychic Immolation, Pyrotechnics, Ranike Cloud, Remove Curse, Repair Injury, Resist Injury, Sand Spray, Shape Wood, Slow Rot, Snapdragon, Snare, Speak with the Drowned Dead, Spike Growth, Spirit Animal Form, Splinter Wood, Starshine, Stone Shape, Stoneiron, Stonewood, Summon Insects, Sunblade, Sympathetic Magic I, That Art Thou, Thunderclap, Thundercone, Totem Beast, Tree, Warmth, Water Breathing, Water Walk, Water Window, Water Wyvern, Weather Prediction, Wind and Rain Protection, Windbearer, Wood Rot
  • Prepared Spells:
    • 1st: Cure Light Wounds, Cure Light Wounds, Allergy Field, Entangle, Animal Friendship
    • 2nd: Cure Moderate Wounds, Cure Moderate Wounds, Obscurement, Snake Summoning, Beastspite
    • 3rd: Repair Injury

Advancement Notes

  • Armor Allowed: Non-metal armor, Wooden shields
  • Weapons Allowed: club, dagger, dart, flind-bar, sickle, spear, scythe, sling, quarterstaff, or any one-handed sword
  • Gain 10 points for Thief skills per level.
  • A Swamp Druid learns the languages of intelligent humanoids and monsters that inhabit the swamp (black dragons, bullywugs, lizard men, shambling mounds, will o’ wisps, etc.), gaining one extra proficiency slot for this purpose every three levels.
  • A Swamp Druid shapechanges into a normal reptile, bird, or mammal up to three times per day at 7th level. The druid can assume only the form of real-world creatures that live in swamps or wetlands (crocodile, frog, marsh bird, snake, etc.). The druid can adopt each animal form (reptile, bird, or mammal) once per day. This otherwise works as the standard Druid ability.
  • A Swamp Druid casts an insect plague (as the spell) once per day at 7th level. This power works only when the druid is within the boundaries of a swamp or marsh.
  • At 10th level, a Swamp Druid suffers no combat or movement penalties underwater.



Base Speed: 15

Total Weight of Gear: 41 lbs.

Unencumbered Light Moderate Heavy Severe Max
Weight 0 – 98 lbs. 99-169 lbs. 170-241 lbs. 242-312 lbs. 313-382 lbs. 383 lbs
Movement 15 12 9 6 3 1


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