Sven Dagdresson


Race: Human
Homeland: Battledale
Class: Crusader / Wizard (Conjuration Specialist)
Kit: Opener of the Way (Eladrin)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Religion: Tempus, God of War
Level: 5th/7th
Experience: 80,686 (16,000 Crusader)/64,686 Wizard)
Next Level: 90,000
Max Level: Unlimited

Ability Scores:

Str 13 Stamina 14
Muscle 11 Open Doors 6 Bend Bars 3%
Dex 12 Aim 9
Balance 15 +1 Defense
Con 12 Health 13 System Shock 85%
Fitness 10 Resurrection 75%
Int 11 Reason 11
Knowledge 10 +2 proficiencies
Wis 13 Intuition 13 Bonus Spells 1st x1
Willpower 13
Cha 16 Leadership 19 Henchmen 20 +10 Loyalty
Appearance 12


  • Initiative: +0
  • Surprise: +0
  • NPC Reaction: +0

Combat Statistics:
Hit Points: 27
Armor Class: 11 (dex)
Base Attack Bonus: +4

  • Paralyzation/Poison/Death: 13
  • Rod/Staff/Wand: 9
  • Petrification/Polymorph: 11
  • Breath Weapon: 13
  • Spells: 10
  • Fear: 14
  • Horror: 12
  • Madness: 16
Weapons # Att Att Bonus Dmg Dmg (L) Speed Range Special
Long sword 1/round +5 1d8 1d12 5 melee

Non-Weapon Proficiencies: Academic, Craft, Sorcerous, Social

Modern Languages (Common) 11 Religion (bonus) 13
Modern Languages (Cormanthan) 11 Agriculture (bonus) 11
Modern Languages (Tharian) 11 Herbalism 9
Literacy 12 Healing 11
Riding, land based (horse) 16 Engineering 8
Modern Languages (Chuklian) 10 Battle Command 16
Netherworld Knowledge 7 Magical Tactics 10
Naval Combat 11 Raise Army 17

Weapon Proficiencies:
Blades (Broad group/3 slots)
Axes (tight group/2 slots)

Special Abilities:

  • Because of their martial heritage, characters from Battledale gain a +1 bonus on all attack rolls.
  • Crusaders of Tempus can remain conscious and able to fight until the reach -10 hit points (then drop dead).
  • Due to the direct duties performed for his deity, a crusader can cast Augury once per week per level (5/week).
  • The crusader can cast Divination once per week for every five levels (1/week).
  • Crusaders gain the granted power to cast Lighten Load once per day. This spell effectively halves the weight of equipment and gear for a day, reducing the party’s encumberance.
  • A specialist can memorize and cast one additional spell per spell level, provided the additional spell is taken in the specialist’s school. Thus, a 1st-level illusionist could have two spells-one being any spell he knows and the other limited to spells of the illusion school.
  • Because specialists have an enhanced understanding of spells within their school, they receive a +1 bonus when making saving throws against those spells when cast by other wizards. Likewise, other characters suffer a -1 penalty when making saving throws against a specialist casting spells within his school.
  • Specialists receive a bonus of +15% when learning spells from their school and a penalty of -15% when learning spells from other schools. The bonus or penalty is applied to the percentile dice roll the player must make when the character tries to learn a new spell.
  • When a specialist wizard attempts to create a new spell (using the rules given in the DMG), the DM should count the new spell as one level less (for determining the difficulty) if the spell falls within the school of the specialist. An enchanter attempting to create a new enchantment spell would have an easier time of it than an illusionist attempting to do the same.
  • Conjuration:
  • At 11th level the Conjurer gains the ability to cast conjuration and summoning spells without any material components.
  • At 14th level, the Conjurer gains the power to instantly dispel creatures conjured by an opponent who has used monster summoning or an equivalent spell. The Conjurer can dispel up to 10 HD worth of creatures with this ability simply by pointing at the target and concentrating one round. Only creatures with 5 HD or less are affected, so the Conjurer could dispel three 3 HD creatures, two 5 HD creatures, or any combination that does not exceed 10 HD. This ability may be used three times per day.
  • All Dalesman gain a +2 bonus to morale checks when they are engaged in battle anywhere in the Dalelands. In addition, each Dalesman gains a +1 to attack rolls and saving throws when fighting in defense of his home Dale.
  • Despite the impressive-sounding name, Battledale is a sparsely-populated Dale. There is a 50% chance that any two Battledalesmen in a group know each other, or at the very least have heard of each other.
  • Because of their martial heritage, characters from Battledale gain a +1 bonus on all attack rolls.
  • All Characters from Battledale are entitled to hit point bonuses for high Constitution scores as if they were warriors.
  • An Opener of the Way’s spells from the school of Conjuration/Summoning are not impeded by the wearing of metal armor. They still suffer the normal reduction in caster level when casting spells from any other school while wearing armor.
  • When an Opener of the Way casts any Monster Summoning spell, he may freely select what creatures he summons from among those of the appropriate level, rather than rolling randomly. All members of his allies species are automatically added to the Monster Summoning tables for their appropriate levels. If he chooses to summon an Outsider of his aligned species, he summons 1 additional creature and the spell’s duration is doubled.
  • Opener of the Way are used to giving orders to their summoned allies. Any time an Opener of the Way casts a Monster Summoning spell, they may immediately attempt a Battle Command check. This does not count against the normal once per 8 hours limit of using this proficiency.
  • An Opener of the Way who uses the Find Famiiar spell will always attract a familiar native to the plane inhabited by his allied species, regardless of where or when the spell is cast. Thus a LE Opener may attract an Imp familiar, whereas a CG Opener might attract a Coure Eladrin familiar.
  • Using the secret rituals of his craft, an Opener of the Way who uses the Raise Army non-weapon proficiency always attracts an army made up of creatures native to the plane inhabited by his allied species (of appropriate levels or HD). As the called soldiers travel metaphysically, rather than physically, the Opener of the Way may use this proficiency anywhere.

Special Disadvantages:

  • Characters from Battledale may never gain bonuses to attack or damage rolls for attacking from behind, regardless of class.
  • The time that a character from this regions spends on martial training is, of course, lost from the study of magic. To reflect this, characters from this region reduce their chance to learn spells by 10%.
  • Openers of the Way must not have Conjuration as a forbidden school. In addition, the Opener of the Way must always take the Road of Pentacles as his first path (this is not a bonus path).
  • Because of their focused study to the Summoning arts, Openers of the Way do not gain any bonus Paths that other wizards would for having a high Knowledge score; learning only those Paths granted by their class levels.
  • Because of their vow to “Open the Way” for their extraplanar masters, Openers may never learn any spells from the Road of True Names or the Road of Seals and Wardings, even if these spells are made available by another Path. Nor may they use any magic item that duplicates a spell from one of those Paths.
  • Forbidden Spells
    1st: Alarm, Ward, Wardaway, Protection from Evil
    2nd: Lesser Sign of Sealing, Detect Evil
    3rd: Cloak of Warding, Gate Seal, Sand Seal, Ward Against Undead, Wylunde’s Ward, Cervate’s Summoning, Protection from Evil 10-ft. Radius
    4th: Electrical Wards, Ward Against Charms, Watchware, Transfix
    5th: Defend Distant Ward, Dismissal, Dolor, Oathbinding, Protection from Fiends
    6th: Greater Sign of Sealing, Guards and Wards, Ward of Defense, Watchware 30-ft. Radius, Wizard Seal, Ensnarement, Spiritwrack
    7th: Wardmist, Ward’s Revenge, Banishment, Cacofiend, Torment, True Name
    8th: Fear Ward, Binding, Summon Fiend, Trap the Soul
    9th: Death Ward, Alyssindra’s Summons, Planar Cal
  • Openers of the Way are not secretive about their allegiances, nor about the participation in the Eternal War. When encountering an Outsider not of their aligned species, they suffer a -4 penalty on all NPC reaction rolls and may never receive a result better than Indifferent.

Psionic Wild Talents:
PSPs: 44 (regain 5 per hour of rest)

Power Discipline Power Score Cost Maintenance Effect
Teleport Psychoportation 11 varies Instantly teleport yourself to a known location (you must be able to accurately picture it in your mind). If you pay double the cost (see below), you can take up to 2 passengers. If you roll your power score exactly (natural 11), the cost is reduced by 20 PP.
Teleport Distance PSP Cost Check Modifier
up to 10 yards 10 -1
up to 100 yards 20 0
up to 1000 yards 30 +1
up to 10 miles 40 +2
up to 100 miles 50 +3
up to 1000 miles 60 +4

Crusader Spells: as 5th-level Priest

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
4 3 1

Major Spheres: All, Chaos, Combat, Guardian, Healing, War, and Wards.
Minor Spheres: Necromantic and Protection

Complete Spell List:

  • 1st level: Anti-Vermin Barrier, Battlefate, Beneficence, Bless, Blood Bond, Ceremony, Claws of Velsharoon, Cleanse, Combine, Courage, Cure Light Wounds, Deflection, Detect Magic, Dispel Fatigue, Ebony Hand, Endure Cold/Heat, Eternal Sleep, Invisibility to Undead, Magical Stone, Mistaken Missive, Morale, Om, Orison, Protection from Evil, Protection from Prime, Protection from Silver, Purify Food & Drink, Purify Self, Rainshield, Regenerate Light Wounds, Resist, Ring of Hands, Sacred Guardian, Sanctify Ghi, Scribe, Skeletal Servant, Waterfloat, Weapon Bless, Weighty Chest
  • 2nd level: Aid, Arm Hammers, Chant, Chaos Ward, Cure Moderate Wounds, Death Curse, Death Prayer, Dissension’s Feast, Emotion Perception, Enhance Turning, Exorcism, Fortifying Stew, Frisky Chest, Gloom, Iron Vigil, Mystic Transfer, Priest Lock, Protection from Orisons, Protection from Spirits, Rally, Resist Acid and Corrosion, Resist Fire/Cold, Resist Turning, Restore Strength, Sanctify, Silence, 15-ft. Radius, Slow Poison, Spiritual Hammer, Steep Soma-Juice, Withdraw, Wyvern Watch, Zone of Deception, Zone of Truth
  • 3rd level: Adaptation, Animate Dead, Bestow Minor Curse, Caltrops, Castigate, Circle of Secrets, Corpse Wither, Cure Blindness or Deafness, Cure Disease, Death’s Door, Dismiss Undead, Dispel Magic, Efficacious Monster Ward, Eyes of the Undead, Feign Death, Fortify, Fostered Protection, Frenzy of the Celts, Glyph of Warding, Hold Poison, Hold Undead, Inkjet, Invisibility Purge, Invisibility to Spirits, Knight’s Move, Life Drain, Line of Protection, Magical Vestment, Miscast Magic, Negative Plane Protection, Oath, Prayer, Protection from Amorphs, Random Casualty, Remove Curse, Remove Paralysis, Repair Injury, Resist Injury, Reverse Fossilization, Spirit Bind, Spliff’s Wonder Bubbles, Squeaking Floor, Summon Ancestor, Unearthly Choir, Wind and Rain Protection
  • Prepared Spells: unavailable as Tempus no longer accepts his worship
    • 1st:
    • 2nd:
    • 3rd:

Mage Spells: as 7th-level Conjurer

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
1(3) () () ()

*Paths Known (5) * Apprentice’s Path, Road of Pentacles, The Path of Swords,

Complete Spell List:

  • 1st level: Conjure Spell Component, Find Familiar, Sand Jambiya, Wizard Mark, Monster Summoning I
  • 2nd level:
  • 3rd level:
  • 4th level:
  • 5th level:
  • Prepared Spells:
    • 1st: MS1, MS1, Sand Jambiya
    • 2nd:
    • 3rd:
    • 4th:

Advancement Notes

  • Armor Allowed: Any Armor or Shields.
  • Weapons Allowed: Any weapons.
  • Gain 4 PSPs per level.
  • Gain 1 Weapon and 1 Non-weapon proficiency slot every 2 levels (rather than every 3).
  • At 7th level, a crusader can cast commune once a week.
  • At 7th level, the crusader may cast easy march once per week.
  • When a crusader reaches 7th level, he automatically attracts 20 to 200 fanatical followers.

Fine-quality Broadsword (+1 on attack rolls)
Suit of Field Plate Armor (sized for a burly, 6-ft. 2-in. human male) w/ Lining & Arming Doublet


Base Speed: 12

Total Weight of Gear: 75 lbs. (moderate)

Unencumbered Light Moderate Heavy Severe Max
Weight 0 – 60 lbs. 61-74 lbs. 75-88 lbs. 89-101 lbs. 102-114 lbs. 115 lbs
Movement 12 9 6 5 2 1

Sven Dagdresson

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