The Queen of Diamonds


As Aroelor draws the card, it vanishes completely, to be replaced by a beautiful young woman, with elaborately coiffured hair as red as the playing card’s ink, dressed in black leathers chased in red. Her skin, her tight dress, her tall boots, and her profusion of knives all glitter like gemstones in the twinkling lights of the void. Her eyes gleam predatorily, but she gives him a small smile.


The Queen resplendent and sparkling in red and black, blood drenching her hands, appears beside the one who drew her. She is greedy and violent on the drawer’s behalf, eviscerating his enemies and taking their wealth for her own. She remains at his side until slain, then vanishes taking all her possessions and acquired wealth with her. If any character demands a share of her “take”, or attempts to otherwise deprive her of the spoils of her kills, she will turn on them. The Queen of Diamonds card vanishes from the deck and cannot be drawn again until the Queen is slain.


The Queen of Diamonds

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