Winúŋna (Winona) Mdewakanton

One of many white-robed priestesses serving at the temple of Tyr in Phlan.


Winona, while generally relaxed and easy-going for a priestess of Tyr, tends to look very severe with her plain white robes, wire-frame spectacles perched on the end of her nose, and dark hair pulled into a tight bun on the top of her head. Despite being a priestess of law and “justice”, she has an addictive personality, making her an incorrigible gossip, a fairly heavy drinker, and a regular gambler (but a rather poor card-player). She tends to be overly familiar with those around her, and seldom bothers with introductions—instead just making up pejorative names for others on the spot and acting like she’s known them all her life.

Her one point of seriousness is her obsession with Diabology, that is, the study of Hell and the creatures that dwell therein. It is, in fact, her skill in this particular field that caused the church to send her to Phlan (to help investigate the source of the monstrous infestations in that town) and is also the reason the Bishop turns a blind eye to her otherwise lax behavior.


Race: Human
Homeland: Tethyr
Class: Specialty Priest of Tyr
Kit: Fiend Slayer
Alignment: Lawful Good
Level: 3rd
Experience: 5046
Next Level: 7500
Max Level: Unlimited

Ability Scores:

Str 16 Stamina 14
Muscle 17 +1 Attack +1 Damage
Dex 13 Aim 12
Balance 13
Con 16 Health 13 85% System Shock
Fitness 18 +2 hit points per level
Int 16 Reason 15
Knowledge 16
Wis 17 Intuition 18 +15% Earned XP Bonus Spells 1st x2, 2nd x2, 3rd, 4th
Willpower 15 +1 Mental saves
Cha 13 Leadership 13 5 Henchmen
Appearance 13 +1 NPC Reactions

Combat Statistics:

Hit Points: 24
Armor Class: 16 (17 vs. first attack each round)
Base Attack Bonus: +1

  • Paralyzation/Poison/Death: 10
  • Rod/Staff/Wand: 14
  • Petrification/Polymorph: 13
  • Breath Weapon: 16
  • Spells: 15
Weapons # Att Att Bonus Dmg Dmg (L) Speed Range Special
Flindbar 1 +2 1d4+1 1d4+1 4 melee Save vs. wands or disarm
Bladeback Flail 1 +2 1d8+1 2d6 9 melee Silver, two-handed

Thief Skills:

PP 0% HS 0%
OL 0% HN 0%
F/RT 0% CW 20%
MS 0% RL 0%

Non-Weapon Proficiencies: General, Priest

Language (Common) 16 Animal Handling 16
Language (Thorass) 16 Omen Reading 15
Language (Auld Tharian) 16 Portal Feel 13
Literacy 16 Rope Use 13
Ancient History (The Blood War) 15 Healing 16
Planar Survival (Baator) 14 Tracking 11
Netherworld Knowledge 14 Religion 17
Dark Lore 13 Law 17

Weapon Proficiencies:

  • Rope and Chain Weapons Group (Bladeback Flail, Chain, Chain Flail, Flindbar, Footman’s Flail, Garotte, Grain Flail, Horseman’s Flail, Kau Sin Ke, Kawanaga, Kusari-gama, Kyogetsu-shogi, Lasso, Manriki-gusari, Nunchaku, Riding Crop, Scourge, Three-Section Staff, Whip, Winnowing Flail)

Special Powers:

  • Protection sphere spells reduce damage from attacks by fiends by 1.
  • Favored Plane: +2 on Netherworld Knowledge for Baator
  • +1 on all saves and -10% to target’s magic resistance when fighting Baatezu.
  • Free room, board, and safe-haven at temples of Tyr.
  • Can take a 30-day loan of up to 600gp from temples of Tyr.
  • Can request 6 1st-level fighters for up to 3 days from temples of Tyr.
  • Can request a 1st-level cleric assistant for up to 3 weeks from temple.
  • Only surprised on 1-2 on d10.
  • Divination spells are treated as 1 spell level lower (minimum 1st).
  • Cast Detect Evil at will (60-ft. range)
  • Cast Detect Lies 3/day
  • Can Turn Undead and Turn Fiends (as 3rd level, treat fiends as undead of equal HD) 1/encounter
  • Communicate with supernatural creatures as continuous Comprehend Languages.
  • Cast Extradimensional Detection 1/day per 2 levels.
  • Can use a Ring of Truth to force a subject to tell the truth, 1/day (no save).


  • -2 on NPC reactions when initially encountering anyone.
  • -3 on NPC reactions vs. evil-aligned extraplanar creatures.
  • May never associate with evil-aligned extraplanar creatures.
  • Research costs are doubled.
  • Struck dumb if you ever deliberately lie.
  • Utterly disgraced if your temple/lands are ravaged.
  • Illusion spells are treated as 1 spell level higher.
  • If a criminal who is captured personally by a cleric of Tyr escapes justice, the priest will abandon all other duties and obsessively hunt down the felon. The cleric’s total concentration and full resources are dedicated to hunting down the fugitive of Tyr’s judgement. For every twenty days that pass without capturing the criminal, the priest suffers a cumulative -1 penalty to all die rolls. If 200 days pass without the arrest or death of the criminal, the cleric becomes ill and bedridden (Strength 2), and another cleric of Tyr (or a paladin or cleric of Hoar) must pursue the felon. If the criminal is captured or slain, the cleric recovers his health and loses any penalties; if the villain isn’t captured within a year of escaping, the priest dies.

Priest Spells: as Caster level 3rd

  • Major Spheres: All, Combat, Divination†, Guardian, Healing, Law, Necromantic, Sun, Thought, War, Wards
  • Minor Spheres: Air, Earth, Fire, Protection, Water
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
4 3

† Divination spells are treated as 1 spell level lower (thus can use 1st-level slots to prepare 2nd level divinations).

  • Prepared Spells:
    • 1st level:
    • 2nd level:

Advancement Notes

  • Save vs. Death every level or lose 1 point of Willpower permanently.
  • Knowledge check to learn one spell key every odd level.
  • 5th Priest level: 80% chance to use any written magic item.
  • 5th Priest level: DM creates an evil NPC nemesis.
  • 7th Priest level: Must slay at least 1 Baatezu per level.
  • 7th Priest level: Cast Find the Path 1/day to track suspects.
  • 7th Priest level: Attract followers (2d10x10 0th-level warriors, 10 1st-level Fighters, and 2 3rd-level fiend-slayer priests of Tyr). Will work for free, No temple/stronghold required.
  • At 11th level, a fiend slayer is considered an expert on subjects related to his chosen plane (equal to a sage).
  • At 15th level, He may choose another plane of existence to specialize in.
  • Dual-Class Options: Fighter, Harper, Barbarian, Mage, Abjurer, Conjurer, Diviner, Invoker, Necromancer, Wild Mage, Sha’ir, Psionicist, Shaman, Monk, Crusader


† Her weapons and armor are out on loan from the Temple. This is a rolling loan (she returns them and then rents them out again every 30 days) worth 400gp. Any items lost or damaged will have to be paid for after 30 days.

Silver Bladeback Flail†
Open-faced Helm†

Silver Holy Symbol
White Robe (worn over armor)
Armor Lining (worn under armor)
Ceremonial Coif (worn under helm)
High Hard Boots
Ring of Truth

2 flasks Holy Water
Armor Repair Kit
Healer’s Kit
Small Metal Mirror
Sleeping Bag
Survival Kit
Mess Kit
Field Brazier
1 stick Divination incense
2 sticks Santalwood incense

Cash: 2ep 4sp 1cp

Winúŋna (Winona) Mdewakanton

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