Ruchyshchamy Yury

Gorilla-Arm Yuri they call him.


Yuri is a native of the Moonsea and the son of of a Yagnoloth, one of the nobles of Yugoloth society, or so it is believed based on his gigantic arm and ability to speak their language, and a Gypsy girl. Despite his moniker, which means “Gorilla-Armed”, Yuri is surprisingly weak, preferring to use a mixture of cunning and his innate magic and psionics to get himself out of scrapes.

Yuri looks mostly human, save for his unruly, spiky black hair, and an extraneous, third nipple…oh, and his gigantic, right arm and long prehensile tail, both of which are covered with keratinous plates similar to those on a pangolan. His arm is so large, that he has trouble lifting it and usually just drags it along behind him.

Freak that he is, he found no home until he met Noriss the Grey. Weak as he is, his giant arm, combined with his knife-skills, strange powers, and tendency to wear armor made from human bones (at Noriss’s encouragement) makes him extremely good at intimidating people—a thing which the bandit gang puts to great use.

Yuri thinks of the gang as his family and is very loyal to Noriss for taking him in. He takes most of his queues from the bandit leader and is usually willing to put his own interests (but not his life or safety) aside for the good of the gang.


Race: Tiefling, Male
Alignment: True Neutral
Class (level): Lone Wolf 5th
Max Level: 18th
Kit: Gypsy
Homeland: Moonsea City-States
Deity: Pantheist
Experience: 24140
Next-Level: 30000
Languages: Common, Yugoloth, Gurri, Planar Slang, Tharian, Cormanthan

Ability Scores:

Strength 12 Stamina 11
Muscle 12
Dexterity 15 AIm 14
Balance 15
Constitution 14 Health 16
Fitness 11
Intelligence 15 Reason 18
Knowledge 11
Wisdom 13 Intuition 9
Willpower 17
Charisma 15 Leadership 16
Appearance 13


Hit Points: 13
AC: 16 (1 Dex, 5 bone armor)
BAB: +2

Weapon # Att Att Bonus Damage Dmg vs Large Init Range Special
Thrown Dagger 3 +4 1d4+3 1d3+3 2 10 / 20 / 30 sharpened
Dagger 3 / 2 rds +4 1d4+3 1d3+3 2 melee sharpened
Scimitar 1 +3 1d8+1 1d8+1 5 melee sharpened
Gunung Mbobol 1 +0 2d4 1d10 9 melee cold-iron, bypass protections of earth elementals

Saves: (must get number or greater on 1d20)

  • Paralyzation/Poison/Death Magic: 12
  • Rod/Staff/Wand: 12
  • Petrification/Polymorph: 11
  • Breath Weapon: 15
  • Spell: 13


  • Initiative: +0
  • Surprise: +0
  • NPC Reaction: +1


Thief Skills: (no armor)

PP HS 46%
OL 47% HN 0%
F/RT 47% CW 95%
MS 60% RL

Weapon Proficiencies: (-3 non-proficiency penalty)

  • Blades Broad Group
  • Dagger (Specialized)

Non-Weapon Proficiencies: (roll number or less on 1d20)

Modern Languages (Common) 15 Direction Sense 14
Modern Languages (Planar Slang) 15 Animal Handling 12
Modern Languages (Yugoloth) 15 Animal Training 13
Modern Languages (Gurri) 15 Animal Lore 15
Modern Languages (Tharian) 15 Looting 15
Modern Languages (Cormanthan) 15 Etiquette 15
Ancient History (The Blood War) 14 Heraldry 15
Land-based Riding 16 Dancing 15
Rejuvination 12 Alertness 14
Weapon Sharpening 14 Bone Armor 15
Intimidation 12 Prayer 13

Non-Weapon Proficiency Groups:

  • General, Priest, Rogue, Warrior, and Wizard

Armor Allowed:

  • No armor or shields.

Weapons Allowed:

  • One-handed melee weapons, Bows, Crossbows.

Lone Wolf Spells: Caster level 5th

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
4 3
  • Allowed Schools: Abjuration
  • Paths Known: Path of the Smuggler, Locksmith’s Path, Alchemist’s Path, Zala’s Path

Spell Book:

  • 1st: Alarm, Oilskin, Protective Amulet, Sound Bubble, Zala’s Icejacket
  • 2nd: Dark Mirror, Lesser Sign of Sealing, Protection from Mechanical Traps, Protection from Poison, Zala’s Lifeforce Guardian

Psionic Wild Talents:

Power Points: 84

Power Discipline Level Power Score Initial Cost Maintenance
Contact Telepathy Devotion 13 3+ 1 per round
Control Flames Psychokinesis Devotion 12 6 3 per round
Suspend Animation Psychometabolism Devotion 11 12 NA
Dream Travel Psychoportation Devotion 9 1 per 25 miles NA
Mind Link Telepathy Science 8 contact 8 per round
Psionic Blast Telepathy Science 8 10 NA
Telekinesis Psychokinesis Science 10 3+ 1+ per round

Special Abilities:

  • Tieflings have infravision to a range of 60 feet.
  • You have a peculiar sight that allows you to see the state of a creature’s soul. You can immediately tell by sight whether a creature is alive, dead, undead, or neither alive nor dead (such as an animated construct).
  • Your fiendish blood leaves you unbound by mortal concepts of distance. You can cast Teleport once per week. This ability affects only yourself.
  • You can cast Blur and Web once per day each.
  • You can prepare an additional spell for each spell level available to them. These additional spells must come from the Abjuration school. This stacks with any bonus spells from high ability scores, specialization, or other sources.
  • A gypsy can freely use any magical items that emulate Divination spells or effects (including any scrolls containing Divination spells), even if the item is intended for another class, and regardless of any limitations their own class may place on might item use.
  • By using any magical item suited for scrying, such as a crystal ball, a Gypsy can divine the future, gaining the benefits of an augury spell. Each day, the Gypsy can ask one question per five levels of experience (rounded up).
    Besides items suited for scrying, Gypsies are able to perform the same feat with a deck of many things. Additionally, when a deck of many things is used for this purpose, the gypsy suffers none of the normal effects of drawing a card from the deck. However, the deck still functions normally when used for purposes other than the augury.
  • Because of their rapport with animals, Gypsies gain the ability to cause certain spell-like effects, each once per day. At 5th level, they are able to cause the effects of animal friendship by speaking kindly in their own language.

Special Disadvantages
  • These characters have only the normal Moonsea native bias to overcome. Mooneyes from the city-states are at -2 for encounters with Zhentilar, Red Plumes, or Mulman warriors.
  • Characters from the city-states have a lax attitude towards petty or non-violent crimes, being more concerned with the constant violence and calamity in the region. Thieves picking a Mooneye’s pocket gain a 10% bonus to their chance of success.
  • While these spellcasters have mastered the art of protective magic, they have become less proficient when using magic to inflict damage on their enemies. Any spell cast by a caster of the city-states that directly harms an opponent has a -1 penalty for every die rolled for damage (minimum 1 per die).
  • A Gypsy’s climbing ability works best when climbing trees. They are not skilled at climbing cliffs, building walls, or cave walls; they suffer a -25% penalty when scaling these surfaces.
  • Because the gypsies are generally distrusted by most common folk, they suffer a marked disadvantage in earning their trust. Whenever a gypsy is called upon to make an NPC reaction check against a non-gypsy, his result is automatically shifted one place toward hostile. Thus, a gypsy never receives a result of “friendly” when dealing with a non-gypsy.

Advancement Notes:

  • Gain 6 psionic power points per level above 1st.
  • The traditional weapon of the gypsy is the knife. For that reason, any gypsy can specialize and even gain mastery in the use of the knife or dagger just as if he were a fighter. This specialization requires the normal allocation of proficiency slots.
  • Because of their rapport with animals, Gypsies gain the ability to cause certain spell-like effects, each once per day. At 10th level, they can concentrate and gain the benefits of a locate animals or plants spell. Finally, at 15th level, they gain the speak with animals ability.
  • When the Lone Wolf reaches 17th level, he acquires immunity to all forms of Hold spells and adds a +1 bonus when saving against poison, paralyzation, and death magic.
  • When the Lone Wolf reaches 20th level, his mastery of magical protective forces has become so powerful that he receives a +1 bonus to Armor Class (this stacks with all other AC bonuses). He is still forbidden to wear armor.


Ruchyshchamy Yury

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