Werner von Urslingen

An old soldier from Hillsfar who sits on the council to represent that city's financial interests and commands the small mercenary army which guards New Phlan.


This middle-aged man is a retired captain of the Hillsfarran Red Plumes and represents their interests in the city. He shares many of the prejudices stereotypical of Hillsfarrans (disliking both non-humans and wizards of all kinds). He is a devoted husband and father. His wife, Edeltraud, is a devout Tyrran and a lady of society—her inability to fight is her husband’s greatest disappointment. His son, Francis, is a Tyrran monk, teaches fencing at the Public Training Hall, and is openly gay.

Though forced to retire from active military service due to his failing health, Councilman Urslingen retains a keen military mind and is legitimately concerned about the defense of the city and will offer private training for fighters of all stripes if he thinks they have potential. If contacted away from the council chambers, he can offer advice on the actual planning and fighting aspects of a mission.

Urslingen is in is mid-40s, a bit round in the face, and a neat, military demeanor. The breastplate he wears in combat bears the inscription, “The enemy of gods, of pity, and of mercy.”

Werner von Urslingen

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