Nindigor Warcave


Race: Dwarf
Homeland: Griff Clan
Class: Crusader
Kit: Healer
Alignment: Non-Evil, Lawful (Per Kit, Clan, and Class)
Religion: Hoar
Level: 7th
Experience: 90,552
Next Level: 125,000
Max Level: 15

Height: 50 Inches
Weight: 149 Pounds
Age: 62 Years


Hit Points: 40/40

Hand Of Fate – 8 hour duration, cast when waiting for Jack in front of pentagram room.

Nindigor can, quite instantly, see. Albeit the glass eye’s enchantment appears to lack color perception, making the world oddly half-black-and-white.

Currently blind in, and missing his left eye.

“Its mandibles snap at his head, one fang piercing and nearly gouging out his left eye -(11 damage, -4 to attacks from being blind in one eye).”-

The voice of the poet of justice rings in Nindigor’s head: “Occular redemption may be had, but by the hand of one who’s mad. Firm and steady they must be, else you may not ever see.”

Ability Scores:

Stamina 15 Weight Allowance: 65 lbs Movement Bonus +0
Muscle 13 Max Press 140 lbs Attack +0 Damage +0 Feat of Strength 20%
Aim 10 Missile Attack +0
Balance 13 Surprise +0 AC +0
Health 12 System Shock 70% Poison Save +0 PSPs +0 Regeneration 0
Fitness 11 Resurrection 75% Hit Points +0 / level
Reason 15 Max Spell Level 7th Max Spells/Level 21 PSPs +0 Illusion Immunity: none
Knowledge 12 Bonus Profs 3 Bonus Paths 1 Learn Spell 50%
Intuition 11 Spell Failure 10% Bonus Runes 0 Bonus Spells 0 Earned XP +0%
Willpower 11 Mental Save +0 PSPs +0 Spell Immunity: none
Leadership 14 Max Henchmen: 6 NPC Loyalty +1
Appearance 9 NPC Reactions +0


  • NPC Reaction: +0
    • +1 when wearing Healer’s Robe
  • Surprise: +0
  • Initiative: +0
  • Movement: 4 ( Lightly Encumbered)

Combat Statistics:
Max Hit Points: 40
Armor Class: 16 v Bludgeoning | 17 v Piercing | 18 v Slashing

  • Shield Bonus:* +1
    Base Attack Bonus: +6
  • Paralyzation/Poison/Death: 7
  • Rod/Staff/Wand: 8
  • Petrification/Polymorph: 10
  • Breath Weapon: 13
  • Spells: 9
  • Fear: 10
  • Horror: 12
  • Madness: 15
Weapons # Att Att Bonus Dmg Dmg (L) Speed Range Special
Burning Arbalest 1/2 +6 2d4+1 2d6+1 10 80/160/240 Lead bolts.
+3d6 fire damage on Crit.
Knife (melee) 2 /round +7 1d3+1 1d2+1 2 melee Lead
Knife (thrown) 4 / round +7 1d3+1 1d2+1 2 10/20/30 Lead
Subjugating Lynx 1 /round +8 1d8 1d8 7 melee save vs. rods or +8 INIT for 2d4 rounds.
Black Razor 1 / round +8 1d4+3 1d6+3 0 Melee +3 Magical, Soul sucking

Non-Weapon Proficiencies:

  • Allowed Groups: Academic, Detection, Martial, Spiritual, Social
Proficiency Proficiency Score
(roll X or less on 1d20)
Modern Languages (Dethek) 12 Bonus (race). Social.
Modern Language (Tharian) 12 Bonus (homeland). Social.
Climbing 15 +2 from Mountaineering proficiency.
Mountaineering Bonus (homeland). Survival.
Endurance 12 Bonus (dwarf). Survival.
Religion 11 Bonus (crusader). Spiritual.
Runecraft 14 Bonus (homeland). Sorcerous.
Stonemasonry 11 Bonus (homeland). Craft.
Anatomy 10 Bonus (healer). Academic.
Arcanology 9 Bonus (healer). Academic.
Diagnostics 13 Bonus (healer). Academic.
+1 from Healing proficiency.
+2 from Healer.
Healing 14 Bonus (healer). Academic.
+2 from Healer.
+1 from Healer’s kit (equipment).
+2 from Anatomy proficiency.
Camouflage 15 Bonus from Chameleon Cloak
Persuasion 14 1 slot. Social.
Ancient History (Dwarf) 11 1 slot. Academic.
Armor Optimization 11 1 slot. Martial.
Check at start of encounter grants +1 AC.
Prayer 11(Int -0) 2 Slots Spiritual
Occult Lore 9(Kno-3) 1 slot Spiritual

Weapon Proficiencies:

  • Crossbows Tight Group (bonus homeland)
  • Knife, Specialized (bonus healer)
  • Battleaxe (1 slot)

Special Powers:

Racial Advantages

  • Dwarven infravision enables them to discern gradients of heat within 60 feet in darkness.
  • In melee, dwarves add +1 to their attack rolls against elves, half-elves, and other pointy-eared idgets.
  • Dwarves gain a +4 bonus to their AC against attacks made by ogres, trolls, giants, titans, or similar large-sized creatures of generally humanoid shape.

Homeland Advantages
*Griff Clan dwarves are have remarkably fine-tuned senses. All of their Detection Proficiencies function at a range of 15 feet (instead of 10 feet).

  • Griff Clan dwarves are all taught at least the rudiments of the ancient arts of rune magic. A Griff dwarf begins knowing a single rune at 1st level, and learns 1 additional rune at 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th levels. These are in addition to any runes the dwarf may learn based on his class or kit. A Griff Dwarf that is not a Runecaster may have only a single active rune at any given time.
    • (Known Runes: Dead, Otter)

Kit Advantages

  • As Healers are well respected by most human, demihuman, and humanoid cultures, a Healer is granted a +1 bonus to all NPC reaction rolls if she wears the Healer’s robes. In addition, so long as the healer is wearing her robes, most humanoid enemies will allow the healer to leave unharmed from any conflict (or at worst capture her alive).
  • A successful Healing proficiency check allows the Healer to restore 1d4 points of damage if he reaches a creature within 3 rounds of it being wounded (instead of 1d3 within 1 round).
  • Patients resting under the Healer’s care recover damage at the accelerated rate of 4hp per day. The healing rate is slowed to 1hp per day if the patient engages in strenuous activity such as adventuring. A single Healer can care for up to 12 patients in this fashion.
  • When treating poisons or diseases (even those of a magical nature), their patients are entitled to a second saving throw with a +4 bonus to resist the affliction.
  • The Healer has the ability to divine the cause and time of death by thoroughly examining a corpse. This involves careful dissection which takes 1d6x10 minutes, minus 1 minute per level. The Healer has a base 60% chance of success, plus 2% per level (74%), of learning the specific reason and approximate time of death.
  • Any spell or psionic power that the Healer uses which cures hit point damage heals an additional +1 hit point per die (or 1 extra hit point if the amount healed is not random).

Crusader Bonus Spells:

  • Lighten Load 1/Day,
  • Augury 7/Week, (Used 3/7)
  • Divination 1/Week,
  • Commune 1/Week (Used)
  • Easy March 1/Week

Priest Spells: Caster level 7th

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
3 3 2 1

Major Spheres: All, Combat, Guardian, Healing, Law, War, and Wards + Protection(Occult Lore Bonus)
Minor Spheres: Necromantic, Protection

Spell List:

  • Orisons: Aspiration
    Benediction, Bless Meal, Ceremony: Oath, Consecrate, Freshen, Petition, Handfire, Stone, Canticle, Polish, Preserve, Shine, Warding, Cure Minor Wounds, Disinfect, Remove Pain
  • 1st level:Animate Weapon, Anti-Vermin Barrier, Beneficence, Bless, Blessed Watchfulness, Blood Bond, Ceremony, Claws of Thard Harr, Claws of Velsharoon, Cleanse, Combine, Courage, Cure Light Wounds, Deflection, Detect Magic, Dispel Fatigue, Ebony Hand, Endure Cold/Heat, Eternal Sleep, Invisibility to Undead, Magical Stone, Morale, Om, Orison, Protection from Chaos, Protection from Evil, Protection from Prime, Protection from Silver, Purify Food & Drink, Purify Self, Rainshield, Regenerate Light Wounds, Resist, Ring of Hands, Sacred Guardian, Scribe, Silverbeard, Skeletal Servant, Stumble, Waterfloat, Weapon Bless, Weighty Ches
  • 2nd level: Aid, Arm Hammers, Brightmantle, Calm Chaos, Chant, Cure Moderate Wounds, Death Curse, Death Prayer, Disentangle, Dumathoin’s Rest, Emotion Perception, Enhance Turning, Exorcism, Fortifying Stew, Frisky Chest, Gloom, Haela’s Battle Blessing, Hurl Rock, Iron Vigil, Mark of Brotherhood, Maskstone, Mystic Transfer, Priest Lock, Protection from Orisons, Protection from Spirits, Rally, Resist Acid and Corrosion, Resist Fire/Cold, Resist Turning, Restore Strength, Rockburst, Sanctify, Silence, 15-ft. Radius, Slow Poison, Spiritual Hammer, Withdraw, Wyvern Watch, Zone of Deception, Zone of Truth
  • 3rd level: Adaptation, Animate Dead, Bestow Minor Curse, Bird of Prey, Caltrops, Castigate, Circle of Secrets, Corpse Wither, Cure Blindness or Deafness, Cure Disease, Death’s Door, Dismiss Undead, Dispel Magic, Efficacious Monster Ward, Eyes of the Undead, Feign Death, Fortify, Fostered Protection, Frenzy of the Celts, Glyph of Warding, Hold Poison, Hold Undead, Inkjet, Invisibility Purge, Invisibility to Spirits, Lesser Guardian Hammer, Life Drain, Line of Protection, Magical Vestment, Marthamor’s Thunderbolt, Negative Plane Protection, Oath, Prayer, Protection from Amorphs, Remove Curse, Remove Paralysis, Repair Injury, Resist Injury, Reverse Fossilization, Rigid Thinking, Spirit Bind, Squeaking Floor, Strength of One, Unearthly Choir, Wind and Rain Protection
  • 4th level: Animate Statue, Axe Storm of Clangeddin, Censure, Compulsive Order, Crypt Ward, Cure Serious Wounds, Defensive Harmony, Dimensional Anchor, Dragon Scales, Dweomerflow, Endurance, Entrench, Faith Magic Zone, Fire Eyes of Gorm, Fire Purge, Focus, Fortify Healing, Guardian Hammer, Hand of Fate, Hand of Hoar, Heroism, Leadership, Lesser Guardian Seal, Minor Ward, Mind Cloak, Neutralize Poison, Protection from Electricity, Protection from Evil, 10-ft. Radius, Protection from Gas, Protection from Lycanthropes, Protection from Prime, 10-ft. Radius, Protection from Traps, Protection from Undead, Recitation, Regenerate Serious Wounds, Reward, Snake Barrier, Smiting, Spell Immunity, Stone Trap, Surelock, Sustain, Tanglefoot, Uplift, Weather Dome
  • Prepared Spells:
    • 1st: Cure Light Wounds, Cure Light Wounds, Claws of Velsharoon
    • 2nd: Cure Moderate Wounds, Cure Moderate Wounds, Wyvern Watch
    • 3rd: Marthamor’s Thunderbolt, Hold Poison
    • 4th: Hand of Fate


Racial Limitations

  • Because of their nonmagical nature dwarves have trouble using magical items. All magical items that are not specifically suited to the character’s class have a 20% chance to malfunction when used by a dwarf. This check is made each time a dwarf uses a magical item. A malfunction affects only the current use; the item may work properly next time. For devices that are continually in operation, the check is made the first time the device is used during an encounter. If the check is passed, the device functions normally until it is turned off. Thus, a dwarf would have to check upon donning a robe of blending but would not check again until he had taken the robe off and then put it on again. If a cursed item malfunctions, the character recognizes its cursed nature and can dispose of the item. Malfunction applies to rods, staves, wands, rings, amulets, potions, horns, jewels, weapons, armor, and all other magical items that are not specifically made for the dwarf’s class(es).

Homeland Limitations

  • Because of their prolonged exposure to lead and the corrupted nature of the Stojanow River (a.k.a. the Barren River), the dwarves of the Griff Clan are much more susceptible to poisons than their kin. They do not gain the normal dwarven bonus on saving throws against poison.
  • All metal weapons and armor purchased by a Griff Clan dwarf at character creation are made of lead (instead of steel or iron). These items are the normal price, but weigh 150% the normal amount. Slashing weapons made of lead suffer a -1 penalty on damage (due to the inability to hold an edge). Armor made of lead provides 1 less point of AC bonus, but protects against certain divination spells and effects.

Kit Limitations

  • All Healers must take a magically binding oath to heal all individuals with no biases, even if the creatures in question are defeated enemies.
  • A Healer wearing his Robes is also compelled to never harm another human, humanoid, or demi-human except in self defense (yet another reason that a healer may choose not to wear the robes when adventuring). If a Healer breaks one of these oaths, he will be affected as if by a geas spell until he atones in a suitable manner.

Advancement Notes

  • Armor Allowed: Any Armor or Shields.
  • Weapons Allowed: Any Weapons


  • 2 gp, 9sp


  • Red and White Healer’s Robe (see above) (Currently not worn)
  • High Hard Boots
  • Healer’s kit (1 lb)
  • Herbal Med Kit (3 lb)
  • 25 Lead-tipped Heavy Crossbow Quarrels (2.5 lbs)
  • 2 Lead Knives (1 lb)
  • Dry Rations (5lb)
  • 3 gallon Wineskin (2lb empty, 26 lbs full)
  • Lead Small Shield (10lbs)
  • Lead Splint mail (60lb currently worn)
  • Linen Shirt
  • Tunic (Worn)
  • Large belt pouch (1lb)
  • Loincloth
  • Leather gloves
  • Shield Harness
  • Large Sack (1/2 lb)
  • Wool Blanked (3lb.)
  • Rain poncho
  • Seabhag’s hands
  • 42 Snake-people’s hands/claws
  • Jar of magical glass eyes (mass produced, hazel)
  • 29 Heavy Quarrels,

(91 Pounds of non-magical gear. 45.5 with Lighten Load spell)

  • Eol’s Non-metal gear

Fold of Ghostlike Cloth (In need of a new sacrifice).
Robe of Many Faces (1 lb)
Giant’s Blood Boots
The Throbbing Skull (3 lbs)
Scroll of Forcecage
2 Thorns of Sleep
Crow Oku Mask
Efreeti Bottle
Janni Bottle
Parchment (10 sheets)
Copper Scroll case
Copper Potion case
Brass Signet Ring: House Darkfriend
Brass Signet Ring: House Dragonsbane
Patents of Nobility "Adopted son and heir of one Gareth Dragonsbane, Baron of Bloodstone, King of Vaasa and Damara, Defender of the North.
A second Patents of Nobility, penned by Eol, naming Eol’s son “Baron of Bloodstone, King of Vaasa and Damara, Defender of the North in the event of my death.”
Gnomish Cloak
Glass Eye (with Eldrin Gold Iris)
Trousers, Doublet, boots, smallclothes, linen shirt, and great cloak in the charcoal, venom, and blood hues of Houses Darkesbane.
(21 pounds of magical stuff)

(66.5 pounds Currently )

Base Speed: 6

Total Weight of Gear: 51 lbs. (Unemcumbered)

Unencumbered Light Moderate Heavy Severe
Weight 65 lbs. 66-80 lbs. 81-105 lbs. 106-139 lbs. 140 lbs.
Movement 6 4 3 2 1
Attack Penalty 0 0 -1 -2 -4
AC Penalty 0 0 0 -1 -3

Born of the Griff Clan, at a very young age Nindigor began having visions. As he aged, they grew stronger and clearer until eventually he found himself walking alongside a god.

The God imparted upon him a prophecy that one day technology and sorcery would reach an inflection point that would usher the realms into a period of prosperity, peace and justice. However, preceding this period there would be 1000 years of war, pain, suffering and genocide, known as ‘The Rift’. And so Nindigor set out to travel far and wide until finally reaching the library fortress of Candlekeep. Here he studied for years until became consumed with the lore surrounding a fabled Ultroloth by the name of Dendrosathol the Mnemoclast.

At the same time, the premonitions grew stronger. The god revealed itself to be Hoar, The Doombringer. Hoar imparted upon Nindigor that vengeance and revenge are applicable to both those who have done ill deeds in the past, but also those who will commit crimes or engage in activities that will cause pain and suffering in the future.

- ‘The men of Hillsfar have and will do both!’, Hoar imparted. ‘They view the other races as inferior but do not hesitate to enrich themselves through their own power and greed! I forsee a day when this will change. 100 years from now a Queen will be born. Her bloodline and rights to ascendency will be heavily disputed, but she will persevere. From this Hillsfar will begin to transform, at first militarily and then technologically. Lines will be drawn, alliances forged, broken, and reforged countless times again and again until the world will lie in ash and fire. Your home, your kin, everything you know, will be forgotten. It must be stopped.’

Nindigor Warcave

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