Porphyrys Cadorna

A member of the Phlan Council. He is a rising economic power and believed by many to be a Zhent sympathizer.


The dilettante son of one of the old families of Phlan, he is the least influential member of the council. Most of his family’s wealth was tied up in deeds to lands and factories in Old Phlan. While he still holds the deeds, they are basically worthless until the old city is reclaimed—and he thus has a much higher stake in the city’s success than some of the other councilmen. Having be raised in Zhentil Keep, he tends to come across as spiteful and unpleasant (as do most people from that most-evil of cities).

His father died during the Dracorage that brought down the last settlement in Phlan in 1356, leaving Porphyrys as the heir to all of the Cadorna estates and debts. Porphyrys’s only living relative is a cousin, the son of his father’s younger brother, named Thiondar.

The reclamation and restoration of the old Cadorna Textile Mill has greatly improved the young councilman’s position of late. Several bills pushed through the Council have further aided this, most notably Cadorna’s bill outlawing the slave trade and allowing humanoid ‘contraband’ to be seized by the Council (and subsequently put to work in his factory).

Porphyrys Cadorna

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