Race: Elf
Homeland: Elven Woods
Class: Fighter
Kit: Archer
Level: 5th
Experience: 27,800
Next Level: 32,000
Max Level: 13th

Ability Scores:

Str 14 Stamina 12
Muscle 16 +1 Damage Open Doors 9 Bend Bars 10%
Dex 16 Aim 17 +2 Missile attacks
Balance 15 +1 Defense
Con 9 Health 7 55% System Shock
Fitness 11
Int 13 Reason 10
Knowledge 15 +4 Proficiency slots
Wis 11 Intuition 10
Willpower 12
Cha 10 (16) Leadership 7 (18) 15 Henchmen +8 NPC Loyalty
Appearance 13 +1 NPC Reactions


  • Initiative: +0
  • Surprise: +0
  • NPC Reaction: -1 (-2 vs. Humans)

Combat Statistics:
Hit Points: 31 (5d12) – Current = 24
Armor Class: 16 (Dex, Chain)
Base Attack Bonus: +4

  • Paralyzation/Poison/Death: 11
  • Rod/Staff/Wand: 13
  • Petrification/Polymorph: 12
  • Breath Weapon: 13
  • Spells: 14
  • Fear: 10
  • Horror: 16
  • Madness: 16
Weapons # Att Att Bonus Dmg Dmg (L) Speed Range Special
Composite Longbow 5 / 2 rounds +10 by arrow by arrow 7 70 / 140 / 210 3 attacks per round when not moving.
+3 damage at 30-ft. or less.
w/ Sheaf Arrow 1d8+2 1d8+2
w/ Flight Arrow 1d6+2 1d6+2
w/ Flare Arrow 1d4+2 1d4+2 50% chance to light target on fire.
Deal 1d4 fire damage per round for 3 rounds.
Hatchet 1/round +3 1d4+2 1d4+2 4
Hatchet, Thrown 1/round +5 1d4+2 1d4+2 4 10 / 20 / 30
Knife 1/round +3 1d3+1 1d2+1 2
Knife, Thrown 2/round +5 1d3+1 1d2+1 2 10 / 20 / 30
Impaler of Thorns 1/round +3 1d6+1 1d6+2 9 10-ft. reach Magic. Non-proficient.
30-ft. radius Despair on Critical hit.

Thief Skills: (in armor)

Pick Pockets Hide in Shadows 31% (56% in Wilderness)
Open Locks Hear Noise 20%
Find/Remove Traps Climb Walls 35%
Move Silently 35% Read Languages

Non-Weapon Proficiencies: General, Warrior

Modern Languages (Common) 13 Animal Lore 13
Modern Languages (Espruar) 15 Hunting 10
Ancient Languages (Auld Cormanthan) 13 Tracking 11
Ancient Languages (Tharian) 13
Artistic Ability (wood carving) 11 Healing 9
Bowyer/Fletcher 15 Herbalism 11
Rope Use 16 Alertness 12
Order of the Arrow (Bows)

Weapon Proficiencies:

  • Composite Longbow, Master
  • Light Crossbow
  • Hatchet

Special Abilities:

Order of the Arrow Spells: Caster level 5th

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
3 2

Current Memorized Spells
Magic arrow
Fire arrow X2
Power Strike

Spell List:

  • Elven infravision enables them to see up to 60 feet in darkness.
  • Elven characters have 90% resistance to sleep and all charm-related spells. This is in addition to the normal saving throw allowed against a charm spell.
  • When employing any bow, or when using a short or long sword, elves gain a bonus of +1 to their attack rolls.
  • An elf can gain a bonus to surprise opponents, but only if the elf is not in metal armor. Even then, the elf must either be alone, or 90 feet or more away from his party. If he fulfills these conditions, he moves so silently that opponents suffer a -4 penalty to their surprise die rolls. If the elf must open a door or screen to attack, this penalty is reduced to -2.
  • Merely passing within 10 feet of a concealed door gives an elven character a one-in-six chance (roll a 1 on 1d6) to notice it. If actively searching for such doors, elven characters have a one-in-three chance (roll a 1 or 2 on 1d6) to find a secret door and a one-in-two chance (roll a 1, 2, or 3 on 1d6) to discover a concealed portal.
  • Mundane diseases have only a 50% chance of affecting an Elf.
  • When elves wish, they have an imposing presence. Suddenly, they can seem far larger, more there, than their actual height and weight would indicate. This manifestation grants a +3 on NPC Reactions checks against NPCs that are Friendly or Indifferent, or a -3 penalty against NPCs that are already Threatening or Hostile, as well as drawing attention to the elf in question.
  • Elves can withstand up to 100°F with only mild discomfort. Likewise, they can remain clad in their usual clothes to a low of the freezing point of water and be only mildly uncomfortable. Below 32°F, they suffer the same ill effects as anyone else, but until that point they feel little different. Above 100°F, they suffer as do others but exhibit no undue stress until that temperature is surpassed. They lose no body water to sweat, nor do they need to lighten their clothing.
  • An Archer gains a further +1 to attack rolls with any ranged weapon he is specialized in. He is also able to fire faster than other characters, making one extra attack every two rounds. If the Archer elects to stand-still (forgoing his movement in a round), he can make one extra attack every round, above his normal specialist rate of fire.
  • An Archer making a called shot can elect to take careful aim, gaining a +3 bonus on his attack rolls. In order to gain this bonus, he must forgo initiative (acting last in the round) and may make only a single ranged attack in the round.
  • Once per day, an Archer may search for weakness while observing an enemy. If the Archer passes a Reason ability check with a -3 penalty (7 or less), he finds a weakness in the creature’s armor. If successful, all hits against that target inflict double damage, including a doubling of his Strength bonus (magical and specialization bonuses are not doubled).
  • Gain a +1 bonus on attack rolls against Orcs and Ogres.
  • When engaged with large numbers of weak enemies (less than 1 HD each), the warrior gains double his normal number of attacks per round (including doubling attacks with off-hand weapons).
  • A fighter can teach weapon proficiencies when he reaches 3rd level and can train students in the use of any weapon in which he is specialized. The fighter may train a number of students equal to his level in a single “training class.” A training class requires eight hours of study each and every day for one month. At the end of that time, each student must make a Reason check. Those who pass gain a bonus proficiency slot in that weapon.
  • A fighter can operate heavy war machines when he reaches 4th level, including bombardment engines (such as ballistae, catapults, and trebuchets), crushing engines (such as rams and bores), and siege towers.


  • Unlike all other intelligent races, Elves have no souls. They cannot be Raised, Resurrected, or Reincarnated by any means short of a Wish spell.
  • -2 penalty to Charisma score whenever he is dealing with humans (including reaction adjustments, NPC loyalty and morale, and proficiency checks).
  • No Elven Woods elf will ever venture more than 200 miles beyond the limit of Cormanthor’s treeline. If the elf ventures beyond this limit, his shame and yearning for home causes him to earn no experience points until he returns to the Elven Woods.
  • Archers suffer a -1 penalty to all attack rolls with hurled weapons or melee attacks.
  • An archer may never become specialized with a melee or thrown weapon.
  • The Archer must always be concerned about the quality of her bow and arrows. If any are faulty, she must repair them or replace them with equipment of higher quality. She can never use missile equipment of inferior quality—except when in mortal danger or when necessary for the success of a mission.

Advancement Notes

  • Armor Allowed: Chainmail or lighter, No shields
  • Weapons Allowed: Any missile weapon, Small one-handed melee weapons.
    • For the purpose of the Archer kit, missile weapons include any ranged weapon other than those that are thrown: Arquebuses, Blowguns, Bows, Crossbows, or Slings
  • Must spend 1 proficiency slot on Order of the Arrow every 3 levels or cease advancement.
  • All characters of the elven woods use the next large Hit Die (Fighters use a d12).
  • Gain additional +1 to Called Shots per 4 levels.
  • A fighter can supervise the construction of defenses when he reaches 6th level. These include ditches and pits, fields of stakes, hasty stone and wooden barricades, and even semi-permanent stone fortifications.
  • A fighter can command large numbers of troops when he reaches 7th level. In role-playing terms, the fighter has mastered the skills and techniques to take charge of 100 soldiers per level.
  • At 9th level, an Archer can craft one arrow of slaying. Each time he gains a level thereafter, he can craft one more such arrow (or bolt or bullet).
  • Once a fighter reaches 10th level, he attracts his first unit of followers. As a fighter increases in experience levels, his reputation as a warrior and leader grows. As word spreads, less experienced warriors who are eager to fight for the same causes seek him out. These followers remain loyal to the fighter for as long as they are not mistreated and there are battles to be fought. A fighter need not have a stronghold to attract these confederates.



Base Speed: 12

Total Weight of Gear: 68 lbs. (Light load)

Unencumbered Light Moderate Heavy Severe Max
Weight 0 – 50 lbs. 51-86 lbs. 87-123 lbs. 124-159 lbs. 160-194 lbs. 195 lbs
Movement 12 9 6 5 2 1

Noz left the Elven Woods to answer the call of New Phlan when heard the story from a traveling merchant. He is young and naive and cannot wrap his head around why his kin feels so adamant about distancing themselves from the other races of the world. He fancies himself an ambassador of peace for his kin, and will someday be the greatest archer to have ever lived! Maybe even the greatest hero of the lands! He just wants to be a part of something bigger….

Warrior Saves
Level PPDM RSW PP BW Spell Fear Horror Madness
0 16 18 17 20 19 13 19 19
1-2 14 16 15 17 17 12 18 18
3-4 13 15 14 16 16 11 17 17
5-6 11 13 12 13 14 10 16 16
7-8 10 12 11 12 13 9 15 15
9-10 8 10 9 9 11 7 14 14
11-12 7 9 8 8 10 6 13 13
13-14 5 7 6 5 8 4 12 12
15-16 4 6 5 4 7 2 10 11
17+ 3 5 4 4 6 2 8 10
Next Available NWP
True Aim non-weapon proficiency negates penalty for firing into melee:


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