Ulrich Eberhard

The elderly and mean-spirited head of the Phlan Council. Some think he might be old enough to remember Old Phlan.


An ancient-looking man, head of the council at this time. He is mean-spirited and hard, not likely to win friends. He handles most money negotiations and is a very hard bargainer. Eberhard’s wealth is largely tied up in selling arms manufactured in Melvaunt and Thentia to the more militant city-states to the south. He has outlived three wives and all of his children. He currently lives in one of only two large private houses in New Phlan, which he previously shared with his ward, Elissa Bivant, and numerous servants and guardsmen.

He recently lost the deed to the Eberhard Mansion in the old wealthy district to Jr. Councilman Mondaviak, a thing for which has him quite annoyed.

Ulrich Eberhard

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