An ascetic thief...


Elixer of Madness Hallucinatory insanity: The subject sees, hears, and otherwise senses things that do not exist. The more stressful the situation is to the subject, the more likely he will hallucinate. Although most hallucinations are external to the subject (that is, he perceives creatures, objects, and conditions that do not exist), there is a 10% chance that any hallucination will involve the subject’s self-perception. For example, the subject might suddenly believe and act as if he had sprouted wings, grown to giant size, etc.

  • until a heal, restoration, or wish spell is used to remove the madness

Shilesque grew up in the peaceful town of Highmoon in Deepingdale, in the heart of the elven woods of Cormanthor. It was extremely boring. Thus he turned to a life of petty crime, which, it turns out, he was quite good at.

He might have lived a long and mostly risk-free life, living at his parents farm and lifting small things from his neighbors, but his curiosity got the better of him when he found some old standing stones in the forest with runes unlike any he’d seen anywhere else. He bugged everyone in Highmoon, but no one knew anything about them, other than to say they were clearly not Elvish in origin (the Deepingdalesfolk at least knew a lot about the local elves, if nothing else).

But he was dogged. Finally, after asking literally everyone in town, he found Tsatsku of Nog — a crazy old man living in neighboring Ashabenford who claimed to know the ruins of which he spoke. Noga, he called them, and said they were from a human empire as old (or even older) than Myth Drannor itself. Shilesque was fascinated and demanded that Tsatsku teach him how to read the old runes.

Tsatsku did more than that, he taught Shilesque the rudiments of Nogese magic (or mysticism as he called it), which he claimed had been passed down to him over a thousand generations. Perhaps most surprising to Shilesque, this strange magic seemed uniquely suited to making him even better at larceny than he already was. He picked up as much as he could (both of magic and his neighbors belongings), then demanded to know more.

Tsatsku could teach him nothing of the sort, he said. First, because Shilesque’s greed was antithetical to the Nogese mystical arts, and second, because he didn’t actually know any more. Instead, Tsatsku handed Shilesque a weird-looking sword and suggested that he head north, towards the heart of the ancient Nogese empire in the Dragonspine Mountains, where, Tsatsku hoped, he could both learn more of the mystical arts, and also put his growing skills to some better use than just lifting cheap baubles…

Thievery had always been a lark to Shilesque anyways, so he, surprisingly to both himself and all who knew him, gladly took up the mantle of Nogese asceticism and struck out to find a ship heading north — as furthering his studies had proven as solid a way to fend off his boredom and thievery had. Of course, Tsatsku hadn’t said he couldn’t steal things along the way…just that it was inappropriate to keep them…


Race: Half-Elf
Homeland: Deepingdale
Class: Transmuter / Thief
Kit: Mystic of Nog
Alignment: Chaotic, Non-Evil
Religion: The Mog
Level: 2nd / 3rd
Experience: 6,221
Next Level: 5,000 / 5,000
Max Level: 12th / 13th

Ability Scores:

Str 9 Stamina 9
Muscle 9 Open Doors 5 Bend Bars 1%
Dex 15 Aim 17 +2 Missile attacks
Balance 13
Con 12 Health 12 System Shock 80%
Fitness 12 Resurrection Survival 85%
Int 11 Reason 9 Max Spell Level 4th Spells per Level 11
Knowledge 13 +1 Paths Learn Spell 55%
Wis 10 Intuition 12
Willpower 8
Cha 13 Leadership 11 4 Henchmen
Appearance 15 +3 NPC Reactions


  • Initiative: +0
  • Surprise: +0
  • NPC Reaction: +0

Combat Statistics:
Hit Points: 10 (current 4hp)
Armor Class: 10
Base Attack Bonus: +1

  • Paralyzation/Poison/Death: 13
  • Rod/Staff/Wand: 11
  • Petrification/Polymorph: 12
  • Breath Weapon: 15
  • Spells: 12
Weapons # Att Att Bonus Dmg Dmg (L) Speed Range Special
Finhead Sword 1/round +1 1d8+1 1d10+1 5 melee Magic

Thief Skills: (no armor)

PP 65% HS 40%
OL 65% HN 35%
F/RT 50% CW 80%
MS 54% RL 20%

Non-Weapon Proficiencies: General, Rogue, Wizard

Modern Languages (Common) 11 Running 6
Modern Languages (Espruar) 12 Jumping 9
Modern Languages (Cormanthan) 11 Endurance 12
Modern Languages (Shadow Cant) 11 Tumbling 15
Ancient Languages (Noga) 11 Tightrope Walking 15
Ancient History (Noga Empire) 10 Prestidigitation 14
Reading/Writing (Noga Heiroglyphs) 12 Dirty Fighting 12
Information Gathering 11

Weapon Proficiencies:
Medium Blades Group

Special Powers:

  • Half-elven infravision enables them to see up to 60 feet in darkness.
  • Half-elven characters have a 30% resistance to sleep and all charm-related spells.
  • Secret or concealed doors are difficult to hide from half-elves, just as they are from elves. Merely passing within 10 feet of a concealed door gives the half-elven character a one-in-six chance (roll a 1 on 1d6) of spotting it. If the character is actively seeking to discover hidden doors, he has a one-in-three chance (roll a 1 or 2 on 1d6) of spotting a secret door (one constructed to be undetectable) and a one-in-two chance (roll a 1, 2, or 3 on 1d6) of locating a concealed door.
  • Nogian Mystics gain bonuses for exceptional Constitution scores as if they were warriors.
  • All Dalesman gain a +2 bonus to morale checks when they are engaged in battle anywhere in the Dalelands. In addition, each Dalesman gains a +1 to attack rolls and saving throws when fighting in defense of his home Dale.
  • Whenever a spellcaster from Deepingdale is required to make a saving throw to escape the effects of a spell cast by any elf, he is entitled to a +2 bonus to his roll. Conversely, any spellcaster who learned his craft in Deepingdale imposes a -2 penalty on the saving throws made by elves to resist his powers. Against half-elves, this bonus or penalty is halved.
  • Deepingdalesmen gain twice the normal bonus to any thief skill when they are not wearing armor.
  • The Mystics of Nog are masters of physical magic. They have studied the nature of magical energies and have focused these energies into their body. The Mystics of Nog permanently “spend” spell slots in order to purchase special abilities, which are listed below. Each special ability costs a certain number of spell levels to obtain. The Nogian mystic permanently sacrifices the ability to prepare that many spells in order to gain the ability. Spell levels must be spent in full spell units (thus spending only 1 spell level of a 2nd level spell still causes that slot to be permanently lost).
    • 2 spell levels have been spent to raise his Balance score from 11 to 13.
  • Specialization: A specialist can memorize and cast one additional spell per spell level, provided the additional spell is taken in the specialist’s school.
    • Because specialists have an enhanced understanding of spells within their school, they receive a +1 bonus when making saving throws against those spells when cast by other wizards. Likewise, other characters suffer a -1 penalty when making saving throws against a specialist casting spells within his school.
    • Specialists receive a bonus of +15% when learning spells from their school and a penalty of -15% when learning spells from other schools. The bonus or penalty is applied to the percentile dice roll the player must make when the character tries to learn a new spell.
    • When a specialist wizard attempts to create a new spell (using the rules given in the DMG), the DM should count the new spell as one level less (for determining the difficulty) if the spell falls within the school of the specialist.


  • Forbidden Schools: Abjuration, Necromancy
  • Characters from Deepingdale may never gain the thief Backstab ability, regardless of class.
  • Because of their lack of combat experience, the people of Deepingdale must make all attack rolls with a -1 penalty.
  • This Dale’s goodwill toward elves does not go unnoticed by those races or specific persons who hate elves. Elven enemies—drow, orcs, and many others—will single out Deepingdalesmen in combat.
  • The magic studied by the people of Deepingdale has been greatly influenced by the subjects of the Elven Court. Therefore, non-elves who must make a saving throw to escape the effects of a spell receive a +2 bonus against the incantations of a Deepingdalesman.
  • A Mystic of Nog may only carry one weapon, one change of clothes, his spellbook, and a single day’s worth of food. Money may be carted around, but only if the wizard intends to spend the money within a week. Any other possessions must be sold or discarded.
  • The cost of special abilities is limiting to Nogian mystics, as they may memorize fewer spells than other wizards. In addition, the Mystic of Nog must spend at least half of his spell levels on abilities (including bonus spell slots gained from specialization), and must maintain this balance at all times.
  • A Nogian mystic may never learn or cast a spell of greater than 5th level. He still gains 6th level and higher spell slots when he reaches the appropriate level, but these must be used to purchase mystic abilities.

Transmuter Spells: as 2nd-level Wizard

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
1 0

Paths Known: The Apprentice’s Path, The Shining Road, The Skyrider’s Path

Spell Book:

  • Cantrips: Catfeet, Cut, Gallop, Horn, Listen, Scorch, Snatch, Spark, Sting, Tie/Untie
  • 1st level: Cantrip, Detect Magic, Feather Fall [T], Flare, Light [T], Tenser’s Floating Disk
  • 2nd level: Continual Light
  • 4th level: Archveult’s Skybolt
  • 5th level: Presper’s Moonbow
  • 6th level: Contingency
  • 8th level: Presper’s Double Wizardry
  • Prepared Spells:
    • 1st: Cantrip (4 total uses of any above, 2 expended)

Advancement Notes

  • Armor Allowed: Leather, Padded, Studded Leather, or Elven Chain. No shields.
  • Weapons Allowed: club, dagger, dart, hand crossbow, knife, lasso, short bow, sling, quarterstaff, or any one-handed sword
  • Gain 30 discretionary points for Thief skills per Thief level.
  • Starting at 5th level, a wizard’s lifespan is extended by his constant exposure to the arcane. The wizard’s maximum lifespan increases by an amount equal to five times his level. He still suffers the effects of aging at the same rate as other members of his race.
  • At 8th level, the Transmuter gains a +1 bonus to saving throws vs. petrification and polymorph. This increases to +2 at 11th level. This stacks with his bonus against all transmutation spells.
  • Once he reaches 9th level, a wizard can pen magical scrolls and brew potions. He can construct more powerful magical items only after he has learned the appropriate spells (or works with someone who knows them).
  • Use Scrolls: At 10th level, a thief gains a limited ability to use magical and priest scrolls. A thief’s understanding of magical writings is far from complete, however. The thief has a 25% chance to read the scroll incorrectly and reverse the spell’s effect.
  • Once a thief reaches 10th level, his reputation is such that he can attract followers — either a gang of scoundrels and scalawags or a group of scouts eager to learn from a reputed master. The thief attracts 4d6 of these fellows.


  • Tunic, Breeches, Silent Shoes, Leather Belt
  • Sack Backpack
    • 1-gallon Wineskin (9 lbs, Arabellan Dry)
    • Loaf of Blackbread (1 lb)
    • Block of Cheddar (1 lb)
    • Dried Appricots (1 lb)
    • Spellbook (2 lbs)


Base Speed: 12

Total Weight of Gear: 22 lbs.

Unencumbered Light Moderate Heavy Severe Max
Weight 0 – 35 lbs. 36-49 lbs. 50-63 lbs. 64-76 lbs. 77-89 lbs. 90 lbs
Movement 12 9 6 5 2 1


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